barrier reef n.
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Barrier Reef

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Barrier Reef

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Barrier Reef

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  1. Barrier Reef • A long structure in the sea, parallel to the coast, built of limestone by millions of corals. Topic: Our Changing Coastline

  2. Budget Airlines • A company that offers cheap flights Topic: Tourism

  3. Diversify • To create a wider variety of job opportunities Topic: Tourism

  4. Ecotourism • Small scale tourist projects that create money for conservation as well as creating local jobs. Topic: Tourism

  5. Greenhouse Effect • A natural process in which gases such as carbon dioxide trap heat energy in the atmosphere. Topic: Tourism

  6. Honeypot Site • A place of special interest that attracts many tourists and is often congested at peak times. Topic: Tourism

  7. Informal Settlement • Homes where the householders have no legal rights to the land, that is, they do not have legal housing tenure. Informal settlements are commonly known as shanty towns and squatter settlements. Topic: Tourism Topic

  8. Legacy • A development which provides benefits for the local community for many years to come. Topic: Tourism

  9. Long-haul • A flight to a distant place. For example, from the UK to Dubai. Topic: Tourism

  10. Mass Tourism • A style of tourist development in which massive numbers of holiday makers are encouraged to visit a large resort. Mass tourism was used to create jobs along the Spanish Mediterranean coastline and at Cancun, Mexico among other places. Topic: Tourism

  11. Net-out Migration • When more people leave the region than move into it. Topic: Tourism

  12. Positive Multiplier Effect • A positive chain of events triggered by the creation of new jobs in the region. Topic: Tourism

  13. Rural Depopulation • When the population of a rural region decreases. Topic: Tourism

  14. Short Haul • A flight to a nearby destination. Short-haul flights from the UK either fly to other UK airports or to airports in the rest of Europe. Topic: Tourism

  15. Tourist Enclave • A tourist resort that is separated from local communities. Some tourist developments are designed so that tourists are discouraged from leaving the hotel or resort. In this way, the tourist spends more money with the company, and very little with local businesses. Topic: Tourism

  16. Trans-National Companies (TNCs) • Large businesses such as Sony, Microsoft and McDonalds, who have branches in several countries. Trans-national companies are also known as Multi-national companies (MNCs). Topic: Tourism

  17. Unsustainable • Improving the lives of people but in a way that is using up too many natural resources and/ or is polluting the environment so badly that future generations will have a lower quality of life. Topic: Tourism

  18. Wilderness • Areas that have been left in a wild state. Wilderness regions are uninhabited and are not farmed. Large parts of Iceland can be described as wilderness. Topic: Tourism