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The Advantages of Buying Gold Plated Bracelets Online PowerPoint Presentation
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The Advantages of Buying Gold Plated Bracelets Online

The Advantages of Buying Gold Plated Bracelets Online

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The Advantages of Buying Gold Plated Bracelets Online

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  2. Until a few dacades ago, people avoided buying gold plated jewellery because it was considered to be of an inferior quality. Those who could afford it, made sure they bought real gold jewellery. Nowadays, consumers don’t mind gold plated jewellery and in some cases they might prefer it. Listed below are some reasons for this.

  3. It isInexpensive Gold plating makes it possible for people to own affordable fashion jewelry. They do not have to break the bank to add beautiful pieces to their collection. Owning such jewellery does not mean that a person is cheap but rather, that they are a smart shopper. No one would know that it is not real gold unless they closely examined it. Because it’s so inexpensive, it can also be easily purchased online without the need to closely examine it. A simple search of the term best jewellery for women online Canada yields all kinds of gold plated pieces as well as genuine ones. Consumers can buy anything from gold plated earrings to gold plated bracelets online.

  4. Lower or No InsuranceCosts Since gold plated jewellery is so inexpensive, owners of such jewellery do not need to spend a lot of money on insurance for it. It can get very expensive to have insurance coverage for real gold jewelry. The money one saves on insurance can be used to buy more jewellery and grow their collection. This leads us to the next advantage…

  5. One Can Own More JewelleryPieces Once again, due to being lower in price, you can have so much jewellery that you have a piece for every outfit that you own. You can also own a wider variety of jewellery. A new favorite of ours, Mjolnir Pendants, can also come in gold plating and this makes an otherwise expensive item more affordable. 

  6. One Can Own More JewelleryPieces Let us consider some of the disavantages of gold plating. Pieces which are gold plated can never perfectly replace real gold ones. They get tarnished and more so if worn every day. Getting them wet can cause them to age faster. They can also loose their shine after a while. However, taking good care of them by cleaning them using products such as baking soda and toothpaste can help to retain their shine for longer.

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