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Mother’s Grace. Life Responses in Pride & Prejudice. Compiled from: Commentary & Principles on Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice by Sri Karmayogi web talks by Garry Jacobs Growth Online Articles by Roy Posner. Contradictions are Compliments. Contradictions.

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Mother’s Grace

Life Responses in Pride & Prejudice

Compiled from:

Commentary & Principles on Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice by Sri Karmayogi web talks by Garry Jacobs

Growth Online Articles by Roy Posner

Contradictions are Compliments


Elizabeth’s harsh words to Darcy

- What to do?

Reconcile Them

- How to do it?

Reconciled By -

Move away from

ego’s view

  • Accepted Eliza’s point of view

  • Did not react

  • Shifted his attitudes inwardly

- What are the practical steps?

  • Take other man’s point of view

  • Good will for other’s progress

  • Self-Giving

  • Non-Reaction

Life’s response -

  • Life brought the opportunity to prove his change

  • Goodwill and self giving by saving Lydia’s elopement

- What is the end result?


- What is the practical meaning?

Life’s reward -

  • Life’s cooperation

  • To create new opportunities,

  • Progress,

  • Luck etc..,

Eliza ‘s shift & Darcy’s romantic fulfillment



P&P Example

Inner Moves the Outer

Eliza saw Pemberley estate

Outer Events

-What to do?

Inner change-

  • Constantly shift to positive attitudes.

  • Practice Equanimity during negative events

She reversed her attitudes and thought of “To be Mistress of Pemberley”

Practical Meaning-

-What are the practical steps?

  • The very soil brings out its magnificence and creates a material desire in her which is the turning point.

  • In her own imagination the thought grows – a clear sign of decided choice.

  • Shift to positive attitudes or reverse the attitudes (if earlier was negative)

  • Remain undisturbed in negative circumstances

-What is the end result?

The principle-

Inner will move the Outer

Inner choice evoke outer

-What is the practical meaning?

Life Response -

Life’s response by

Changing the outer circumstance and bring sudden benefits, Luck etc..,

Darcy was prompted to come a day early by the energy of such attitudes



P&P Example

Do not confine to Materialistic Limitations

Materialist view

Charlotte’s view

-What to do?

What is that -

Not beautiful, 27 yrs old, no money for dowry, no status etc..,

Do not confine in those limitations

-What are the practical steps?

What she did -

  • Do not focus on the negative. Focusing negative aggravates the problem

  • Focusing the positive & shift in attitudes will make the circumstance favor

  • Despite her limitation, she practiced unconditional goodwill for Elizabeth.

  • Generous goodwill of magnanimity, supreme commonsense of ripe age and shameless mercenary practicality dwell together in Charlotte

-What is the end result?

Positive attitudes evoke outer

What is Life’s Rule -

The weakest can accomplish if the circumstances favourwith the right attitudes. (good will)

-What is the practical meaning?

Life’s response by

Changing the outer circumstance and bring sudden benefits, Luck etc..,

Life Response -

Life came to her by presenting itself Collins to him and a reasonable status in her life



P&P Example

Expectation cancels or postpones


Mrs. Bennet’s expectation on Jane’s engagement with Bingley

-What will it do?

It will cancel or postpone the future happenings

What Happened-

-What to do?

Practice Non-Expectance

It drives away Bingley from Netherfield to London

-What are the practical steps?

  • Consecrate the actions.

  • Do the best what you can do and leave the results to the Mother

What they did -

  • Bingley would not come as long he is expected by various parties like Jane, Liz and MrsBennet.

  • Anticipation is to confine the infinite to our finite condition.

  • Life forced them to practice Non-Expectance

-What is the end result?

Life will reward for the positive inner attitude

Life Response-

-What is the practical meaning?

Jane’s Non-Expectance and Elizabeth’s Goodwill bring her back Bingley

Life’s response by

Changing the outer circumstance and bring sudden benefits, Luck etc..,



P&P Example

Negative and Positive Attitudes

Negative Attitude

Mr. Bennet’s Reversal (Positive Attitude)

Mr. Bennet’s Negative Attitude

-What it will do?

It will attract negative events

----------- What he did -----------

-What to do?

  • He is more interested in picking holes in his wife’s scheme than in the work on hand.

  • It is a moment of triumph for him to thwart the wife

  • He didn’t react during Lydia’s elopement and practiced positive values.

  • Went himself to London to find him

Change to positive attitudes & values

-What are the practical steps?

  • Take responsibility for your life

  • Refuse to blame others for the problems

  • Do not expect others to solve your problem

  • Recognize other man’s point of view

  • Do your best, consecrate the acts and leave the results to the Mother.

------What is the meaning------

  • He took the full responsibilityfor his actions.

  • He practiced non-reaction and did not blame any one.

  • His attitude of repaying Gardiner

  • His unsavoury sarcasm is a negative vibration

  • The triumph in meanness directly brings misfortune

  • Sarcasm is the small victory issuing from a great defeat

-What is Life’s Response?

-------- What Happened ---------

Life’s response by

Changing the outer circumstance and bring sudden benefits, Luck etc..,

Lydia’s marriage and restore family’s name

Finally, it bring Lydia’s Elopement



P&P Example

Do not take initiatives

Caroline’s Initiative (with negative attitudes)


-What will it do?

What she did-

It will destroy the positive possibilities

  • Caroline adversely comments about Elizabeth several times to Darcy.

  • Her every Initiative ends up bringing Darcy & Eliza closer

  • Small triumphs of life are more fascinating than the large victories of life. Caroline may enjoy thwarting Elizabeth and Jane overmuch.

-What is the theory?

  • Ego takes initiative and that becomes one’s karma.

  • To every foolish initiative Life has occasions that can countermand

-What to do?

Mother asks us not to take initiative

What happened -

Caroline’s ruse destroyed her chances with Darcy

-What is the end result?

Life will bring rewards for the inner nature of non-initiative

Who is her Opposite -

-What is the meaning?

Charlotte and her Good will

We always see with Mother that SHE gives more than we ignorantly asked for, but never realise that it is because we have not taken initiative in that area.

What is Life’s meaning -

  • Eliza reaches Darcy through Caroline

  • Darcy comes to her through Charlotte.



P&P Example

No act ends there.

It continues to Repeat

Acts  Repeat

(P&P Examples)

Acts  Continues to Repeat

-What is the theory?

Example 1 -

  • Arguments repeat themselves as they are full of energy

  • News is endlessly repeated till it is worn out (Vital absorption of social energy)

  • When an event repeats, it means we are missing something.

  • Darcy’s act of saying Elizabeth “Tolerable”

  • Elizabeth repeats to Darcy “ No gentleman & the last man she would marry”

  • Life events revealed the truth as the days go and she has to come back to him by herself again.

-What to do?

Example 2 -

  • Consecrate all the Life’s responses to Mother (Both Positive & Negative)

  • Be conscious and consecrate before acting on anything

  • Collins proposal to Eliza which she feels shame to her.

  • She feels the same when that act repeats to her with Darcy’s proposal.

-What is the meaning?

Example 3 -

  • To let Her do what we can do is to let Her do it better and it is consecration.

  • Consecration avoids the procedure of the process and gives the result through the Light.

  • Consecration yields the final result in the beginning

  • Darcy influenced Bingley to London and avoid him marrying Jane.

  • Life made that act to reverse himself by bringing Bingley back to Netherfield and to marry Jane.



P&P Example