Supply chain roundtable findings
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Supply Chain Roundtable Findings. David Richard Director of Marketing. Purpose of Supply Chain Round Table. Gain a heightened understanding of the supply chain in order to optimize partnership among the stakeholders Manufacturers Distributors School districts

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Supply chain roundtable findings l.jpg

Supply Chain Roundtable Findings

David Richard

Director of Marketing

Purpose of supply chain round table l.jpg
Purpose of Supply Chain Round Table

  • Gain a heightened understanding of the supply chain in order to optimize partnership among the stakeholders

    • Manufacturers

    • Distributors

    • School districts

  • Goal: To operate more efficiently and remove cost from the system

Methodology define key issues 10 l.jpg
Methodology – Define key issues (10)

Collaboratively narrowed to three core focus areas

  • Uniformity - need accepted national nutrition standards for all food and beverage products served

  • Cost/ Value – need to improve efficiencies throughout the supply chain to maximize value

  • Commodities – need to have consistent national requirements for commodities & to have standard national commodities procurement requirements that preempt state & local requirements

Top Three Issues

1 lack of uniformity l.jpg
1. Lack of Uniformity

Causes most pain for all stakeholders

  • Increased proliferation of state regulations & local wellness policies mandates different sets of nutrition requirements

  • Variances from district to district adds cost

    • Causes manufacturers to customize products

    • Creates excess inventory

2 cost value traditional factors associated with distribution economics affect cost l.jpg
2. Cost/Value - Traditional factors associated with distribution economics affect cost

  • Volume –amount of groceries purchased

  • Product Variety – the more products purchased, the higher the cost of delivery

  • Operational dynamics – including size & frequency of deliveries

  • Consistency of orders

  • Timeliness of payment

3 commodities l.jpg
3. Commodities distribution economics affect cost

  • Each state has different regulations which can be complex & confusing

  • Timing cycle for commodity programs is not consistent with commercial bidding cycles

    • USDA responsiveness could improve

    • Need transparency throughout the process

Rounding out the top 10 issues facing our industry l.jpg
Rounding out the Top 10 issues facing our Industry distribution economics affect cost

  • Forecasting

  • Technology

  • Public expectations and demands

  • Competition

  • Branding

  • Politics

  • Storage Space/ Requirements

The group purchasing solution l.jpg

The Group Purchasing Solution distribution economics affect cost

Michael Brion

Executive Vice President

Summa Purchasing Group

Group purchasing an innovative solution which addresses cost value 2 nd ranked priority l.jpg
Group Purchasing: An Innovative Solution which addresses distribution economics affect costCost/ Value (2nd ranked priority)

Group Purchasing adds value for all three stakeholders

  • Distributors

  • Manufacturers

  • School food service operations

    All three constituents must realize benefit for improvement to occur

Value for distributors l.jpg
Value for Distributors distribution economics affect cost

  • Standardization of products

  • Strategic relationships

    • Reduced administrative costs

    • Improved back of the house operations

    • Better inventory turns

    • Improved forecasting of purchasing

    • Ability to heighten communication

Value for manufacturers l.jpg
Value for Manufacturers distribution economics affect cost

  • Increased demand for products (volume)

  • Lowers sales & marketing costs

  • Platform to launch new & innovative products

  • Speed to market

  • Increased market share

Value for schools l.jpg
Value for Schools distribution economics affect cost

  • Lower supply costs

  • Improved Supply Chain

  • More participation in bidding process

  • National influence in a traditionally regionalized industry

  • Heightened communication among stakeholders

    There is power in numbers!

Summa purchasing group l.jpg
Summa Purchasing Group distribution economics affect cost

  • Exclusively focused – Built for savings… Designed for Education!

  • Risk Free participation

    • No cost to participate – “The proof is in the price of the pudding”

    • No obligation to buy

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