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Custom Embroidered Patches that can be sewed on or iron on for civil service, military, martial arts, motorcycle, sports and business uniforms.

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  1. Military Uniform Patches The Past & The Present

  2. Prior To World War I • Sleeve patches were used to depict ranking during the Civil War • Civil War Union soldiers  used to place sleeve patches on their caps for corps, division or brigade identification

  3. Introducing the First official military Patch The US Army’s 81st Division represented the first official military Patch • When :May,1918 • Why: Army officials were encouraged • to informally acknowledge the division • and to encourage esprit de corps – morale Eventually every division was ordered to wear patch and the custom extended to the corps and brigades

  4. The longest surviving military patch The Big Red 1 patch - received by the 1st Infantry Division of the US Army on May 24, 1917 The Big Red 1 is one of the most highly recognizable patches of all the insignia used in the US military

  5. Expansion of Patches – World War II • The use of military patches started increasing between WWI and WWII • Insignia patches were issued for all corps, divisions and brigades •  Patches were used in battlefield uniforms during Vietnam War and the Gulf War

  6. Collection of Military Patches • Collecting military patches has evolved into a lucrative industry • Avid collector of military memorabilia have increased with time • The prices of patches are comparatively low except the ones from WWII or Vietnam era

  7. Military Patches - Today • The use of military patches has increased immensely with each branch using patches • Every single brand, single division has their own insignia • Every branch of  U.S. Armed Forces - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard use military patches of all kinds

  8. Gallery of Military Patches

  9. Information collected & Shared by… Patches4Less To order custom military uniform patches Click here

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