Construction Claims
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Construction Claims By Raya Jaber Tasnim Bany Jaber Tala Aydi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Construction Claims By Raya Jaber Tasnim Bany Jaber Tala Aydi Supervisor: Eng. Mohammad abu neama. Outline. Introduction. Managing construction projects with standards and specifications plays a fundamental role in construction projects.

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Construction Claims


Raya Jaber



Supervisor: Eng. Mohammad abuneama


Managing construction projects with standards and specifications plays a fundamental role in construction projects.

Expectations of parties may be disappointing and disputes may arise at any time between the first bid and the last bill of the project.


construction claims are defined as a request from one party to another for adjustment because of change under the contract terms.

Parties involved in construction claims are, owner, contractor and designer.

Statement of the problem
Statement of the problem

Construction projects in Palestine suffer from many problems, which result in extension beyond budget and time. Because of these problems, construction claims occur.

In this project, an identification of the most important causes of construction claims were determined in order to avoid them.

Project objectives
Project objectives

  • Determination of the impact of claims on construction which are time, cost and quality in Palestine.

  • Identification of the party that is responsible for each cause.

  • Identification the most important causes of issuing construction claims in Palestine.

Data analysis
Data Analysis

In order to achieve the project objectives, data was collected and analyzed using likert scale and Microsoft Office Excel.


  • Questionnaire template was prepared as a part of this research and distributed over two parties, owner and contractor.

  • The questionnaire consists of three sections, each section aims to gather different information.


  • Pilot test

    It is a preliminary study conducted in order to evaluate questionnaire template to get a final, error-free, and clear template.

  • Ways to send questionnaires

  • E-mail.

  • Transmission by hand.

Contractors sample
Contractors’ sample

Data was analyzed from each party’s point of view

From this figure, it is shown that only 58% of respondent have responded.

Work experience
Work experience

Because of high level of experience it is expected that the data will be more accurate and reliable.

Classification of contractor company
Classification of contractor company

Most of contractors companies in Nablus are classified from first to third degree

Impact of issuing claims on the project
Impact of issuing claims on the project

Increase in the cost of the project to the owner has the greatest impact, and the second impact is delay in completion the project.

Common way to solve claims
common way to solve claims

Negotiation method is considered as a cheap and saves time.

Identifying the responsible for each cause
Identifying the responsible for each cause

  • Data was analyzed and each cause was allocated for the party who is responsible for it.

  • In this part of questionnaire, the weighted stake (measured by no. of ticks) of each cause was calculated and allocation made to the party with the highest weight that is 33% or more.


  • In conclusion, there is a significant difference perspectives between both owner and contractor.

  • This is because an owner expects that the project will be completed within its established schedule and within its cost.


  • However, a contractor try to complete the project though there is always a probability of obstacles facing any project naturally.


The designer should prepare


  • Employ qualified engineers

  • Give authority to approve the drawings and samples.

  • Make sure that the fund is available


  • Check all site conditions, especially the soil reports.

  • Make sure that the specification of materials that needed are clear

  • Clear bill of quantities and specification.