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Art education CSU Fullerton

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Art education CSU Fullerton. An overview for Community College Collaborators. What are we taking about?. Common concerns between Community Colleges and Cal State Fullerton Teacher Preparation in Visual Art.

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art education csu fullerton

Art education CSU Fullerton

An overview for Community College Collaborators

what are we taking about
What are we taking about?
  • Common concerns between Community Colleges and Cal State Fullerton Teacher Preparation in Visual Art.
  • Mostly, we are discussing the transfer students and preparation to enter the Single Subject Credential Program
  • This is not a talk about Multi-subject credential.
Jim Dahl

Fish Dreams, 2005

Pastel on Board

35” x 35”

jim dahl who s he
Jim Dahl—who’s he?

One of two CSUF Art Education Professors!

An Arts professor teaching subject matter for in the Single Subject Credential Program

Supervisor for Student Teachers

Advisor for Art Education Majors

By night he’s a visual artist and dad who takes the kids to art museums.

what is the art education major at csu fullerton
What is the Art Education Major at CSU Fullerton?
  • The main pathway for candidates to prepare for careers as visual art teachers in secondary schools.
  • A 54 unit BA major, with 30units that can be completed at Community Colleges
  • Students can complete any art major to apply, as long as they complete the SMPP coursework.
s m p p
  • = Subject Matter Preparation Program designed for completion in 120 units, including GE courses and Credential Pre-requisites.
  • Courses in the Art Education major are aligned the California Visual Art Standards in Teaching
  • CSUF Art Department is an approved SMPP program until June 2010, after that date all candidates must take CSET and complete the portfolio review.
is this even worth preparing for are there jobs
Is this even worth preparing for? are there jobs?
  • Art teaching in secondary school is not for everyone
  • There are limited K-6 positions available; the Single Subject Credential is K-12 credential.
  • Candidates who complete the program, and want to work, find positions within two years.
csuf is a great credential program
CSUF is a great Credential Program
  • It is a collaboration between Secondary Education and subject area professors in Visual Arts
  • Artists and Art Educators supervise the candidates in the classroom and provide academic coursework for the duration of the program.
  • Residency –student teaching—lasts a full year. In effect a CSUF Single Subject completer is a seasoned teacher with one year experience!
what does the major look like
What does the major look like?
  • 30 units of Breadth courses prepare all art Education Majors to teach the subject matter in a basic visual art curriculum for secondary school.

24 units of upper division Emphasis provide advanced knowledge in 3 discipline areas:

  • Drawing and Painting
  • Crafts and Ceramics
  • Creative Photo/ Computer
  • Common Core for each Emphasis: Writing in the Visual Arts; Modern Art History; Digital Illustration; Media Methods for Art Education.

Upper division also includes:

Common Core

  • Writing in the Visual Arts
  • Modern Art History
  • Digital Illustration
  • Media Methods for Art Education.
what do advisors use to evaluate students
What do advisors use to evaluate students?
  • CSU students, including new admits have an online Titan Degree Audit.
  • We advise incoming students using TDA.
  • We advise prospective students using transcripts and
  • If a course is not articulated we will use a course description.
  • Lower division courses cannot stand in for upper division coursework.
typical transfer student in art education
Typical transfer student in art education
  • Might not be involved with art education career preparation yet!
  • Has completed many courses in General Education categories
  • Has between 60-75 units
  • Is “self advised”
  • At minimum,needs to complete 24 upper division art education units and the credential pre-requisite courses 15 units, and 6 or 9 upper division courses in another discipline.
is that all it takes to be a credential student
Is that all it takes to be a credential student?
  • There are 15 units of Pre-requisites for the credential program that all candidates must complete prior to starting the credential program.

One of these ESDC 320 Adolescence, qualifies as a lifelong learning unit for CSUF General Education. The other 4 classes will fit into a 120 unit graduation plan if transfer with 60 units.

thank goodness for community colleges
Thank goodness for community colleges!
  • CSUF enrolled students can still take any of the SMPP breadth courses at a community college
  • To complete SMPP courses in Breadth art the CSUF art education fills the gaps in our program left by budget cuts.
  • Students who take SMPP courses at Community Colleges should preserve portfolio pieces for application review for the Single Subject Credential Program.!
it s 2009 planning to graduate soon
It’s 2009. Planning to graduate soon?
  • It takes longer to get required upper division courses since smaller upper division classes, including those in teacher preparation, are offered less freequently.
  • Art Department offers essential to graduate courses at least once per year.
  • Planning and Advisement are key to keeping students on track, especially art education majors who are often late deciders.
  • CSUF depends upon Community College partners to offer Breadth coursework since CSUF classes are less frequent. SMPP courses count towards the Credential, and may be taken after transfer to CSUF.
then what
Then What?
  • Candidates for the credential program must also participate in a portfolio review/ interview with a committee of Master Teachers in Visual Art and Art Education Professor.
  • The committee reviews a candidates SMPP preparation.
  • Some candidates meet prospective master teachers through this interview, or have a school in mind where they want to student teach.
resources for advisement
  • Orientation for Secondary Education
  • California Teaching Commission Homepage
  • Cal State Fullerton Art Department Webpage
  • California Art Education Association Home page