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Free State Legislature

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Free State Legislature. Millennium Development Goals Report 2011 5 September 2011. FSL MDG Report 2011. State of the Free State Province Poverty, Job Creation and Economic Growth Less than 1.4% of population in the Province live on less than $1 per day

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free state legislature

Free State Legislature

Millennium Development Goals Report 2011

5 September 2011

fsl mdg report 2011
FSL MDG Report 2011
  • State of the Free State Province
  • Poverty, Job Creation and Economic Growth
  • Less than 1.4% of population in the Province live on less than $1 per day
  • More than 60% decrease in severe poverty since 1996
  • However 51% still poor
fsl mdg report 20111
FSL MDG Report 2011
  • Access to Education
  • 89% of children between ages of 7 and 17 in school
  • Gender breakdown 93% girls and 92% boys
  • Girls have a higher drop-out rate because of a high rate of teenage pregnancies
fsl mdg report 20112
FSL MDG Report 2011
  • Reducing the burden of disease
  • Free State may not attain the goal of reducing maternal deaths by two thirds by 2015 due to the high prevalence of HIV.
  • Prevalence rate of HIV in the Free State is currently 11.6%, which is higher than the national average
fsl mdg report 20113
FSL MDG Report 2011
  • Gender Equality
  • There was a slight increase in the number of girls enrolled in schools from 2002 – 2009 ( 1.1% )
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • 98.4% of FS population has access to running water either in their dwellings, on site or close by
fsl mdg report 20114
FSL MDG Report 2011
  • 10.6% of the population in the Free State does not have access to proper sanitation
  • Between 2002 – 2008 there was a 40.4% reduction in the use of bucket systems
fsl mdg report 20115
FSL MDG Report 2011
  • Free State Legislature Plans
  • The Free State Legislature is going to develop its own oversight mechanism for monitoring the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by the Free State Provincial Governmnent
  • To achieve this, the FSL has taken the following actions:
fsl mdg report 20116
FSL MDG Report 2011
  • MDG Oversight and Monitoring training conducted by Dr. Danny Boston and the National Democratic Institute
  • Focus Groups held throughout the Free State Province in order to gauge public opinion on the MDG’s
  • Public Hearings in Lejweleputswa and Fezile Dabi on the MDG’s
fsl mdg report 20117
FSL MDG Report 2011
  • The FSL has already developed a metric that will be used to assess Departmental performance on the MDG’s and which will provide a dashboard view of where intervention is urgently needed.
fsl mdg report 20118
FSL MDG Report 2011
  • Provincial Revenue
  • There are various factors that will have an impact on the Free State reaching the Millennium Development Goals, chief amongst these is the strain on Provincial revenue
fsl mdg report 20119
FSL MDG Report 2011
  • Provincial revenue will get strained due to the following factors:
  • Drop in population growth
  • Division of revenue in terms of population, and not needs
  • Focus on youth development and employment
  • High mortality rates
fsl mdg report 201110
FSL MDG Report 2011
  • Rapid increase in the number of households
  • Increased vulnerability of especially girl children due to the substantial increase in child-headed households