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eresource nfra ERP - Focus on ERP PowerPoint Presentation
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eresource nfra ERP - Focus on ERP

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eresource nfra ERP - Focus on ERP
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eresource nfra ERP - Focus on ERP

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  1. Construction ERP

  2. Why eresource Nfra ERP ? • eresource Nfra ERP solution provides the comprehensive project information necessary to answer all critical business, investment, and operational questions. • The system enables the project industry to meet budget and deadline commitments by managing schedules, resources, and costs across all projects and programs. • eresource Nfra ERP deals with core functional areas such as Project Monitoring and Control, Sales Management, Tendering, Bill of Quantities, Purchase and Supplier Management, Onsite Engineers Portal, Material Management, Labour and Contractors Management, Accounts Management and Human Resource Management. • eresource Nfra helps capture and monitor all activities right from pre-execution stage to post execution. Management can access and manage onsite activities from anywhere at anytime.

  3. Key Challenges • Integrated resource (material,manpower,equipment) planning, cost and utilization monitoring • Duplicate material codes and manual material tracking and reconciliation • Monitoring, ontrolling project scope, schedule, cost, budget, revenue and its variations

  4. Modules

  5. eresource Nfra CRM CRM in eresource NFRA provides better customer service, cross-sell and up-sell more effectively, close deals, retain current customers and better understand who your customer are. Organizations frequently look for ways to personalize online experiences with tools that are provided with the CRM module. The CRM module enables interactions with customers. The module organizes, automates and synchronizes sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

  6. Estimation This module comprehensively covers all features required as per the Industry best Practice. Estimation is computed on the basis of Line Items of the BOQ. Comprehensive Estimation mechanism ensures high levels of Costing methodology. eresource NFRA calculates bid values in real-time. The applicable resources rates, such as Item Pricing, Cost of Man-power (Labor), Sub Contractor Cost, Cost of Services and additional overheads cost are automatically applied resulting in rapid cost of BOQ. Pricing of the Project can be done flexibly and easily through various options.

  7. Purchase Management Purchase Management module streamlines procurement of required raw materials, sub assembly and other non-inventory materials. It automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, Supplier Evaluation, Supplier Quote Evaluation, awarding purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes.

  8. Project Management & Control You can schedule and plan the project, concurrently export resources and assignment duration, link activities and immediately view the bar chart. Planned and unplanned BOQ can also be viewed. The user can also capture project status/ project progress at real time using this module.

  9. Subcontractor An ERP system treats subcontracting similar to procurement of a service. Using our system you can assign one or more Sub-Contractors to selected BoQ items with a single mouse click. You can also retain non-selected sub-contracts data for future reference.

  10. On-Site Portal With the on-site Portal, information can easily be rolled out across multiple regions, subsidiaries, and divisions from your work station. The module help you with a lot of time saving. The module also keeps watch on your resources. You can manage workforce attendance, stocks, salary and more.

  11. Benefits of using eresource Nfra ERP • eresource Nfra implements an effective ERP system within a short period • eresource Nfra connects all functions and projects to a centrally maintained database system. • The marketing module enables the company to send information to all its customers from its database whenever they launched a new project. • The module in eresource Nfra also helps the company to track all the pre-sale and sale activity. • The module helps to take care of the company's all marketing • eresource Nfra has made the planning and forecasting of demands extremely easy. • which creates ripple effects in the company where all departments like purchase, materials and stores now get aligned with the forecasts.

  12. Registered Office: eresource Infotech Private Limited, TMA House 1st floor, Road No. 16, Plot No. 6,Wagle Estate ,Thane (West) Tel: +91 22 41118000 to +91 22 41118050 (50 Lines) | Dubai P O Box 52034, Dubai UAE Mobile Number: 0097155 9018499 Email: