Introducing destiny
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Introducing Destiny. Mercer County Schools September 2010 Kim Singleton, MCSH LMS. What is Destiny?. Destiny Library Manager-allows students & staff to access library information from anywhere, at any time 24/7.

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Presentation Transcript
Introducing destiny

Introducing Destiny

Mercer County Schools

September 2010

Kim Singleton, MCSH LMS

What is destiny
What is Destiny?

  • Destiny Library Manager-allows students & staff to access library information from anywhere, at any time 24/7.

  • Destiny Quest-a part of Library Manager, a K-12 student friendly searching interface.

    • Highly graphic, engaging web interface

    • Lists top 10 books and new arrivals

    • Share & post book reviews

    • Create book lists

Destiny access
Destiny Access

  • Click on located on the desktop

  • Go to Mercer County Senior High, choose Media Center and click on Destiny

  • Type into your browser

Searching the catalog
Searching the Catalog

The best way to find what you are looking for!

Searching the catalog1
Searching the Catalog

Default set to MCSH, but can search other schools in the district

Searching the catalog2
Searching the Catalog

Default set to any type, but can set limiters such as, videos & recorded books

Advanced searching
Advanced Searching

Choose your type of search

Use these Boolean operators to narrow or broaden your search

Advanced searching1
Advanced Searching

Click on Power

Type in search term

Type in AR to search for an Accelerated Reader book

Logging in to destiny
Logging in to Destiny

Click on Login to enter your account

Logging in to destiny1
Logging in to Destiny

Enter your school email address:

[email protected]

Enter your school email login password

Your destiny home screen
Your Destiny Home Screen

Your name should appear here

Placing a hold request
Placing a Hold Request

Click on Hold It!

Placing a hold request1
Placing a Hold Request

Confirmation of hold will appear

Checking your student account
Checking Your Student Account

Click on My Info to view your check outs, fines and holds.

Viewing your checkout history
Viewing Your Checkout History

Click on View History

Using titlepeek
Using TitlePeek

Click here to see book summary, characters and reviews

Using titlepeek1
Using TitlePeek

Select your preference here!

Using destiny quest
Using Destiny Quest

Click on Destiny Quest

Using destiny quest1
Using Destiny Quest

View our library’s new arrivals

View the top 10 books for our library

Searching titles
Searching Titles

Type in title & click Go!

Finding relevant books
Finding Relevant Books

Click on title

Viewing relevant books
Viewing Relevant Books

View a list of similar titles

Adding titles to a list
Adding Titles to a List

Click on book, drag and drop in “My List”

Returning to the home page
Returning to the Home Page

Click on Exit Quest