why you should hire a blogger to promote your n.
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Why you Should Hire a Blogger to Promote your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Why you Should Hire a Blogger to Promote your Business

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Why you Should Hire a Blogger to Promote your Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Empowermented helps businesses better understand the digital marketing opportunities before them, such as blogging and its importance to SEO and content marketing. Learn how to grow your business and online presence by marketing your blog content. Visit: https://empowermented.com/

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Why you Should Hire a Blogger to Promote your Business

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why you should hire a blogger to promote your

Why you Should Hire a Blogger to Promote your Business

Why you Should Hire a Blogger to Promote your Business

Hiring a blogger to promote your business allows you to create engaging, valuable content for your

audience while nurturing leads into purchasing your products or services.

There’s no such thing as a business that couldn’t use an extra boost. That’s why it’s smart to hire a

blogger to promote your business.

Sometimes, businesses have the right product or service to succeed in a competitive market, but they

don’t have the reach to get customers in the door. There are other ways besides traditional advertisement

methods to get your business the kind of attention it deserves; that’s why it’s a fantastic idea to hire a

blogger to promote your business.

More Web Traffic Means Potential Revenue

No matter how booming your business is, it could always stand to boom a bit more. The more people

come to your website, the more likely they are to partake in your business. Heck, if you have an online

store or operate your business online in any way, more traffic can directly equate to more sales.

This rule goes for quite literally any business imaginable. It makes no difference if you're a bakery, an

online publishing company, a manufacturer, or a law firm. More visitors means more popularity, and more

popularity means more revenue.

You'll Be at the Top of Google Searches

Hiring a blogger is an easy way to get customers to come to you instead of having you go to them. It also

helps to have an understanding of SEO, also known as search engine optimization. When a potential

customer googles a keyword or phrase, there are a lot of factors that decide what shows up at the top.

Having a blogger with knowledge of search engine optimization writing for you helps ensure that people

can find your website easier.

If your blogger knows how to research the keywords that people are searching the most, you can

guarantee more digital traffic to your website, which can lead to more foot traffic in person. Instead of

putting in guesswork to figure out what people want, you can hire a blogger to promote your business and

figure out exactly what people are looking for.

Your Visitors Won't Be One-Off Clicks

Sometimes people look for websites, but the ones that spent a lot of time getting to the very top aren’t

even worth perusing. They might be barebones with only a few pieces of content, or they might have

content that’s difficult to understand.

Having good content for your blog or website means people are more likely to stay on your website for

extended periods of time and become more acquainted with your brand. Great hired bloggers and content

writers can provide you with the following:

-Repeat visitors who want to learn more and see the new content that’s getting published

-Longtime customers who will keep your website in their bookmarks

-New clients that can see your continued effort in keeping your brand current and relevant

Your Blog Post Will Get Links

when you have an active blog and are contributing

When you have an active blog and are contributing good content to the web, you get links naturally. Other

bloggers and even businesses will start to reference your content as it gets recognized as the best source

in your topic coverage area. Most of these links will be raw hyperlinks in the https://empowermented.com/

format, so don’t expect too many juicy anchor text links using your target keywords, but even a rawl URL

link can help your rankings.

You Can Handcraft your Own Image

Instead of depending on your product or service to “provide” the image for you, working closely with a

blogger lets you manage how your business is presented to the world. You and your contractor can work

to write posts, articles, and guides that will get to potential customers before they’ve been a patron at your


Your company’s image might be totally different than you think; if you only interact with the people who

are already customers, you might have a shaky idea of what people on the outside think of you. Through

blogging publicly, you can start conversations and have more in-depth discussions than you might find on

sales copy. Empowermented.com has done this effectively and it shows how you will start to “handcraft”

and shape the way your audience perceives you.

You Can Directly Improve Customer Relationships

If you hire a blogger to promote your business, you can:

-Get more subscribers in your mailing list by keeping the contents new and interesting

-Keep your social media page active, helping build an online community

-Provide your customers with enough information about your company that they’ll come to you first

-Make your business both personal and personable

You'll Easily Make Back the Money you Put In

Yes, it might seem like just another expense, but it’s no different than taking out an ad in the paper or

buying a billboard. In fact, working with a blogger or content writer can lead to exponential improvements

as you both brainstorm ideas for your website. Even a few individualized pieces of content here and there

can significantly improve your web presence, be it on your website or on your social media pages.

In fact, hiring a blogger to run your webpage can be even cheaper than taking out a more traditional

advertisement. Paying per piece means you can see the results of each individual article of content.

Through usage of local search terms (like your business’ location, for example), the same feeling of a

“traditional” advertisement can be achieved when people go looking for products in their area.

Consider your personal experience with search engines; when you go to research something, are you

likely to even go past the second or third page? Elevating your company's branding so that it shows up at

the very top of a keyword search can significantly increase your revenue.

This article was written by Brian, a proud supporter of Empowermented and other businesses that

provide blogging services and help educate startups on marketing opportunities.