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  1. Ancient Rome Amazing Journey to Join Hickman Jonesas she Explores California History/Social Science Standard 6.6 Click on Hickman when you are ready for each new page.

  2. 6.7.1Roman RepublicHickman’s quest is to be able to locate and describe the rise of the Roman Republic, as well as learning about some of the mythical and historical figures from that period. (That means some were real and some weren’t!) Julius Caesar Location, Location, Location! That’s a statement realtors say when selling homes and it applied to Rome as well. Its central location helped it expand in the Mediterranean – which is good for conquerors! Check out the site below to learn more about this period, THEN continue searching the other sites to learn about those “historical” figures I mentioned.  Choose: Brief History and then check out some of the other topics – AND make notes! NOW, click on “The Empire” on the left side under “Interactive Maps” – BIG! This site has some fun Roman “stuff” too: • Only two more: check out this website to learn about Julius Caesar! • Check out this guy Aeneas: This next site tells of Virgil’s epic poem about Aeneas. This poem is one of the myths regarding the founding of Rome: The second well known Roman myth is about Romulus and Remus. Click here to learn more: Next up, what Americans gained from Rome! Who’s Cicero? Click here

  3. 6.7.2Who’s in Charge? The Roman Republic was a three-part government made up of the Magistrates, the Senate, and the Assemblies. They actually represent the three types of ruling powers around the world: monarchy (think King or Queen), oligarchy (a small group rules), and democracy (closest to US). • *Fine. I’ll tell you one more time about checks and balances. This system provides a way for each branch of government to check the other two AND it keeps any branch from gaining more power – that’s the balance part. Simple. Kinda. So, in a sense, the people of Rome had some say in the government. That’s good. However, not so good, were some of the actions of the ruling class, which was a life position - Not always so nice.  Good news for the US of A is that the Romans did have a written constitution and provided for us the understanding of the system of checks and balances in government  (*YOU remember that, RIGHT!) They also gave us the notion of civic duty – that’s why we know how important it is to do our part, like voting! OK, now take some NOTES about the government of the Roman Republic by checking out the site below: Yes, Rome did GROW – think TRADE!

  4. 6.7.3 Trade = $$$ for Rome Check out this cool coin – a real must have in ancient Rome! A little warring, a little trading, next thing you know you’ve created a REALLY large empire. Like we said earlier, a great location never hurts! Nice climate, too! Well, Rome became pretty wealthy and POWERFUL. They enjoyed a time of controlling the trade routes and SHOPPING! SO, how to spend the $$$?!? Well, If you noticed on the map, Rome is very close to Greece, which as you learned, was an advanced culture. Wealthy Romans totally loved all things Greek – in fact, an educated Roman learned to read both Latin and Greek! Eventually, these two cultures merged into what is now known as Greco-Roman culture. Check out the website below, and the sites at the bottom, about the daily life of these Romans. For fun, also try “Dig It Up: Romans” Check out this map of all the trade routes the Romans used – amazing! Click continue to see the map.

  5. 6.7.4 From Republic to Empire! BACK we go to Julius Caesar to learn how he AND Augustus helped take little ‘ol Rome from a republic to an EMPIRE! Now, if you need to, you can go back two pages and re-read all the info about Julius. Remember that he was a military leader and DICTATOR! And he met a creepy end when he was killed by his enemies in the Senate! YIKES! What a mess that created! Well, Caesar’s adopted son, Octavian was pretty upset, so he set off and hunted down the assassins. And he kept fighting. And fighting. After 14 years of fighting he had managed to become the leader of the Roman world – Wow! In 27 B.C. the Senate gave him the title of Augustus, which meant “great and holy one” (no ego issues there!) and he reigned for over 40 years – nicely, kinda. In fact, his period of reign became known as Pax Romana, “Roman peace.” Cool huh?! The site below will tell a little more about Augustus, just scroll down till you see his name. Follow Augustus to the next Roman conquest!

  6. 6.7.5 Jews vs Romans Jerusalem was the homeland of the Jewish people, but by 63 B.C. the Romans also controlled that region, too. No surprise that many Jews totally resented Roman rule. In fact, they believed that God would send a *messiah to drive out these intruders. However, there were some Jews who accepted the Roman ruler, Herod in 37 B.C. These differences between the Jews caused some serious conflicts. Some were drawn to the “in” crowd - the Pharisees, who were educated and honored the Torah and the rabbis. Others retreated to caves where they could be left alone. Bottom line, they weren’t united. Check out the website below to view King Herod’s kingdom: Herod just scares me, let’s get out of here! *messiah: anointed leader

  7. 6.7.6 & .7 Christianity America proudly considers itself a multi-ethnic nation but did you know it was founded on Christian principles? Did you know this faith has its origins in the Jewish religion? Jews believed God would send a messiah, and when Jesus began his ministry many believed it was him. Sadly, leaders in Judea feared he or his followers might cause problems. He had angered some with his criticism of the Pharisees, who spent more time looking “religious” than being compassionate and doing what was right. Read through the website below, then make notes on your webquest page that reflect the basic tenets of this faith of our Fathers. “Do you recognize the symbol above? Sure, it’s the Nike® sign! In Greek mythology Nike was the goddess of victory. The Romans adopted her into their worship and gave her the Latin name Victoria (get it – victory!). Well, when Paul, a disciple of Jesus, was teaching about him to the Greco-Roman world, he knew how much they loved victory, so when he expressed Christian truth he used words and phrases that were related to winning. I Corinthians 9:24-27 even refers to the Olympic games!” The story of Jesus’ birth is celebrated at Christmas. Did you know the Greek word for messiah is “Christ?” That is why disciples of Jesus came to be called Christians and a religion based on the teachings of Jesus is called Christianity. For three years Jesus taught from town to town, telling people, “I and the Father are one.” Many of his teachings concern ethical issues and how to treat people. He believed, as the Jews did, in the resurrection. He taught that all people are equal in God’s eyes and he often used parables to explain important truths. The cross represents Jesus’ sacrifice for people’s sins. It is the primary symbol of Christianity. Jesus was crucified on a cross. The Bible contains the Hebrew scriptures we know as the Old Testament and the collection of writing from early Christians, including the four Gospels, which tell of the life and death of Jesus. It is called the New Testament. Here are some of Jesus’ amazing quotes:

  8. 6.7.8 Roman Legacies We have much to thank the Roman culture for providing us – their legacies live on. In fact, builders to this day still use materials invented by the Romans! And their system of roads was pretty amazing, too! Hopefully, as you go through life you’ll make time for museums and art history, so you can learn more about the people and culture of ancient Rome. Below is the very last website you need to go to for this history review. You’ll find just some of the many Roman accomplishments – ENJOY! Good Job! I love this stuff!