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Career Planning for Sophomores

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Career Planning for Sophomores - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Planning for Sophomores. Gaining Practical Experience: Work During College Internships Finding and Creating Opportunities Using Web Resources The Spring 2009 Career Fair: Feb. 25. Practical Experience. Why important? Feedback from alumni and recruiters.

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career planning for sophomores

Career Planning for Sophomores

Gaining Practical Experience:

Work During College


Finding and Creating Opportunities

Using Web Resources

The Spring 2009 Career Fair: Feb. 25

practical experience
Practical Experience
  • Why important? Feedback from alumni and recruiters.
  • How to gain experience at The Citadel?
  • Countering your competition:

Relative Strengths?

Relative Weaknesses?

  • Defined?
  • Purposes? Good Internships? Bad Internships?
  • Use FOCUS as your starting point. Why?
  • For-Credit Internships? Requirements? How to arrange? Limitations?
  • Not-for-Credit Internships? How to arrange? Limitations?
  • Sources of Information?
  • How to Create Opportunities?
creating opportunities
Creating Opportunities
  • What is your product?
  • To whom will you promote it?
  • How will you promote it?
  • Which proven skills do you offer an employer?
  • What is your professional focus? What do

your FOCUS results indicate?

summer jobs on campus jobs
Summer Jobs / On-Campus Jobs
  • Which jobs will benefit you the most?
  • Sources of information on jobs?
  • Resumes needed?
  • Interview preparation needed?
  • Take it easy or stretch?
other practical experience
Other Practical Experience
  • Informational Interviews: Purposes? How to arrange and conduct?

  • Shadowing
  • Meeting with Mentors:

Sources of Mentors?

How to work with Mentors?

researching organizations and opportunities
Researching Organizations and Opportunities
  • Vault Internship Guide: Each Battalion has a Copy

(also on Daniel Library website

  • Chamber of Commerce Member Directory (example):
  • Organization Website (example):
  • Firm Information (example):
  • The Gate and Alumni Mentors:
  • CAA Online Community (available to alumni):

  • Internship Sites (example):
contacting an organization
Contacting an Organization
  • Purpose (Define Success)
  • How to Contact? Phone, email, in person?
  • Research the Firm & Structure Your Approach
  • Supporting Materials: Resume, Work Samples
  • Your Networking Commercial (30 seconds): Opening (Greeting), Hook (Tell about yourself), Closing (Ask for a meeting).
  • PRACTICE using your commercial
follow up
  • Why is follow-up important?
  • How to Follow-up: email, phone, in person?
  • Handling ‘No’?
  • It is a numbers game; also adapt your approach as needed.
building your professional network
Building Your Professional Network
  • Your family, friends, and existing contacts
  • The Citadel Online Mentoring Network
  • The Citadel Group on LinkedIn
  • Research and make new contacts in the organizations of greatest interest (military, civilian, graduate schools)
using citadel web resources
Using Citadel Web Resources
  • Use the following to access a wide variety of career planning resources:

Some additional examples:

sample resources
Sample Resources:
  • My Career Plan:
  • Researching Options:
  • Job Search Process:
  • Military:
  • Graduate School:
  • Resumes, Letters:
  • Beyond Graduation: Read Life After School. Explained (you can borrow a copy from the Career Center)
meeting with employers including for summer jobs and internships
Meeting with Employers, including forSummer Jobs and Internships
  • To meet with employers, be sure to engage at:

The Spring 2009 Career Fair

Feb. 25 (Wednesday) 12:00 – 3:30

The Gaillard Auditorium, 77 Calhoun Street

  • For more information:

next steps
Next Steps
  • Use all the information at:

as you decide your career path and the steps you need to take to prepare.

thank you for your attention and
Thank You for Your Attentionand

Best Wishes as you prepare for your life after

The Citadel!