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This presentation will cover the following topics: PowerPoint Presentation
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This presentation will cover the following topics:

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This presentation will cover the following topics: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This presentation will cover the following topics:
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  1. Name: This presentation will cover the following topics: Creating a safe workspace

  2. By the end of this lesson you will be able to: Understand the common health and safety problems associated computer use (either in a workplace or a home office) Understand how to avoid the health problems associated with computer use Understand how a well-designed workspace can prevent some of these problems Link common health problems with their possible causes Explain ways of preventing computer-related problems. Name: Chapter Objectives:

  3. StarterWhen working with computers, safety comes first.Employers legally have to follow the Health and Safety Act 1974 • If you are self-employed and work from home, do you need to think about computer-related health problems? • What would happen if you didn’t look after your own health and well-being? List 3 possible consequences below:

  4. ErgonomicsA well-designed work station is important to avoid fatigue and injury in the workplace People come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to have equipment that caters for these differences. Ergonomics is the science of designing equipment, so that it reduces the user’s fatigue (tiredness), discomfort and injury. Ergonomics is used to design objects in the workplace, such as keyboards and chairs, to provide safety and comfort for the worker.

  5. Computer-related health problemsUse arrows to link each each health problem and some ways to avoid them to the correct comment. Back pain Eye strain Repetitive strain injury (RSI) Stress Breaks Training Eye care People working at a computer must have frequent breaks to prevent health problems. Users are advised to take 30-second mini-breaks every 10 minutes. Employers have to pay for regular eye-sight tests for anyone who needs prescription glasses in order to use the computer. This can be caused by sitting incorrectly for a long time. Employers need to train their staff on how to use work stations correctly, to help prevent injury. It is also a legal requirement for employers to display a health and safety poster produced by the HSE. This can be caused by staring at the screen for too long. This is the result of doing the same thing again and again (e.g. typing or moving a mouse) – it causes stiffness, pain and numbness, usually in the joints of the arm, wrist or hand. This is often a feeling of not be able to cope, for example because of to much work, poor relationships with colleagues and a lack of support.

  6. Other safety considerationsExplain why each of the rules below are necessary in an ICT classroom.Add at least two other rules and explanations to the table below.

  7. Problems at workBelow are some problems experienced by seven office workers. Explain what might be wrong in each case and what could you recommend to alleviate the problem.