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Telecom Finance

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Telecom Finance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Telecom Finance. Zhao Ping CCSA China Telecom. Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15. Telecom Finance Definition. Telecom Finance

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Telecom Finance

Zhao Ping


China Telecom

Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15

telecom finance definition
Telecom Finance Definition
  • Telecom Finance
    • Is a common important infrastructure functionalities including Identification networking, E-money, payment, banking, exchange, investment, even P2P finance etc. for service/application entities or users in SP/NO world. With mobile and fixed telecom technologies, these features can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere, by anyone and could be supported in P2P mode.
telecom finance functionalities framework
TelecomFinanceFunctionalities Framework



P2P Finance








Identification Network/Terminal

Financial Entities/Facilities

key requirements of telecom finance
Key Requirements of Telecom Finance
  • Anytime, anywhere, can pay
    • Online payment
    • Mobile payment
    • Fixed payment
    • Remote payment
    • Onsite payment
  • Anytime, anywhere, can do business
  • Anytime, anywhere, can finance
  • Anyone can be Alibaba/Taobao/eBay owner in SP/NO.
  • Telecom Finance activities will be implemented through telecom activities, maybe a finance data session or a call.
  • Security / Everything Identification
strategic direction
Strategic direction
  • General Telecom Finance Framework.
  • Identification networking for Telecom Finance.
  • E-money, payment etc. in SP/NO to supportB2B, B2C, C2C.
  • Widely provide financial service with telecom technologies.
  • Interface between Telecom and finance side.
  • Interoperability.
  • Regulations and management.
  • Regulations of Telecom Finance
  • Security
  • Habit and culture impact
  • International interoperability
  • Co-operations among PSO, SDOs, Telecom and Finance side.
development of telecom finance
Development of Telecom Finance
  • Current standardizations and work
    • The technology requirement for electronic payment of mobile terminal based on short-range radio communication technology,Technology report, CCSA
    • Identity management and identification systems, HIS, GSC
    • Others.
      • Micropayment / Small number payment--China Mobile
      • Online payment—Taobao/Alibaba
      • Mobile payment / Banking--KDDI/ NTT
      • E-Money—NII
  • Future steps and standardizations
    • General telecom finance framework
    • Further study E-money, payment etc. in SP/NO, including P2P
    • Interface between telecom and finance
    • Telecom Finance study as Internet of Things.
why telecom finance
Why Telecom Finance
  • Perfect payment in SP/NO cyber-society.
  • Easily, equally and widely to access financial service for most population.
  • Faster money flow, e-business promotion to boom global economy.
  • Better financial regulations through identification networking.
  • Enhanced features for both sides of telecom and finance.
  • More green.
  • Make our society better.
new his proposal
New HISProposal
  • CCSA would like to propose TelecomFinance as a new HIS in GSC.
telecom value is changing
Telecom Value is Changing
  • Traditional telecom value
    • Anytime, anywhere, to communicate
  • New telecom value
    • Anytime, anywhere, to do everything in SP/NO
    • Smart grid, E-health, ITS, USN, Railway communication, R-education, entertainment, enterprise application, e-business such as Alibaba/Taobao/eBay etc.
  • Major factors are needed to do everything
    • Information flow - Information
    • money flow - Finance
    • Goods flow - Logistics
telecom and finance need each other in sp no
Telecom and Finance need each other in SP/NO

Future Telecom Business Transformations

  • In SP/NO world, Strong link between Telecom & Finance, which is Telecom Finance.

Service Provider (SP) - 10000 +

Video/Audio, IPTV, OnlineGame, eCommerce,

Searching, BestTone, IM, VAS, CPetc.

Tier 3 Operators

4G/3G, NGN/IMS, internet, PSTN,

Wimax, ICT, BroadBand etc.

Tier 2 Operators

Fiber, Copper, Duct,

Physical media, etc.

Tier 1 Operators

Infrastructure Network Operator (NO) -10+

telecom finance study
Telecom Finance Study
  • Telecom Finance Framework
    • Technology
      • Infrastructure for SP/NO
      • Identification Network in NGN
      • Interface between Telecom Operators and Banks.
      • Security
    • Management
      • Rules
      • Regulation
      • Enforcement.
  • Cooperation
about security
About Security
  • General Basic Security
    • Identification--Identification should be everything for security
    • Physical identification
      • Physical port/card
      • Physical connection
      • Physical Location/address
    • Network Identification
      • Network address
      • Connection/route
      • Terminal
      • Signaling
    • Service/Application Identification
      • Service/Application
      • Process
    • Business/User Identification
      • Individual / enterprise / SP
      • SP/NO interface
    • Finance Identification
implementation of telecom finance
Implementation of Telecom Finance
  • ID card, credit card embedded in phone/terminalcan communicate anytime, anywhere.
  • E-Moneywill replace traditional money step by step.
  • P2P finance will be supported together with traditional finance.
  • Implement a integrated infrastructure for B2B, B2C and C2C business in our SP/NO cyber-society.
  • Telecom operation requires more financing functions. Telecom operators and banks will impact each other.
  • Telecom Finance needs a IDENTIFICATION network technology.
  • Telecom Finance, also Internet of Things.
  • Telecom Finance, a new important infrastructure to boom economy.
  • Standardization of Telecom Finance.

Telecom Finance, Better Society.

  • E-Money
    • refers to money which is only exchanged electronically. 
  • P2Pfinance
        • refers to person to person lending without the intervention of banks.
  • OMA
  • MeT
  • Mobile Payments Forum
  • Mobey Forum
  • PayCircle
  • Irda
  • Raddichio
  • Liberty alliance
  • Parlay/OSA
  • GSMA