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Offshore Software Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development

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Offshore Software Development

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  1. Ultimate Guide to Using Offshore Software Development Services to Build a Product By Cleveroad

  2. What is offshore software development? Offshore software development implies that the headquarter of a company you cooperate with is placed somewhere far away from your native country. As a rule, there is a significant time zone difference.


  4. Nearshore outsourcing means that the company is pretty close to your native country. Respectively, the time zone difference is insignificant or absent at all.

  5. Onshore outsourcing implies that the company you work with is placed within your native country.

  6. Offshore software development benefits Reduce costs on development As a rule, offshore software development companies are concentrated in regions with low fees and cost of living. That's the reason why the cost of software development services is lower than in most countries. For instance, in Ukraine you will pay $15-50/h, while in the US this number ranges between $50-200/h, in the UK $50-100/h etc.

  7. Qualified specialists No doubts, the offshore software development company should be competent. This means it should be placed in a country with a big number of specialists. If you compare the quality of tech specialists in the US or other countries to European ones you won't find any significant differences Scale with ease Offshore software development model makes it easy for you to scale up and down. Development is a tricky thing and you never know exactly how many developers one or another stage of the project may require. Respectively, if you have too much or little developers involved in a project, it's a matter of a message to solve this problem

  8. Employees training Let's say you hire an offshore web development company to help you with a real estate web application. Then, there is no need to waste your time on employees training as your partner company will take care of it. Skillset Most offshore software development companies are focused on certain industries or technologies. So if you need to find someone with strong and specific expertise -- consider the software outsourcing companies.