what is md consult l.
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What is MD Consult?

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What is MD Consult? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is MD Consult?. Rich Collection of Clinical Content including: 39 Medical Reference Textbooks (Ebooks) 60+ Full text journals, including the Clinics of North America Series Peer-reviewed Clinical Practice Guidelines Daily Medical News

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What is MD Consult?

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what is md consult
What is MD Consult?

Rich Collection of Clinical Content including:

  • 39 Medical Reference Textbooks (Ebooks)
  • 60+ Full text journals, including the Clinics of North America Series
  • Peer-reviewed Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Daily Medical News
  • Current Contents + summaries of articles in key journals
  • Patient Handouts
how do i access md consult
How do I access MD Consult?
  • Go to Health Sciences Library Website http://www.ais.up.ac.za/med/med.htm
    • Choose Health Databases where MD Consult is listed
  • Available on-campus and off-campus
  • NB: you must be registered as a library user for access

Navigating / Searching MD Consult

Two ways of searching:

  • Quick search
    • Single word or a phrase
    • Can combine 2 or more word/phrases with Boolean Operators (and, or, not)
  • Advanced Search
    • Used mainly when searching specifically for journal articles on Medline
navigating searching md consult
Navigating / Searching MD Consult

Quick Search

  • Type search term/phrase in block at top of page and click on Search (All areas will then be searched)

This is the Home Page

  • See “What’s New Today”

Tabs for different areas

Start by typing in Search terms


Search results in each area

Be on the lookout for “Quick Tips” in each area

reference books
Reference Books
  • You now have the option of looking at the full text results in the different Reference Books (Textbooks)

Search hits in this book

  • Can also go to “Index” or “Contents”

Publication details of book


Table of Contents of book

  • Click on + to see Headings of each Chapter/Section
  • Helps to browse contents of books quickly
journal references
Journal references
  • These results come from the Medline database
  • The references are sorted according to full text relevancy followed by references with abstracts only
  • Approximately 60 full text journal titles

To Print Click here

Contents of this article to facilitate browsing

Full Text of this article

  • Use the .pdf option for printing when available
  • If the “print preview” option does not respond then:
    • Place cursor on text and right-click on the mouse. (or)
    • Highlight what you wish to print – copy and paste to Word
printing right click on text
Printing : right-click on text

This menu appears - Click on Print

  • Results from the “Drug” area
  • Covers more than 30,000 medications
  • Drug information sub-divided into:
    • Contents
    • Updates

Index for “Updates”

Full text reference

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest developments
    • This week in Medicine
    • This week in Journals
  • Daily updates

This week’s top 6 journal titles

  • Click on Title for Contents pages

Each article is summarized for quick review and includes a variety of related information sources for further review

current practice
Current Practice
  • Sub-divided into 3 sections
    • Clinical Topics Tours
    • Practice Guidelines
    • Clinical Insights

Topics provide a concise review of current thinking, frequently updated.

  • Includes Definition, incidence, etiology, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention….

Display guidelines by Topic, Specialty or Authoring Organization

  • Complete, full text guidelines are provided and regularly updated

Important articles in the current literature are selected by the editorial board, providing abstract and analysis of findings

patient handouts
Patient Handouts
  • Provides clear, customized information on subject
  • Includes your contact information
  • If used as a patient handout – your own special instructions can be included

Choose your subject information from “Contents”

  • Click on + to obtain more detailed information

Your own contact details

Clear detailed information on subject

student union
Student Union
  • Found under “Learning Center” area
  • Student Union is the place where you will find information specific to your medical education experience, includes
    • Survival guide
    • Practice case studies
    • Step-by-step procedure instructions
my folder
My Folder
  • Within MD Consult you can organise bookmarks and save searches
  • You can create and organise your own folders to help with projects, study notes, information
  • You will however have to register yourself for your own Personal Account
  • No one else can access your folder as you have your own userid/password for MD Consult
please always exit program
Please always EXIT program
  • Important as we only have 2 simultaneous licences

Click on “EXIT”


Enjoy searching!

Created by: Maureen Brassel

September 2005