Containing toxicity with policy
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Containing Toxicity with Policy . Natural Disaster. Chemical Plant Locations. Are there site regulations for chemical manufacturing and distribution plants? Interested in the what to do about Katrina’s toxic soup? Could it have been prevented?

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Chemical plant locations l.jpg
Chemical Plant Locations

  • Are there site regulations for chemical manufacturing and distribution plants?

  • Interested in the what to do about Katrina’s toxic soup? Could it have been prevented?

  • Is your home in a hazard zone? Do you know what to do?

Still unclear l.jpg
Still Unclear

  • Do chemical facilities need to be in a location less prone to natural disaster?

  • There are so many of them

    • Laws and standards focus on employees health & safety, pre-treatment, release into environment, accident clean-up, registration of chemicals, application, licensing of users, etc.

    • EPA inspects sites for misuse and neglect

    • It seems to be up to the local zoning board and state agencies but not the Federal Government until cleanup (see Superfund Sites)

Nuclear waste and energy plants l.jpg
Nuclear Waste and Energy Plants

  • Highly regulated

  • Many federal agencies involved

  • Agreement necessary between agencies

  • Not everything is known about the effects to our environment and the environmental effects to the site

  • Government tries to prepare for the worst when it suits them

Site location regulations l.jpg
Site Location Regulations?

  • Elements considered for waste. . .

    • Time travel to groundwater

    • Weather

    • Fault and earthquake hazard

    • Site intrusion for theft of natural elements

    • Site intrusion for chemicals or nuclear product

    • Transportation

    • Site ownership?

People involved l.jpg
People Involved

  • Chemical:

    • Environmental Protection Agency

    • U.S Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

    • Occupational Safety and Health Administration

    • American Chemistry Council (formerly CMA)

    • Governor, State Agencies, Tribal Council, Unions, Citizens

People involved7 l.jpg
People Involved

  • Nuclear:

    • Department of Energy

    • Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    • Environmental Protection Agency

    • National Academy of Sciences

    • Oversite Office

    • Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

    • NRC, State, and Project Scientists

    • Governor, City Officials, Tribal Council, Citizens

Benefits l.jpg

  • Nuclear:

    • Fossil fuel replacement

      • CO2 in the atmosphere reduced

      • Global climate changes slowed

        • If not Milankovich cycles

  • Chemical:

    • Better living; Food and products

Science policy connections prior to facility set up l.jpg
Science-Policy ConnectionsPrior to Facility Set Up

  • Can humans handle the unpredictable nature of our climate and other unexpected events concerning hazards with preventative policy?

  • Can communities determine what products and energy source is right for them? Veto industry establishment.

  • Capitalism vs. Environment