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Roane State Community College Veterans Affairs Office Online Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Roane State Community College Veterans Affairs Office Online Orientation

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Roane State Community College Veterans Affairs Office Online Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roane State Community College Veterans Affairs Office Online Orientation Using Your VA Educational Benefits at Roane State Community College Submit an Application for Admission to RSCC. Request all high school and/or college transcripts.

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roane state community college veterans affairs office online orientation
Roane State Community College

Veterans Affairs Office

Online Orientation

Submit an Application for Admission to RSCC.

Request all high school and/or college transcripts.

Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-GI-BILL 1 to see if you are eligible for benefits.

Submit all required military documents (DD214 Member Copy 4, AARTS transcript, etc.) to the RSCC VA Certifying Official.

Tasks Which Should Now Be Complete


Information You Should Now Have

  • Your VA Educational Benefits Chapter Number.
  • Your eligibility status.
  • The number of months of your entitlement.
  • Your monthly entitlement rate.
  • Your delimiting date.
You are responsible for payment of your fees.

The Dept. of Veterans Affairs (DVA) provides a monthly stipend in the months that follow.

VA Educational Benefits are not based on RSCC fees; they are based on a flat rate by the DVA.

Other Fee Payment Options:

Deferred Payment Plan through the Business Office.

Cash, check or credit card.

How will my tuition and fees be paid?

How much & how often?

Training time dictates monthly rate of pay.

Training time varies in summer due to accelerated terms.

Any change in training time will affect pay.

Payment occurs monthly.

For every semester that you request advance pay, you must provide a signed 1999 form. You must request advance pay at least 120 days before classes begin. You must maintain the original registered hours. Any changes after an advance pay has been certified may cause an overpayment with the VA.

What to do and when?

Contact RSCC VA office and complete required forms.

RSCC VA certifies enrollment, which takes about 10 working days.

Dept. of VA processes certification claims, which takes up to 12 weeks.

Chapters 30 and 1606 must verify enrollment by phone (1-888-GIBILL 1) or by internet ( at the end of each month.

Dept. of VA releases payments to student by check or direct deposit.


How much, how often, & when


How do I register for classes?

  • Once your Admission file is complete, you will be assigned an Advisor.
  • Meet with your Advisor and map out an academic plan.
  • Register for classes using Web for Students, which is accessible from
  • See the RSCC catalog, class schedule, or website more more information on the registration process.

How do I continue receiving my benefits?

You must:

  • Provide all documents requested by the RSCC VA Office.
  • Meet with your Advisor to determine if any of your prior credits can be used for your degree program at RSCC or if any course substitutions can be made. Copies of Course Substitution Forms must be submitted to RSCC VA.
  • Submit a Certification Request Form to RSCC VA after you have registered for your classes.
  • Update your enrollment status with the VA every month by calling 1-888-GI BILL 1 or by logging on to Click on “WAVE”.
  • Contact the RSCC VA Certifying Official, anytime you change your major, schedule, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.
  • Attend your classes. If an instructor reports you for non-attendance, your benefits must be re-certified for a lesser amount.
Your Advisor will determine which credits transfer into your current program.

Prior Credit Evaluation will help you determine exactly what classes are needed to finish your program.

Changing majors requires re-evaluation of prior credit by the RSCC VA Certifying Official.

Course substitutions or class requirement waivers must be signed by your Advisor and a copy must be given to the VA Certifying Official.

Prior Credit Evaluation...

What is the CRF?

By completing the CRF, you are telling the RSCC VA office which classes you would like us to certify to the regional VA office in St. Louis. Only classes required by your curriculum can be certified. The CRF must be submitted each term. You may request certification for a maximum of three terms at a time. The CRF may be obtained by going to Keyword: vet.

When do I submit the CRF?

Submit the CRF to the Financial Aid Office after you have registered for your classes.


The earlier you submit your CRF, the better.

If you enroll in a non-certifiable class, the RSCC VA Certifying Official will inform you.

Failure to submit a CRF after registration, will result in non-payment of benefits.

Certification Request Form


Notify the RSCC VA Office of any changes in your class schedule within 30 days. If you have mitigating circumstances, it is your responsibility to report them to the VA Regional Office in St. Louis.


Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) regarding any overpayment issues at

1-888-GI BILL 1.

Not Attending Class

If you are reported as not attending class, or if you receive an “F” and stopped attending class before the end of the term, this information will be reported to the DVA as a reduction in your certified hours, and therefore, an overpayment may exist.

Changes in Enrollment Status

We cannot certify:

Repeat courses if you have already received a passing grade.

Remedial/Developmental Studies classes that are taken as web, video, independent study or on-line classes.

Classes taken for audit instead of credit.

We can certify:

All classes that are required for your program.

Remedial/Developmental classes taken as regular classroom attendance.

High school deficiency courses.


Will all of my classes be certified?


Your benefits will terminate if you...

  • Fail to submit a Certification Request Form (CRF).
  • Fail to submit any documentation requested by RSCC VA.
  • Withdraw from RSCC.
  • Fail classes due to non-attendance.
  • Change classes from credit to audit.
  • Change from degree-seeking to non-degree-seeking.

When do I need to contact the RSCC VA Office?

  • To have your credit hours certified by submitting a CRF each semester.
  • To report changes in your class schedule.
  • To report changes in your major.
  • To report changes in your address, phone #, etc.
  • If you have questions about your VA educational benefits.
how do i contact the dept of veterans affairs
How do I contact the Dept. of Veterans Affairs?

How do I contact Dept. of Veterans Affairs (DVA)?

congratulations you have successfully completed the rscc veterans online orientation
Congratulations!You have successfully completed the RSCC veterans online orientation!
  • You must complete the confirmation page to exit. Please click on the following site:
  • Orientation Confirmation Page