How to do a fundraiser
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Scentsy Fundraiser. How to do a Fundraiser. Angie Williams Superstar Director. What are the Benefits?. You are helping an Organization make money. Scentsy is big on “Giving more than you Get.” When you give it will benefit you, in the long term.

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How to do a fundraiser



How to do a Fundraiser

Angie Williams

Superstar Director

What are the benefits
What are the Benefits?

You are helping an Organization make money. Scentsy is big on “Giving more than you Get.” When you give it will benefit you, in the long term.

People will be more willing to buy more when they know it is going to a good cause.

You get your Name and Product out to Lots of people.

You could get new recruits, Hostess and long term Customers.

And you make money.

Many Great Benefits For you and the Organization!

Different ways to do a fundraiser
Different Ways to do a Fundraiser

  • Set up a booth or table at a Fundraiser event.

  • Party Style Fundraiser.

  • Online Fundraiser.

  • Traditional Fundraiser, where you give Participants a Folder and they collect orders. (This is the most popular and most effective.)

  • OR a Combination of the above Fundraisers.

Booth table fundraiser
Booth/Table Fundraiser

  • Booth set-up, at Events, they have other booths or boutiques. Examples: “Cancer Walk”, Hospital Fundraiser, Work Fundraisers, sub for Santa events, PTA Carnivals, etc

    • These events usually have a large area with other booths.

    • Is usually only a one day event where you man your

      booth all day. You can set up product to sell and/or take

      orders. Then give a percentage of your commissions, or

      May have to donate a certain amount for the booth rental.

  • Table Set-up, at a place where you can set a display on a table. Example is Daycare center, Dance Studio, School.

    • This Fundraiser you would set up a table with a warmer, testers, Catalogs, order forms, Fundraiser Signs, and instructions.

    • Then leave a collection envelop with owner or secretary to hold money/orders until you come back to pick them up.

Party style fundraiser
Party Style Fundraiser

  • Do a Fundraiser Home Party! Examples: Family with Medical issues, Women's Choir Group, Travel group expenses, Sports team, etc

    • This is same as a Regular Home Party, but some of your Commission will be donated to a group or cause.

    • Set up like your normal Party, give a percentage of your commissions. Why do a Fundraiser party instead of a regular party? One you will get more attendees and more people will want to order more to help this particular group.

  • Do a Catalog/Basket Party: Examples: Work Fundraisers, Sub for Santa’s, Nonprofit group,

    • Similar to a basket party, but a portion of your

      commissions will be donated to a group or cause.

Online fundraiser
Online Fundraiser

  • Online Party, Example: Sport Team, Boy Scouts, Family with Medical issues, PTA Fundraiser, Preschool, etc.

  • Set-up a party event. In the Party Name make sure to put the title of the fundraiser, and the date the event will end.

  • Advertise online Party:

    • Have the Fundraiser place send emails.

    • Place on Facebook

    • Make Flyers with The Fundraiser title on the top, then instructions on going to your website and clicking on the Fundraiser title, to purchase product to go toward that Fundraiser. Have group pass out flyers, set out at school, or in each kids back pack etc.

  • This is a good and easy fundraiser that you can add to any of the other fundraisers.

Traditional fundraiser
Traditional Fundraiser

Who is good for this type of fundraiser:

  • Sports teams

  • Boy or Girl Scouts

  • Dance Groups

  • Gymnastics teams,

  • 4-H groups

  • Church groups

  • Bands

  • Cheerleading teams

  • Clubs

  • Marching Bands

  • Schools

  • PTA

  • Day care/Pre-school

  • Community groups

  • Any other organization or group that wants to earn some extra money

What percentage to give
What Percentage to give:

You can give 20% of your commissions, if the Fundraiser is under $2000. Give 25% if your fundraiser is over $2000 (Remember if you sell over $2000 in a month you get an extra 5% commission.)

What will you make? You will make 5% PLUS:

You will also make profits from combining orders. Example:

40 Scentsy systems = 20 perfect Scentsy ($5 x 20 =$100)

Plus you will receive Hostess rewards. You can keep the hostess rewards for your self or put some of the orders into the hostess rewards to give you or the organization more money.

* When placing orders break them into $400 parties to get maximum hostess benefits.

* Then you will be able to get $60 Free Product and 4 ½ off items.

Example: if you use the 4 ½ off on Scentsy systems

(regular price $40 x 4 = $160 1/ 2 off would save you $80)

$80 + $60 = $140 per every $400 party order so with your commissions you

will be able to make on the orders 40-50% which you can keep more for your self or give more to your organization.

Before you go talk to an organizations. You need to decide what percentage you will be donating.

How to start your fundraiser
How to start your Fundraiser

  • Go talk to the organization leader about doing the fundraiser.

    • Make sure to have a Fundraiser Leader, which explain what the organizations has to do and how much they will make.

    • Have a Fundraiser folder already set up so you can show them what they would be taking around.

  • Set Dates to pass out folders and collect folders.

  • Find out how many will participating, So you can get enough fundraiser folders.

  • If you can meet with parents or at least send out an explanation of what and how Scentsy works so they understand the product. Provide FAQ as well.

What to put in the folders
What to put in the Folders:

  • 1 Envelope

  • 5 Fundraiser Flyers

Folders continued
Folders continued:

  • 5 Order forms.

  • 1 Price Sheet for multi packs, + tax (enter your tax rate), =total (Make these to go with what pack or kits you would like to sell, Free Download in Scentsy success “Price list”)

  • 1 Explanation sheet of how Scentsy works (Free Downloadable in Scentsy success “Scentsy System”

When closing out your traditional fundraiser orders
When Closing out your traditional Fundraiser orders

  • ***Label all Product***

  • Package and sort by participants

    • Put each individual orders in a bag with ribbons and name tag of customer and participants name.

    • Put all of each participants orders in a box.

  • Deliver to Organization and Deliver there portion of Fundraiser money or notify the exact date of when the fundraiser Check will be delivered

  • Thank Participant by either giving them a gift or card. So they will want to do this again with you.

In closing
In Closing

Make sure to Be Organized.

Have Fun with the Fundraiser

Label Everything

Provide new catalogs with orders

Make sure to make it easy for the organization, so they will do it with you again.

Remember you may not make as much with the fundraiser, but you are helping out an organization, and will get long term customers possible hostess or recruits.