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Computer Integrated Manufacturing

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Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Benefits and Application for the Roll Forming Industry Metalcon 2008 Andy Allman President AMS Controls. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM).

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computer integrated manufacturing

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Benefits and Application for the Roll Forming Industry

Metalcon 2008

Andy Allman


AMS Controls

computer integrated manufacturing cim
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

CIM “integrates production, administrative, and support functions in a manufacturing firm by tying together separate automated systems and minimizing administrative and manual functions.”

  • Electronic flow of information related to all aspects of the manufacturing process
scope of cim for metal building production
Downloading production schedules

Managing part specifications

Tracking job completions

Tracking coil usage

Enforcing material selection

Tracking operator performance

Recording scrap generation

Tracking machine performance through OEE

Coordination of all related equipment (machine setup, part and bundle printing, packaging equipment)

Scope of CIM for metal building production:
benefits of integrated manufacturing
Benefits of Integrated Manufacturing
  • Mistake-proofing
  • Increased capacity
  • Flexibility
  • Information gathering
  • Policy enforcement
mistakes happen
Mistakes Happen


10 orders/day

5 items/order

= 100 entries/day

99.9% data-entry accuracy rate

= 1 error every 10 days

mistake proofing

Order Fulfillment

  • Ensure the correct profile, material, length, quantity, etc. are delivered to the customer when promised
  • Mistakes caught at the factory are expensive; mistakes caught at the job site are much more costly and may damage customer relations
  • Best approach: single point data entry & verification
mistake proofing8

Inventory Management

  • Material-to-Job validation is based on coil serial number
  • Registration of the current coil ID allows accurate tracking of every inch of material used on the machine
  • Tight control and auditing reduces chances of theft
increased capacity
Increased Capacity
  • Most roll forming machines in the metal building industry only run 20-30% of the time
  • Increasing running time from 20 to 25% has the same impact as increasing the machine speed from 300 to 375 fpm
  • Data entry and production logging can cause significant production losses
oee overall equipment effectiveness
OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Total Time

Availability %

Available Production Time



Running Time


Max Speed

Speed %

Actual Speed



Total Footage

Yield %

Good Footage


Actual Production

Unrealized Capacity

financial impact of capacity increases
200 fpm throughput rate

7 hours/day, 240 working days = 1680 hours

$1.00/ft material cost, $1.60/ft net selling price

$15/hr total labor cost

20% Availability

95% Speed

98% Yield

OEE = .20 x .95 x .98 = 18.43%

Output = 1680 hrs x 200 fpm x 18.43%

= 3.7 million feet of good product

Financial Impact of Capacity Increases
financial impact of capacity increases12
Before improvement:

OEE = 18.43%

Output = 3.7 million feet

After 10% OEE improvement:

Output increase = 375,379 feet

Incremental profit = $225,277

10% improvement via availability = 7.45 minutes/day

< 1 minute/coil change

Financial Impact of Capacity Increases
Low-Cost Customization

Punching patterns

Trim profiles



Dynamic Scheduling

Push or pull

Easy on-the-fly adjustments

Anticipate problems while time exists to fix them

information gathering
Information Gathering

Productivity information is used to:

  • Manage operations staff
  • Make capital spending decisions
  • Direct maintenance efforts
  • Improve scheduling
  • Evaluate vendor performance
  • Support continuous improvement

Management buy-in is critical!

information gathering15
Information Gathering

What information is important?

  • Order completions
  • Material consumption
  • Running and down-time
  • Good and scrap production
  • Production rate
  • Data “dimensions”:
information gathering16
Information Gathering

Best methods to view & analyze data:

  • Drill-down reports from summarized to detail
  • OEE charting over time
  • Pareto analysis
  • Direct benefits
    • Less mistakes, more output, more flexibility
  • Indirect benefits
    • Use information to direct capital & management focus
  • Competitiveness
    • Don’t give customers a reason to look elsewhere
    • If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind
  • Slow times are ideal to implement integration