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Doing our Share to Clear the Air PowerPoint Presentation
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Doing our Share to Clear the Air

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Doing our Share to Clear the Air - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Doing our Share to Clear the Air. Sustain-ability?. Ability to Sustain Are there enough resources on planet Earth for all to have to have a bicycle of their very own? A Prius?

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sustain ability


Ability to Sustain

Are there enough resources on planet Earth for all to have to have a bicycle of their very own? A Prius?

When we use the term “sustainability” are we really talking increased-sustainability or increased resource-use efficiency?

mpg cafe standards

MPG & CAFE Standards

Prius with a Single Occupant (SOV) 40mpg

Honda Insight (SOV) 60mpg

Vanpool 14 passengers x 13mpg = effectively 182 mpg, on a per person basis

City Bus 10 people x 5mpg = 50mpg, on a per person basis

Ultimately transportation fuel efficiency is a combination of vehicle design and passenger load



Hourly rental of a car that includes fuel and insurance

Provides missing mobility linkage for those who either do not own a motor vehicle or who use an alternative mode to get to campus and then want a vehicle to do errands throughout the day



UCSB currently subsidizes rates down to $5.50 per hour with

Next step expansion to IV and downtown Santa Barbara.

Some markets include specialty vehicles like Mini Cooper Convertibles, Pickup trucks and Mini Vans

what is tap

What is TAP?

The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) currently offers commuter benefits to a select group of alternative transportation users at UCSB

One of the goals of the Transportation Alternatives Program is to decrease campus parking demand

benefits to the community

Benefits to the Community

Other benefits include increased sustainability by reduction in traffic congestion, air pollution, fossil fuel use and green house gas emissions

Commuters who use a carpool, vanpool, bus or train often save money and feel less commuter stress…

benefits to the community11

Benefits to the Community

Commuter cost savings and decreased stress may help retain workers and students by improving Work/Life or Study/Life balance

Telecommuting and flexible work schedules (4/40s & 9/80s) are currently being promoted by the UCSB Human Resources Work/Life office

benefits to the community12

Benefits to the Community

Traffic demand management and congestion mitigation efforts may help the campus population grow with reduced impacts on the local community

do all alt mode users qualify

Do all Alt Mode Users Qualify?

No, Applicants to TAP must qualify for, and not own a UCSB Parking Pemit (Carpools may share one permit)

To qualify, TAP members must state that they primarily walk or use bike, bus, train, carpool, vanpool, scooter or skates on their commute to the UCSB campus

are all alt commuters a part of tap

Are all Alt. Commuters a part of TAP?

No, only those who qualify, apply, and are approved are a part of TAP

TAP are a subset of commuters who use alternative modes… For example UCSB has over 10,000 bicycle commuters and TAP has a total of 2,456 members currently receiving commuter benefits

the end of the beginning

The End of the Beginning

Thank You for Your

Time and Attention