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Patstat beyond Europe

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Patstat beyond Europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Patstat beyond Europe. By Gianluca Tarasconi Madrid, 9/12/2010. An insight into Patstat data from patent authorities other than EP O. What is PATSTAT.

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By Gianluca Tarasconi

Madrid, 9/12/2010

An insight into Patstat data from patent authorities other than EPO


what is patstat

PATSTATstandsforEPO Worldwide PatentStatistical Database.Contains a snapshot of the EPO master documentation database (DOCDB) which contains data of about 90 national and international patent offices with different degree of coverage.Data include bibliographic data, citations and family links. This database is designed to be used for statistical research and requires the data to be loaded in the customer's own database.


non epo data vs ape inv name game
Non EPO data vs APE-INV Name Game

Data from other patent authorities may help in:

Validate algorithms against other spellings/conventions;

Fill missing/correct data (FI address/city) using data from equivalents;

Use Patent Family(1) data to improve algorithms using other data to give a similarity score;

(1) For a list of patent family definitions see : C. Martinez Insight into Different Types of Patent Families, STI Working Paper 2010/2


example i inpadoc family 75 mr roberts
Example (I): inpadoc family # 75, Mr Roberts

6 different spellings for name, 3 different addresses

In this case name and city are better parsed in US equivalent patent data;


example ii inpadoc family 88 mr newman
Example (II): inpadoc family # 88, Mr Newman

WO patent data confirm that correct address is 43111 Robbins street

US patent tells us A. stand for Antony


what countries i
What countries (I)

Patstat contains 92 application authorities;

45 are inside Europe;

47 are outside Europe;

Contains regional/international authorities (WIPO; ARIPO…);

Contains also ‘terminated’ authorities (DDR, URSS)


what dimensions are relevant
What dimensions are relevant

A) data coverage (% of coverage by year)

Are data from patent authority X 100% included into Patstat from year W to year Z ?

B) Data transmission delays

How long does it take a non EPO patent to reach in PATSTAT?

C) Completeness of geographic data

How is quality (and coverage) of address / city / country code ?


data coverage i
Data coverage (I)

EPO gives partial informations

Total number of applications is given but not the % of total (EPO gives what it gets)


data coverage ii example on india
Data coverage (II): example on India

In patstat are reported from EPO 66219 Indian applications

Indian Patent office reports 28.882 applications filed only for 2006


data transimission delays i
Data Transimission delays (I)

We study time series 2003- 2008 for BR, CN, JP, DE, KR and IN compared to EP;

Graph differences suggest publication lags and data transmission lags differ from country to country;

Timeseries may also highlight ‘holes’ or changes of population (FI USPTO from 2000 onward)


completeness of geographic data
Completeness of geographic data

Table for the TOP 20 by inventor count;

13 authorities have more than 80% of records with no country code;

12 authorities have 0% of address/city;

Anyway in many cases address data are inside first name field (FI: DE)

(data from patstat 09/2009)



Non EPO havecoverage, quality and ‘spelling’ thatmaychange a lotfrompatent authority topatent authority;

Data can beusedasaddictional source of information butnotasmain source (BONUS not MALUS);

EPO couldprobablyimprovequalityofthis data, especiallyadd more addresses (FI in april 2011 willrelease WO address data) is up tousersdemand more on thistopic.