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13 problems every trader faces l.
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13 Problems Every Trader Faces PowerPoint Presentation
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13 Problems Every Trader Faces

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13 Problems Every Trader Faces
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13 Problems Every Trader Faces

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  1. 13 ProblemsEvery Trader Faces www.FX-Primus.com

  2. FXPRIMUS, Established Because We Were Frustrated with Other Trading Platforms www.FX-Primus.com Created by traders for traders Managed by hedge fund managers with more than 25 years of trading experience We understand the common problems that you face as an traders We designed FXPRIMUS to simplify your trading and maximize your profits

  3. 13 Annoying Problems That We Used to Face As Traders www.FX-Primus.com

  4. 13 Annoying Problems thatWe Used to Face as Traders www.FX-Primus.com I feel that my broker is a market maker and is trading against me. I get slipped and end up paying a higher price than I want. I worry about the safety of my funds. It’s too hard to fund my account. Customer Support takes too long to get back to me. I can only trade Forex and basic commodities. I can only get low leverage.

  5. 13 Annoying Problems thatWe Used to Face as Traders www.FX-Primus.com It takes too long to open an account. My brokerage doesn’t allow scalping even though they claim otherwise. My brokerage doesn’t allow hedging. I must have multiple accounts if I want to trade Micro, Mini and Standard lots. The fixed and variable spreads I get are too wide. I can only get a 4 decimal point price feed.

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  13. FXPRIMUS Corporate www.FX-Primus.com

  14. FXPRIMUS Corporate • FXPRIMUS Ltd. is a GLOBAL investment institution • Offices in USA and Mauritius • Shariah compliant accounts • MT4 platform • Free EA hosting www.FX-Primus.com

  15. IB Problem 6:I do not get online marketing tools to help me grow my business.

  16. FXPRIMUS Organisation Structure www.FX-Primus.com

  17. FXPRIMUS Organisation Structure Terry Thompson PRESIDENT (USA) Terry Thompson is the President of FXPRIMUS Ltd. Mr. Thompson has been involved in the financial markets beginning in the 1990's. He began his career as an equity trader and earned his Series 6, 63, and 7 (NASD) licenses in the process. After a great deal of success in equities, he transferred his skill of trading to the currency markets. Mr. Thompson believes the foundation of his success in the financial markets has been sound risk management. He believes the ability to control risk is paramount to not only a successful trading strategy,but a successful business as well. Mr. Thompson earned a finance degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. www.FX-Primus.com

  18. FXPRIMUS Organisation Structure Lori Leggett DIRECTOR, FINANCE & TREASURY (USA) Lori Leggett holds a bachelors degree in finance from a prestigious Pennsylvania (US) institute. Mrs. Leggett brings experience in financial analysis, accounting, and retail sales. Her primary responsibilities within FXPRIMUS is to oversee a team which handles customer deposits and withdrawals. In addition, she also liases with our administrator and signatory on all accounts, Turnstone, on a daily basis. www.FX-Primus.com

  19. FXPRIMUS Organisation Structure Oscar Thodde DIRECTOR, CUSTOMER SUPPORT (USA) Oscar Thodde holds a bachelors degree in business administration from Instituto Universitario de Tecnologia in Venezuela. Mr. Thodde is an energetic network manager with solid IT infrastructure background and Project Management certification combined with extensive experience on customer service, client communications and customer issues resolution. A focused team leader / player able to direct all phases of project life cycle while coaching and motivating project team. An excellent interpersonal communicator who effectively coordinates with clients, peers, vendors and all levels of management ensuring successful completion of projects. Adept at consensus building, conflict resolution and negotiating. www.FX-Primus.com

  20. FXPRIMUS Organisation Structure Aires Rodriguez DIRECTOR, CORPORATE AFFAIRS (USA) Aires Rodriguez holds a bachelors degree in business from a high profile institute in the US. Ms. Rodriguez handles corporate affairs including tasks ranging from compliance issues to overseeing account opening procedures. In addition, she is the official liasiom between FXPRIMUS and the public. One of her primary roles is to assure effective corporate communication and good corporate image to the public via media corverage and publicity campaigns. www.FX-Primus.com

