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Scared Ask Your Dentist To Sedate You PowerPoint Presentation
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Scared Ask Your Dentist To Sedate You

Scared Ask Your Dentist To Sedate You

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Scared Ask Your Dentist To Sedate You

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  1. SCARED?



  4. If you are looking into having a major dental procedure performed but are worried your anxieties may get the best of you …

  5. … you should definitely bring up the option of sedation with your dentist.

  6. Sedated dentistry offers a variety of benefits for both the patient and the dentist.

  7. Sedated dentistry offers a variety of benefits for both the patient and the dentist. These include:

  8. An elevated level of tranquil relaxation and comfort in the patient. 1

  9. This extends to the sensation of pain that would likely flare up during an intricate procedure like a root canal.

  10. This can also be a great option for patients coping with sensitive teeth.

  11. A sharp decrease in the chance of involuntary movements that may increase the time that your dentist spends working on your teeth and gums. 2

  12. Suppression of the gag reflex. 3

  13. Some procedures require a dental technician to reach far back into the mouth and cause the gag reflex to flare up, sending caustic acid to fly out of the mouth along with the patient's stomach contents.

  14. Impaired memory of the event. 4

  15. Patients with a phobia of the dentist, drills, or other common elements of the dental profession may appreciate having little to no recollection of the procedures.

  16. Fewer visits for an intensive procedure. 5

  17. A relaxed patient gives the dentist more time to work on that patient's mouth over the span of the appointment.

  18. The more work that a dentist does on a patient's mouth, the fewer additional appointments will be required of that patient.

  19. Patients curious about the sorts of approaches involved in sedative dentistry should know that there are several techniques:

  20. Ingested treatments; commonly Halcion, a pill related to the drug Valium. Suppositories. Gas; commonly nitrous oxide, also known as "laughing gas." Injection treatments.

  21. Injection treatments afford the dentist a greater level of control over dosage and can go to work far more quickly than a treatment like Halcion.

  22. In addition to their approach, dentists can control how deep the sedation takes hold.

  23. This can vary from a mild state of relaxation and full consciousness, to a slightly deeper level that tends to result in slurred speech and spotty awareness…

  24. … to a deep level of sedation that brings the patient to the border of unconsciousness to a general anesthetic that leaves the patient temporarily unconscious.

  25. The skill involved in administering deep levels of sedation means that most dentists properly trained in it are specialized in surgery or dental anesthesiology.

  26. All sedative dentistry involves an anesthetic, typically a localized drug administered around wherever the procedure will focus.

  27. Other safeguards and qualifiers for sedated dentistry include: • The dentist should be familiar with your medical history in order to see if there could be any complications with certain sedatives.

  28. Ask what level of dosage you will receive and if that dosage falls within FDA regulations. • Look into your dentist's training and track record with sedative dentistry.

  29. You should receive a form that covers the risks of the procedure; go over it with your dentist and feel free to ask questions. • Your dentist should have oxygen, countermeasures to the sedative and a way to regularly monitor your vitals during the procedure.

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