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Managing Change From Customer Request to Implementation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Managing Change From Customer Request to Implementation . Jean-Louis Vignaud & Dominic Tavassoli. Change is inevitable. All Projects are subject to change… a high risk challenge Increasing number of contributors & stakeholders Agility needs reactivity Usability is key

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Presentation Transcript
Slide1 l.jpg

Managing Change

From Customer Request to Implementation

Jean-Louis Vignaud & Dominic Tavassoli

Change is inevitable l.jpg
Change is inevitable

  • All Projects are subject to change… a high risk challenge

    • Increasing number of contributors & stakeholders

    • Agility needs reactivity

    • Usability is key

  • Change may impact the agreed baseline of Requirements

    • Need a formal organization-tuned process,

    • Assess, decide, communicate

  • Change traceability

    • Relate project Development activities to Requirements and Change Management decisions

    • Establish a full audit trail

    • Need to record and manage change impacting all project artifacts

Doors change empowers your requirements change request process l.jpg

Predefined, customizable Lifecycles, allowing assignment, multiple reviewers, electronic signatures

Web-based submission, transitions, analysis history, reporting

Work on the Requirements is carried out inside DOORS

DOORS/Change empowers your Requirements Change Request Process

Proposed Changes are assessed and approved

Changes are proposed against requirements

Proposed Changes are applied

Working against a requirement change request l.jpg
Working against a Requirement Change Request multiple reviewers, electronic signatures

  • Setting the default RCR indicates that all changes are to be tracked against this context

    • DOORS/Change builds the traceability report automatically

    • Enforced process control can be activated

Unrivalled usability l.jpg
Unrivalled usability multiple reviewers, electronic signatures

  • DOORS/Change brings critical enterprise functionality with no additional learning curve

  • Users work as they normally would in DOORS

    • Changes are automatically tracked

  • Effortless, intuitive change control of:

    • Requirements edition, creation, removal

    • Link creation and deletion

    • Document restructuring

  • No constraints - multiple people may propose changes against a same DOORS module

    • DOORS Shareable edit & Exclusive edit modes

Streamlining the review approval process l.jpg
Streamlining the Review & Approval process multiple reviewers, electronic signatures

  • Notifications, reports and in-tool lists of changes improve communication

  • Automatically created change-focused views for easier review in DOORS

  • Web views provide powerful, intuitive enterprise-wide review

  • Designated reviewers can each indicate approval and feedback

Applying a requirements change request l.jpg
Applying a Requirements Change Request multiple reviewers, electronic signatures

  • Once approved, Requirement Change Requests can be applied

  • The changes then appear in DOORS for all users

Lifecycle change management l.jpg
Lifecycle Change Management multiple reviewers, electronic signatures

  • DOORS/Change provides organizations with much more than a requirement change process

  • It provides you with a best-in-class, proven, Enterprise-wide Lifecycle Change Management solution!

    • Powerful

    • Flexible

    • Scalable

    • Easy-to-Use

  • Powered by award-winning Telelogic SYNERGY

Providing a global view of change l.jpg

Requirements Change Request Process multiple reviewers, electronic signatures


Change Request


Providing a global view of change

System Change Request Process

SystemChange Request

The Lifecycle Change Management Audit trail provides visibility into the complete change across the Enterprise

System change management l.jpg
System Change Management multiple reviewers, electronic signatures

  • Telelogic’s Lifecycle Change Management solution allows you to implement a central, high-level, system change process across engineering & business

    • Record and manage Change Requests that will potentially impact all project artifacts

    • Software, hardware, documentation, UML models, test cases…

    • May lead to a change of requirements

    • May lead to implementation activities

System Change Request Process

Submitting a system change request l.jpg

Controlled, mandatory fields in Red multiple reviewers, electronic signatures

List box selection for ease of use

Submitting a System Change Request

  • Forms and attributes are adaptable to your needs

High level change process l.jpg

Authorized transition steps multiple reviewers, electronic signatures

Information captured during the process

High level change process

  • Implement your corporate process

    • Capture critical information from key team members across the globe

Powerful parent child hierarchy l.jpg

Associated Requirement CRs are indicated multiple reviewers, electronic signatures

History log is automatically maintained

Comments and discussions can also be captured

Powerful Parent-Child hierarchy

  • Requirement Change Requests can be children of a System CR (or submitted stand-alone)

Integrated requirements gathering l.jpg
Integrated Requirements Gathering multiple reviewers, electronic signatures

Customer Needs…

  • DOORS/Change also provides a best-in-class Web interface for the request capture and review process

    • Personalized Web forms

    • Trace and document decisions

    • Requirements organized in DOORS and allocated to specific releases

    • Captures the original “voice” of the customer

User NeedsRequirements

Product Review Board Process

Approved requests are included in doors l.jpg

Important information is captured, displayed and traceability is maintained

Approved requests are included in DOORS

Driving and tracking implementation l.jpg

Implementation Process traceability is maintained



Tasks & changes

Driving and Tracking Implementation

System Change Request Process

SystemChange Request

Implementation carried out under CM control: SYNERGY/CM, ClearCase…

Requirements implementation process l.jpg
Requirements Implementation Process traceability is maintained

