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Compliance Management for Modern Labour Hire Businesses

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Compliance Management for Modern Labour Hire Businesses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The compliances required in today’s current on-hire industry are now more intensive than they have ever been. The legal ramifications for failing these compliances are also more severe than ever before. \n

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The compliances required in today’s current on-hire industry are now more intensive than they have

ever been. The legal ramifications for failing these compliances are also more severe than ever

before. For On-Hire companies, it is absolutely critical that every single ‘i’ is dotted and all ‘t’s are

crossed, otherwise the cost to the business can be totally devastating. Most compliance required in

labour-hire agency businesses come from paperwork, specifically documentation of the staff that

are sent out to different locations that recruit that agencies staffing services. This is why Entire

Software has focused explicitly on integrating document management into the entireHR system,

giving you the ability to be 100% accountable, transparent and even fully paperless. Saving you time,

admin costs and removing huge headaches for your clients and your staff.

Using multiple pathways, entireHR attaches compliance documents able to be accessed from

multiple screens of the system, all housed in the same cloud database. This even includes the

Member and Client Apps, a unique feature only possibly with the Native Apple and Android Apps it

has. Compliance requirements can be tricky for software companies to provide correctly to their

clients, as every business has different needs. For example a construction company would have a

completely different set of induction requirements and compliance protocols compared with a

hospitality staffing agency compared again with a medical doctor recruitment business. So how do

you handle all these different compliances? The trick is to use business level customisation options

as per the different qualifications (job roles) that are relevant to that industry and that company.

Thusly a company can quickly create multiple compliances requirement that can be for different

qualifications – such as certificates, accreditations and policies. At the same time, by attaching

different documents to clients, business can specify which clients have specific induction

requirements within the product. This is enormously valuable for both the clients’ peace of mind and

prepares your staff for the work they are expected to do for the location.

Perhaps most importantly, our product compliances documentation management allows staff to re-

upload compliance information to keep it up to date and always current. Allowing external staff to

provide required documentation is a massive timesaver for internal staff, who are able to focus on

placing staff and recruiting more top level talent. As all documentation is electronic, all stored

digitally in the cloud database, you never need to worry about losing any important documents ever

again. Additionally, with the automatic expiry programs, all documents and credentials can be

checked as required and if they expire, those staff members will be suspended until they update the

required documentation. All internal staff need to do is confirm they have seen it, saving them a

tremendous amount of time. Finally, this documentation can all be packaged up at any time, based

on custom templates you can design to automatically pull the credentials of any staff member and

send them in a prepopulated email, directly to your client.

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