the democratic republic of the congo n.
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The Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo. Written by: Alexandria L. Where is the DRC. The DRC is located in the center of A frica. Movement.

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the democratic republic of the congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Written by: Alexandria L

where is the drc
Where is the DRC

The DRC is located in the center of Africa.


I chose to do this presentation about movement in the DRC because, I noticed that this country has unique characteristics, but the residents are going to chad and staying as refugee’s. One thing I want to find out is, why they are moving into camp sites?

what s the meaning of movement
What’s the meaning of Movement?
  • It’s when people, goods, and ideas go from one place to another, for an important/fun reason.

Movement can be when you share ideas, or import and export goods, or it can be when your traveling, or immigration, etc.

imports exports
Imports & Exports

Imports and exports are related to movement because it brings people together, and helps boost their economy, and also can help other country's, that don’t have that much money.

sharing ideas
Sharing Ideas

Ideas help bring people closer or farther from their own country. Like how the Canadians gave the South Africans ideas to separate each other by skin color. Or its just like when Nelson Mandela tried to bring people together with human rights, so that everyone would be equal.


There are several reasons why people travel to other country's. One reason is that they want to see the world, or they need to go to that other country to get a job.

i mmigration

Immigration can effect a country in different ways, good and bad. In the DRC, immigration is a big problem right now. Tons of the residents are moving into the camp area’s. The reason is because when they’re in their villages they get physically and mentally abused. I think they’d go to the camps because they know that its safe, and there are people who help and guard them, and their family members.

  • (explanation of the 5 themes of geography)
  • of where the DRC is)
  • ( DRC Flag)
  • (reason why they are all moving)
  • (picture of people in camp sites)
  • (UN talking to refugees)
  • packed-up and ready to go some place)
  • ( refugees walking to camp site)