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What we do….currently PowerPoint Presentation
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What we do….currently

What we do….currently

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What we do….currently

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  1. What we do….currently • At a local level….. • At a regional level….. • At a national level…….

  2. Challenging & holding to account- post Winterbourne Joint Improvement Team How will the NVFF and NF & other members of the Programme Board be involved? E.g. recruitment, steering, planning, membership, critical friend…. What role will there be for the NVFF and NF in developing the priorities to be included in the workplan?

  3. Challenging & holding to account at a local level • How will the NVFF and NF be supported to challenge at a local level against targets? • Do we need a sub group of the Programme Board to work with DH to develop a robust framework of delivery and accountability?

  4. Then and now… "Families are going to play a central role in developing better services for people with learning disabilities, especially for people with complex needs. A national families' forum will be an essential source of intelligence for the Minister and the Programme Board about how local initiatives are developing, what can be learned from them and how they can be sustained and promoted“ Professor Jim Mansell We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together.Bill Richardson

  5. It feels like…

  6. But we are determined… “..the journey feels pretty bleak and it is difficult to know whether anything will ever change. I am just setting off to view the next home lined up for my sister that is in my home town....I am desperate for it to be good and armed with your questions -at least now I know what to ask….” Sister of a woman with learning disabilities