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VoIP Business Phone Systems For Small Business PowerPoint Presentation
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VoIP Business Phone Systems For Small Business

VoIP Business Phone Systems For Small Business

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VoIP Business Phone Systems For Small Business

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  1. Business Phone Systems GET STARTED Best option to choose Business Phone Service for your company

  2. 1 Small Business Challenges

  3. Small Business Challenges The cloud is changing this dynamic making technologies previously only available to the big guys affordable to all, which is why 57% of small businesses are already using a cloud service. A great place to start is with your small business phone systems. You can have a complete enterprise suite of business phone systems features for an affordable price.

  4. 2 Improve Your Productivity

  5. Improve Your Productivity It’s time to start working smarter versus trying to conquer everything with brute force, and a good place to start is your business phone systems. With hosted small business phone systems you can upgrade your image, become more efficient, and enjoy all the benefits of a large enterprise at an affordable price.

  6. 3 Make the Right First Impression

  7. Make the Right First Impression When customers and business partners call you want to project a professional image which gives them confidence. EntirelyBiz provides the choice of an automated or live person to introduce your company and greet callers.

  8. 4 Keep Your Existing Numbers

  9. Keep Your Existing Numbers There’s no need to start over when switching to EntirelyBiz’s small business phone systems. Just let us know which numbers you wish to keep, local or toll free, and we’ll handle the transfer for you with no disruption to your business phone services.

  10. 5 Reduce Phone Systems Costs

  11. Reduce Phone Systems Costs On average a small business will save over 60% using EntirelyBiz’s hosted business phone systems over purchasing a traditional telecom alternative. Best of all, this comes with no long term commitments. EntirelyBiz also offers state of the art equipment and attractive domestic and international rates.

  12. 6 Never Out Grow EntirelyBiz

  13. Improve Your Productivity You’ll never be too big or too small for EntirelyBiz . Our business phone systems scale with your small business. Whether you have one phone or one thousand you’ll enjoy the same features and benefits. You can also add offices anywhere and have them easily connected together with EntirelyBiz.

  14. 7 Connect Offices & Home Users

  15. Improve Your Productivity Create a unified presence even when your people work from home or multiple office locations. Let customers call your business number for sales or support and then use EntirelyBiz intelligent routing to get that call to the right person or department. Calling within your business is also simplified as your people can simply dial extensions and connect to co-workers at their homes, on the go, or in other office locations.

  16. 8 Improve Customer Service

  17. Improve Customer Service Greet and route callers based on their needs and the status of your business.  Let your callers help you understand their needs by answering a few basic questions, so you can route them to the appropriate person or destination. Change how the answering system behaves based on your business hours.

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