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iCompuGlobalHyperMegaNetster. Our Mission. Our mission was to create a Social Life Organizer, based upon the concept of the Facebook, which utilizes a web based calendar and other widgets to organize ones personal and social life.

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our mission
Our Mission
  • Our mission was to create a Social Life Organizer, based upon the concept of the Facebook, which utilizes a web based calendar and other widgets to organize ones personal and social life.
  • This new application will become the central hub for ones everyday life and will allow a person to easily coordinate their lives with their friends.
what we knew
What we knew…
  • Facebook is widely used on campus. (Fred Stutzman research)
  • Everywhere we go on campus, we see people continuously logging onto Facebook
  • We want to utilize its popularity and strengths such that it will be a more useful web application
what we did
What we did…
  • We surveyed a group of random people within our demographic (College students, late teens to early twenties] and asked them the following questions:
    • How often do you use Facebook?
    • What do you do most often on Facebook?
    • What feature of Facebook do you use the least?
    • Do you like the layout/design of Facebook?
    • If no, what do you dislike?
    • Would you like to be able to customize the layout of your Facebook profile?
    • How did you learn about Facebook?
    • Your "friends" list consists mostly of...
    • How often do you the My Events function on Facebook?
    • Have you met new people through Facebook?
    • Has Facebook caused you to become more active in the student community?
    • Has Facebook caused you to become more active socially?
  • Casually observed Facebook usage around campus computer labs
what we learned
What we learned…
  • Most people use Facebook more than once a week, with many people using it daily
  • People use the Events feature the least
  • People liked the layout/design
  • Most people use the My Events feature about once a month
  • Majority of people said that Facebook did not help them meet new people, nor become more active socially or in the student community
  • It is evident from the almost universal frequency with which it is used that the service has some significant impact on the users' way of life.
  • It's clear from the information we collected that the service has a direct impact on relations between pre-existing friends
  • It seems that in some ways, many of our participants have become dependent upon the service for at least some of their social interactions
our redesign
Our Redesign
  • Existing calendars are either closed to one or a few devices that must be synched and, excepting Google Calendar, are closed to a finite group of people (UNC’s calendar service, Exchange servers, etc.)
  • Facebook poorly implemented their “event” feature, but there’s potential there
  • We decided to run with our initial “social organizer” idea and design a calendar for use with the Facebook service
redesign cont
Redesign cont.
  • Our new, more refined goal was to create a simple calendar that would leverage the existing strength of Facebook’s extensive “friend” networking along with its near ubiquity among college students
  • Important features that we include:
    • A decent calendar for personal organization
    • The ability to check the availability of a large group of people by entering a list of names
    • An intuitive invitation system
    • Clean integration into the existing Facebook interface
    • Messaging among event attendees before and after the event (including text and photos)
privacy issues
Privacy issues
  • Because the calendar is a component of Facebook, one of its most important features is the ability for others to view your calendar
  • This obviously might be a privacy concern
  • The calendar should have privacy levels for each entry, such that control over who can see what is given to the calendar’s owner
  • Some events will be visible to everyone, while others will just be a block of time marked as “busy”
meet lindsay
Meet Lindsay
  • Created persona of Lindsay, an eager college freshmen who has many acquaintances
  • She’s an out of state political science major who has a desire to turn those hollow Facebook “friendships” into actual ones
  • Scenario – Pizza Party
    • Lindsay wants to have a pizza party in her dorm, but no one responds to her initial Facebook event invitation (because of the feature’s lack of popularity and the limited availability of those she invited)
    • Lindsay makes use of the new calendar feature and is able to check the availability of all the people she invites
    • Many accept the invite because their calendar is much more visible to them and they are available at the time the party is scheduled for
    • Lindsay is able to convey new information about the party the night before because she is able to mass message all the attendees.

Storyboard animation

social application match com
Social Application: Match.com
  • Online dating service
  • Plugin on Match.com
  • Imports dates into Facebook Calender
lindsay on match com
Lindsay on Match.com
  • Reputation for standing people up
  • Checks out Match
  • Better able to keep apointments
enabling game play
Enabling Game Play
  • New Persona – Jason
    • UNC Sophomore from Charlotte
    • Pre-med major who still wants the “college experience”
    • Likes to stay in touch with high school friends in Charlotte
  • Brainstorming ideas
    • Ability to create profiles matching MMOG – Rejected
    • Users can load the default Windows/MAC games provided in the OS – Rejected
    • Games would be linked with Yahoo! Games – Rejected
    • The Facebook application will provide a set of games to play
      • Poker, Hearts, Spades, Chess, and Checkers
      • All online and multiplayer
    • Invitations sent via the calendar feature to organize game times
enabling game play13
Enabling Game Play
  • Scenario Description
    • Jason enjoys online poker with friends from school and elsewhere
    • Currently uses other services but often encounters headaches getting games organized
    • All his friends use Facebook and the calendar feature
    • Schedules an online poker event Friday night at 9:30
    • Game played within the web browser
  • Storyboard Flash animation
enabling game play14
Enabling Game Play
  • Write Up
    • New media brings gaming interaction to computer mediated communication channels
    • Internet allows for all people all over the world to participate at any time
    • Facebook enables this coordination based on which friends are available
    • Site designed to strengthen friendships rather than just maintain them
    • Facebook provides a centralized and organized meeting place that is easier than other interfaces
    • Possible weakness: bandwidth issues that may slow down the Facebook application
  • Final thoughts.
  • Questions?