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Syllabus and Expectations

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Syllabus and Expectations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Syllabus and Expectations. Grasshoppers:

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Welcome! I am thrilled you have all chosen to join me on an adventure to further your artistic prowess. For some, this may be your first art class ever! Hooray! For others, it may be another in a long line of art classes. Double hooray! Now, despite what you may have heard -- or heaven forbid been taught -- being artistic is not some magical skill that only a select few in the world happened to be blessed with. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can create beautiful, meaningful art – and that, young grasshoppers, is what I aim to teach you. This will not be easy though. You must be prepared to work hard and challenge yourself to improve everyday. After all, if you are not willing to put forth your best effort to learn, why should I put forth my best effort to instruct? Let us all work to the best of our abilities and enjoy making art! I sincerely look forward to this time we will share together.


beginning art
Beginning Art

This is a beginning course which means we will be focusing on the basics. We will begin by working with graphite pencils and gradually work toward using paint. Over the semester, we will constantly be focused on creating “space”. We will also be focusing on learning the basic elements of design which will allow you to create beautiful works of art you can all be proud of.

art design
Art & Design

This is more of an “intermediate” course, but it is still very difficult. We will revisit the basic elements of design and will begin learning the principles of design. Elements are tools to help you physically draw, paint, or print. Principles are tools to help you communicate an idea through your work of art. We will be focusing on communicating simple ideas throughout the semester. This course will require the use of an online portfolio.

advanced art
Advanced Art

This course is what it sounds like. I assume each of you have a mastery of the elements of design and a strong understanding of the principles of design and how to effectively use them. We will revisit the principles and begin using this knowledge of communicating simple ideas to begin communicating personal ideas. Expect to be challenged. This course will require the use of an online portfolio as well as an end of semester presentation of the work you have completed.

ap studio art
AP Studio Art

This class is a year-long class and may very well be one of the most difficult and challenging classes you will experience while in high school. Each student will need to be extremely self-motivated. Each student will also be expected to work outside of school on their projects. Each student will be working on their own personal portfolio to be submitted during the spring. Expect to be challenged. This course will require the use of a sketchbook, an online portfolio, regular group critiques, a complete AP portfolio, and an end of year presentation of the work you have completed.

projects hooray
Projects (Hooray!)
  • Single day
  • Two- or three-day
  • One- to two-week
  • Everything builds
  • Work everyday
  • Don’t get distracted
  • Be active in discussions
  • Small assignments = Complete? Followed instructions?
  • Written component
  • Larger projects = written component and discussion with me
  • No late projects
  • $20 fee
  • Covers everything
  • Storing projects/assignments
  • Not for materials (pencils, rulers, etc.)
tardies and absences
Tardies and Absences
  • Late? No points.
  • Absent? No points.
  • Points can be made up by staying after school
housekeeping responsibilities
Housekeeping Responsibilities
  • Shared materials = shared responsibilities
  • Clean up after yourself
  • I am not Mommy
food and drinks
Food and Drinks
  • Food? No.
  • Drinks? Maybe.
hall passes
Hall Passes
  • Planner
  • Based on trust and maturity
  • Be positive
  • Focus on what you are doing
  • Focus on what you can do, not what you “think” you cannot do
  • Art is beautiful

Every other “rule” or “expectation” revolves around this guiding principle: respect. Respect yourself, respect your peers, respect your environment, and respect me. If you are able to do this, we’ll be kool and the gang.


Each of you needs to be in the habit of checking my website every day. You can also follow me on Twitter (@lordmeserve). This way you will all know exactly what is going on or any important information. If you are in need of either extra time or extra help, I am almost always here before school at 7:15 and after school until at least 3:00. Do not hesitate to come see me. It’s my pleasure to help you. It’s what I do.

Contact Information:

Phone: 425.831.8426



Prep: 3rd period