  • Create implementation requests and engineering tasks directly from the requirements

  • Complete traceability from needs to code

    • Impact analysis

    • Communication

  • Better project control

    • Ensure you're doing the right thing

    • Real-time Reporting on progress, coverage

    • Building your knowledgebase

Complete traceability and visibility l.jpg
Complete traceability and visibility traceability is maintained

Reporting available when development is under SYNERGY/CM control

Doors change implements process improvement best practices l.jpg
DOORS/Change implements process improvement best practices traceability is maintained

  • DOORS/Change helps you stay in control!

  • Requirements Change Control

    • Scalable, enforceable CMMI change process (company-wide change control board…)

    • Impact analysis and traceability of a System Change Request

  • Requirements Gathering

    • Implement a open to all, formal, repeatable but easy to use process

  • Requirements Driven Development

    • Offshore development process control

    • Quality initiatives certification (CMMI…)

    • Regulatory certification (DO178B, Sarbanes-Oxley…)

Extending lifecycle change management l.jpg

Raw Information traceability is maintained

Requirements Driven Testing

Integrated Requirements Gathering


Integrated Defect Management

Requirements Driven Development

Extending Lifecycle Change Management


User Requirements Specification

Functional Specification

System testing



System Build

Doors change key benefits l.jpg
DOORS/Change Key Benefits traceability is maintained

  • Reduce project risks and increase customer confidence

    • Clear impact assessment and understanding

  • Improve productivity with focused development teams and reduced rework risk

    • Clearly defined and communicated requirements changes

  • Improve process control

    • Trusted repeatable CMMI process and automatic traceability between requirements and related development activities

    • Information is available for specialized, distributed teams

  • Reduce scope creep and streamline development

    • Real-time visibility of the relationships between requirements and development activities

    • Track System Change Requests all the way to the impact to Requirements base and implementation information

Key benefits by role l.jpg
Key Benefits by Role traceability is maintained

  • Management

    • Extended Change Management covers the full lifecycle, preventing loss or miscommunication of fundamental requirements changes

  • Analyst & DOORS user

    • Intuitive change control without the productivity hit or learning gap

    • Early impact analysis of requirements changes involving all relevant stakeholders

    • Reliable requirement change propagation after approval

  • Developer

    • Relevant information available fast

    • Approved requirements changes are clearly and efficiently communicated, reducing risk of rework

Key benefits by role23 l.jpg
Key Benefits by Role traceability is maintained

  • QA/Tester

    • Approved requirements changes are clearly and timely communicated to the Test team, improving efficiency

  • Administrator

    • Company-wide access for submission, discussion, review and reporting

    • State-of-the-art features such as electronic signature, user-tuned interfaces and multiple reviewer system, as well as the security and process control levels, out of the box

Additional slides l.jpg

Additional slides traceability is maintained

Additional slides

Powered by synergy change l.jpg
Powered by SYNERGY/Change traceability is maintained

  • Full Web-based interface

  • Complete with predefined reports & process templates

  • Customizable workflow, submission, and transition forms

  • Approval management

  • Attachment support

  • History & Discussion logs

  • Advanced querying & full text search

  • Built In Reporting & Open API

  • Trend analysis

  • Distributed team support

Enterprise scalability l.jpg
Enterprise Scalability traceability is maintained

  • No Restriction for platform support (UNIX or Windows)

  • Everything on one server class machine

  • Server Tuning to ensure good performance over a large user base (3000 total users, 200 simultaneous active users)

  • No dependency on web technologies (ASP or IIS) to limit performance, viral infection, or security breaches

  • Supports HTTPS secure connections

  • LDAP support

  • Multi-lifecycle/process support

Process flexibility l.jpg
Process Flexibility traceability is maintained

  • Predefine process template that is both extendible & customizable through the web-based interface

    • Add / modify / delete attributes

    • Add / modify / delete lifecycle state

    • Create multiple lifecycles based on the request type

    • Add / modify / delete forms

  • SYNERGY/Change API

    • Integrations

    • Data Migration

    • Notification

  • Built-in Process Control and Management to ease administration

Built in reporting querying and charting l.jpg
Built-In Reporting, Querying, and Charting traceability is maintained

  • Pre-defined or user-defined reporting consistency on every platform

    • Report and Query “builder” allow each user to easily create and share reports and queries

    • No dependency on 3rd party report tool (i.e. Crystal Reports)

  • Reporting and Query into CM database

  • Provides built-in Full Text Search capability that can be used across multiple databases

  • Support to allow charting of groups of states

    • (Open v.s. Closed trend)

  • Promote predefined charts for reports (matrix, pie)

  • Charts and Reports are platform independent