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Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

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Commercial Cleaning Melbourne - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enhance Services offer Commercial Cleaning and servicing options for both Residential and commercial properties throughout Melbourne and the surrounding, our experts will help you create the perfect environment for your workplace, commercial facility, office or home.

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commercial cleaning melbourne

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

What are the benefits of using a commercial cleaner?

If you have an office or other commercial building, it’s important that it is maintained at a high standard of cleanliness but a surprising number of small businesses view commercial cleaning as an unnecessary expense and try to cut corners by going it alone.

office cleaning services

Office Cleaning Services

Create a great first impression

It’s not only your employees who are affected by the cleanliness of your office. Your clients and customers will also make assumptions about your business depending on the way it looks. An unclean office environment won’t make a positive impression on clients and it may even cost you business in the long term.

If you want to create a good impression on your customers and visitors to your building, professional office cleaning services are a must.

child care cleaning melbourne

Child Care Cleaning Melbourne

Families entrust the care of their children to you every day and in turn you rely on your cleaner to make sure that your childcare centre is kept safe, hygienic and compliant.

With extensive experience in providing a range of child care cleaning services we understand the systems involved, which means we know where to look for fingerprints, crumbs and any other surprises that your little guests might leave behind.

aged care cleaning melbourne

Aged Care Cleaning Melbourne

When you operate an aged care facility it’s important that it’s kept clean and hygienic for a number of reasons, mainly residents’ health and their emotional wellbeing.


The most important reason to keep your facility at a high standard of cleanliness is to safeguard the health of your residents. Anytime you have a large number of people living in close confines you run the risk of spreading infection and disease and older people are more vulnerable to illness than the wider population.

hospital cleaning services

Hospital Cleaning Services

We know that when it comes to hospital and medical cleaning, reliability is just as important as outstanding standards of cleaning. By delivering both, we can ensure your practice, facility or hospital best reflects the quality of service you provide.

We are aware and sensitive of the security and confidentiality requirements that come with working in a medical facility. Our experienced team will create a cost effective cleaning solution that’s tailored to your practice while maintaining a high standard of professional integrity.

shopping centre cleaning melbourne

Shopping Centre Cleaning Melbourne

Cleaning a shopping centre is not the same as cleaning an office, home or medical facility. There are a number of different factors you will need to think about. This is why it’s important that the contractor you choose has the experience needed.

school cleaning services melbourne

School Cleaning Services Melbourne

Keeping a clean school is not just about appearances, the reasons for maintaining a high standard of cleanliness go far deeper than just aesthetics. Children are not known for their attention to personal hygiene and it’s important to find a high quality professional cleaning company that can ensure a clean, sanitised learning environment as well as a nice looking one.

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Contact Us

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