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Customer Relationship Management ERP Software-eresource nfra ERP PowerPoint Presentation
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Customer Relationship Management ERP Software-eresource nfra ERP

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Customer Relationship Management ERP Software-eresource nfra ERP
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Customer Relationship Management ERP Software-eresource nfra ERP

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  1. Construction CRM

  2. eresource Construction CRM eresource CRMenables construction companies to automate many manual processes and track all building projects by location, type and sector. 1. eresource CRM manages: • tsales process • rack pipeline activity • control job progress • engineers, • contractors • construction suppliers • architects 3. Saves time and improves customer experience.

  3. Features Of eresource CRM Sales and Negotiation Bible Questionnaries Master Questionnaries Display Followup List Sales Sales Lead Order Management Sales Enquiry Sales Quotation Sales Order Pending Approval Pending Lead Pending Enquiry Pending Order Pending Quotation Sales Reports :Lead By Source Open sales Ageing Sales Performance Activity Log Key Performance Indicator Sales Funnel Lead by Region

  4. Dashboard Todays scheduled activity list Date wise pending Activity list eresource CRM dash board provide a real time snapshot of your organization key metrics. Using dash board you can easily visualize the oportunities , approach, status of sales-lead in SPANCO model i.e SuspectDefinition Prospect Identification ,Approach -Analysis Evaluation and qualification of requirements, identification of the solution Negotiation, Closing Finalization , Order Ongoing Account follow-up and Order management and sales monitoring

  5. Questionnaries Display According to category and related the question and answer will be displayed Resulted Questions

  6. Followup List Follow up list enables you to maintain the follow ups of all sales call. Each sale Lead / Calls can be classified as per the priorities, such as Moderate, Low and High for easy identification. Add your new followups Priority of follow-up View

  7. Sales Lead It will automates lead generation, lead tracking, follow-ups etc., in simple yet incredibly powerful fashion. Related information of Customer See the folloups as shown in the previous slide You can add your new followups as shown in previous slide

  8. Sales Enquiry The most important factor in the sales enquiry is the provision to update/add BoQ items. General information Provision to attach any format file related to your enquiry Enquiry can be tagged /Notified to multiple Associates/User

  9. Sales Enquiry (Client Detail Tag) Where you will have the complete information of client, consultant details Client Details Consultant Details

  10. Sales Quotation Apply Resources to multiple BOQ Items at one time. Amount Destribution Related Associate

  11. Sales Estimation Add material Offer format Detail Quotation

  12. Sales Order Converting Order from Final Ammended Estimated. Financial terms and condition Attachment of related document

  13. Pendings You can see all your pending leads,enquiry, Quotation, Order in this page. Where the green colour indicate unseen transaction View

  14. Report You can see reports for Lead By Source,Lead by region,open sales performance, activity log key performance indicator

  15. Sales Funnel (S.P.A.N.C.O. Model) Suspect Prospect Close Approach Order

  16. Registered Office: eresource Infotech Private Limited, TMA House 1st floor, Road No. 16, Plot No. 6,Wagle Estate ,Thane (West) Tel: +91 22 41118000 to +91 22 41118050 (50 Lines) | Dubai P O Box 52034, Dubai UAE Mobile Number: 0097155 9018499 Email: