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Assistive Technology for Transitioning to Post Secondary Education, Life and Work Webinar September 20, 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Assistive Technology for Transitioning to Post Secondary Education, Life and Work Webinar September 20, 2011

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Assistive Technology for Transitioning to Post Secondary Education, Life and Work Webinar September 20, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assistive Technology for Transitioning to Post Secondary Education, Life and Work Webinar September 20, 2011. Presenters. Kathy Adams OTR/L, ATP Maine CITE Coordinating Center Deb Dimmick, M.Ed., ATP ALLTech

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Assistive Technology for Transitioning to Post Secondary Education, Life and WorkWebinar September 20, 2011


Kathy Adams OTR/L, ATP

Maine CITE Coordinating Center

Deb Dimmick, M.Ed., ATP


webinar info tips for attendees
This webinar will be recorded/archived

The power point is on your computer screen

CART, captioning is being provided

You are listening to the presenters over the phone

Please mute your phone line: press * 6

The Chat box is on the left column

….this is where you will type in your questions/comments during the webinar

Webinar Info &Tips for Attendees
this webinar
This webinar

will examine how high school students who use assistive technology (AT)

can achieve greater independence, improve access to learning, living independently and working productively.

webinar objectives
Webinar Objectives
  • Federal laws that impact the acquisition of AT used by students
  • How students with disabilities can effectively use AT to meet the challenges of transitioning on to post secondary education, independent living or work.
  • AT devices that facilitate learning, independence and productivity.
  • Maine & national resources for AT services & funding
laws that impact at
Laws that Impact AT
  • Rehab Act of 1973/Section 504
  • IDEA, amended in 2004
  • AT Act of 1989, amended in 2004
  • Americans with Disabilities Act 1990
  • Maine Human Rights Act
  • No Child Left Behind
more laws
….More Laws*
  • Perkins Vocational & Technical Education Act
  • Fair Housing Act
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility Act
  • Telecommunications Act
  • Workforce Investment Act
  • Social Security “Ticket to Work”
  • *From
at in maine
AT in Maine
  • Maine CITE is Maine’s State AT Program
  • There are AT Programs in all states
  • AT Programs were created by the Federal AT Act and are funded through RSA
  • Visit
  • There are many AT organizations in Maine in the AT Consortia
at partners in maine
AT Partners in Maine
  • ALLTech
  • TEC
  • Alpha One (Adapted Driving Evals)
  • IRIS Network
  • Mainely Access
  • Maine Center on Deafness
  • Pine Tree Society
at program s core mission
AT Program’s Core Mission
  • Public Awareness/Information about AT
  • Interagency coordination to promote AT
  • Training on AT…..access & acquisition
  • Technical assistance on AT with policy makers, consumers and providers
  • Statewide collaboration
goals of the at program
Goals of the AT Program

Maine CITE works to improve access to and the acquisition of AT in 4 areas:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Community Living
  • Information Technology & Telecommunications
at is
AT is ……
  • AT Devices are any item, piece of equipment, or product--whether acquired commercially or customized--that is used to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities of a person with a disability
  • AT Services help a person learn about AT options and decide if using AT will benefit them

Using AT can maintain, increase, maximizesafety, productivity, independence, learning……

at can be low tech to high tech
AT can be Low Tech to High Tech
  • Cost more – complex features computerized

No cost – no mechanics

Low Tech

Mid Tech

High Tech

  • Low cost – less complex, may involve some mechanics or electronics.
at devices may include
AT Devices may include:
  • Computer hardware & software: switches/access aids
  • Alerting devices
  • Braille & Low Vision devices
  • Prosthetics & orthotics
  • Standing & walking aids
  • Manual and power wheelchairs
  • Communication devices, telephones, ipads/tablets
  • Adapted sports/recreation equipment
  • Adapted cars and vans with lifts
  • Home access modifications: ramps, lifts, stair glides, elevators
more at
  • CART (real time captioning—onsite or remote)
  • Large print books, Digital e-books
  • Hand held magnifiers, CCTVs
  • Braille software-printer
  • Adapted pencils-pens
  • Voice activated software
  • Large key calculator
  • Assistive listening systems
  • Power door openers…lever door handles
  • Raised toilets/grab bars
  • Adapted eating utensils
  • Lift equipped school buses
re using recycling at
Re-using & Recycling AT

An emerging issue due to funding restrictions

Buy and Sell used AT visit

Maine’s first AT refurbishing-recycling program

TEC-Assist @ TEC

rehab act amended
Rehab Act (amended)
  • AT is part of the State VR Plan
  • AT is provided in the Rehab process
  • People with disabilities are presumed eligible for VR
  • Disability does not diminish the person’s right to live independently, make choices, be productive and pursue work
  • AT needs must be addressed in the IPE
rehab act cont
Rehab Act cont.
  • Increased employment of people with disabilities will increase need for training, supports, AT and reasonable accommodation in the workplace
  • School site & Worksite AT assessment is part of the IPE
transition planning
Transition Planning
  • AT considerations & needs are addressed in the IEP at school
  • Make AT part of the IEP
  • Make AT assessment part of the IEP
    • Look at low tech vs high tech solutions
    • What AT is the student now using
    • How will AT impact/improve function
    • Identify vendors of AT …will they service the device?
    • ***Identify time for AT training to learn how to use the AT…..for the student, family and key staff
audience question
Audience Question

As VR Transition Councilors,

...what do you find your students need for AT?

at services
AT Services
  • AT Consultation & AT Assessment
  • Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) Assessment
  • Professional Development
  • AT Loans & AT Demonstrations
  • Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) Technical Assistance
  • Of all ages and abilities
  • With a variety of disabilities which include:
  • Learning
  • Developmental
  • Autism
  • Physical
  • Sensory
vr case study paige
VR Case Study - Paige

Consumer: Paige

Disability: Learning: Reading & Writing

Goal: College, Special Educator

Technology: Voice Recognition, TT/Speech

vr case study mike
VR Case Study - Mike

Consumer: Mike

Disability: Muscular Dystrophy

Goal: College, Graphic Design

Technology: Voice Recognition, Trackpad

  • LivescribePen
demonstration 2
Demonstration 2
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
paying for at
Paying for AT
  • Soc Sec PASS Plans
  • Soc Sec 1619B Program
  • Soc Sec Ticket to Work
  • State BRS
  • Special Education
  • Health Insurances….Maine Care
    • must document medical necessity
paying for at cont d
Paying for AT – cont’d
  • Low Interest Loans/Financing
  • Maine’s mPower Loan Program
  • The Digital Credit Union
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • MS Society
  • Travis Roy Foundation
at resources nationally
AT Resources Nationally
  • Job Accommodation Network
  • Business Leadership Network
  • Rehab Engineering Society of North America
  • lists thousands of AT devices
  • details on PASS program
  • Rehab Engineering Research Center on Workplace Accommodation
audience question1
Audience Question

What vendors do you use in Maine for AT services?

Any questions…comments??

thank you please fill out the evaluation form
Thank you!Please fill out the Evaluation Form

ALLTech 207-321-6080