  21. FXPRIMUS Organisation Structure Jeff Zweig DIRECTOR, DIGITAL STRATEGY (USA & ASIA) Jeff Zweig has more than 20 years combined experience in Digital Marketing and Information Technology. He is co-founder and Chief Guru of Web Guru Asia, an Asia-Pacific regional award winning Internet consulting firm. Jeff is proud to have joined the management team of FXPRIMUS as Director, Digital Strategy. He has three primary responsibilities: 1. To ensure the FXPRIMUS website delivers a world-class user experience. 2. To guide the creation, development and promotion of the FXPRIMUS brand through digital media. 3. To direct the development of “industry first” online marketing tools to enhance and support the continued business growth of FXPRIMUS clients and partners. www.FX-Primus.com

  22. FXPRIMUS Organisation Structure Deva Marianen EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (MAURITIUS) Deva Marianen is the Chief Operating Officer of Turnstone Corporate (Mauritius) Limited. He holds a Bsc (Hons) in Economics and Finance and is a qualified Chartered Secretary and Administrator (ACIS) in UK. He began his career with Abacus Management Solutions the financial services arm of PriceWaterhouse Coopers where he was responsible for investment funds, private equity into Africa and mutual funds investing on the Stock Exchange of India. He has also been involved in the structuring of MNC’s using Mauritius as an investment platform. www.FX-Primus.com

  23. FXPRIMUS Organisation Structure Pieter van der Merwe DIRECTOR, COMPLIANCE (MAURITIUS) Pieter van der Merwe is the Managing Director of Turnstone Trustees Mauritius. Mr Pieter acts as the Compliance Officer of FXPRIMUS and is responsible for ensuring that all regulatory obligations from KYC to AML procedures are strictly adhered to by the company. www.FX-Primus.com

  24. FXPRIMUS Organisation Structure Sharma K. Gopaul EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (MAURITIUS) Sharma K. Gopaul holds a graduate and post-graduate degree in Statistics. He is a fellow and Graduate Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society of U.K. He is currently the Head of Fund Division of Turnstone Corporate (Mauritius) Limited. Prior to joining Turnstone, he spent four years as Fund Manager within the Ciel Group, one of the leading industrial and investment groups based in Mauritius with operations in a number of African and Asian countries. He was responsible of the day-to-day management and administration of an open-ended fund listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. www.FX-Primus.com

  25. FXPRIMUS Organisation Structure Manmohan Singh VICE PRESIDENT, MARKETING (ASIA) Manmohan Singh has over 15 years experience in marketing and has been extensively involved in the Forex industry for the past 6 years. His extensive knowledge and experience of the management in areas of corporate governance, fund management, banking, marketing and the retail Forex industry will be paramount to the success of FXPRIMUS. Currently he is spear heading for marketing for FXPRIMUS in Asia. www.FX-Primus.com

  26. FXPRIMUS Organisation Structure Rahul Sodhy VICE PRESIDENT, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (ASIA) Rahul Sodhy is behind the success of developing the Asian presence of FXPRIMUS, while helping our Affiliates and Introducing Brokers to take their businesses to new heights. Rahul contributes his invaluable experience of over 15 years in sales and management and as a Forex trader to the company. www.FX-Primus.com

  27. FXPRIMUS Organisation Structure Kevin de Silva VICE PRESIDENT, OPERATIONS (ASIA) Kevin de Silva is currently the Vice President of Operation (Asia) for FXPRIMUS Ltd and primarily overseas the operations in Asia. His knowledge and extensive experience in finance and operations for over 15 years focusing on productivity management is an invaluable contribution to FXPRIMUS. www.FX-Primus.com

  28. FXPRIMUS Head Office FXPRIMUS Ltd. Head Office (Compliance): Ebene House, 3rd Floor, 33 Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius Phone:(+44)20-3318-0459 www.FX-Primus.com

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