The big opportunity
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The Big Opportunity. By: Alex Enriquez, Iviee Li, Corey Pierce. Tim Barry Frustration turns into millions Shipped 10,000 seat belt Extenders for $60-$70 a pop and SuperSize Expected to hit $1 mil in sales. Introduction.

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The big opportunity

The Big Opportunity

By: Alex Enriquez, Iviee Li, Corey Pierce


  • Tim Barry

  • Frustration turns into millions

  • Shipped 10,000 seat belt

    Extenders for $60-$70 a pop

  • and SuperSize

  • Expected to hit $1 mil in



Large market segment

  • Americans are fat, and they’re getting fatter

  • Not just low Income. Urbanites are the ones rising most rapidly.

  • “Plus – size” population are the new baby boomers

  • American businesses are rethinking their strategies

Large Market Segment

Accelerating trend

Accelerating Trend

Accelerating trend1

Accelerating Trend

Beyond weight loss

  • Most department stores and top retailers paid little attention to larger customers

  • Lane Bryant became the industry leader in plus size women’s clothing in 2000

  • 690 stores and $930 million in sales, acquired by Charming Shoppes in 2001

  • Charming Shoppes – 3rd largest specialty retailer

  • Women wearing size 14 and larger make up more than 50% of the overall market

Beyond Weight Loss

Loyal customers

  • Historically oversized markets were very underserved. attention to larger customers

    • Shopping trips use to have the prospects of a needle in a haystack.

    • Women often would concede to buying oversized men's clothing.

  • Tedious past experiences have left consumers jaded.

    • Consumers not as price sensitive.

    • Something that “fits” feels like a luxury.

Loyal Customers

Loyal customers1

Loyal Customers

Product line extension

  • C plus-size woman sticks with a brand she likes, and she doesn’t mind paying full price for it” ompanies can now find profitable markets by reengineering existing products for large consumers.

    • Smart existing companies need to asses market periodically (market research and assessment).

      • Ex. Furniture, surgical equipment

    • Insightful and fast entrepreneurs can catch big companies snoozing.

      • Ex. Toilet seats

Product Line Extension

Difficulty in marketing to obese

Difficulty in Marketing to Obese


  • Videos: but not seem to be only for them.

  • Cartoon:

  • Healthy weight, overweight, and obesity among US adults:

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