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Sample High School

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Sample High School. San Antonio Independent School District 2002–03 Name Principal. Moving from TAAS to TAKS: Realigning Our Systems. C/I/A Model. Curriculum. Instruction. Assessment*. *Major change. Best Sources of Data and Information.

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sample high school

Sample High School

San Antonio Independent School District 2002–03



moving from taas to taks realigning our systems
Moving from TAAS to TAKS: Realigning Our Systems

C/I/A Model




*Major change

best sources of data and information
Best Sources of Data and Information
  • End of Course data, and eighth grade early indicator reports (to a limited degree)
  • TAAS Summary Sheets, Item Analysis, and Released Tests, provided by TEA, but viewed through “new eyes” – limited in value
  • TAKS Information Booklets 2002 (and Educator Guides from 2000) published by TEA
rationale for changes in data use from taas to taks
Rationale for Changes in Data Use from TAAS to TAKS
  • Although the curriculum tested is still the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, the objectives for testing will change
  • All indications are that the format of the test will change significantly in some areas
  • Reading and Math will be tested at ninth grade
  • Eng./LA, Math, Science and Social Studies will be tested at tenth and eleventh grade
changes in reading objectives
Obj. 1 Word Meaning

Obj. 2 Supporting Idea

Obj. 3 Summarization

Obj. 4 Relationships and Outcomes

Obj. 5 Inferences and Generalization

Obj. 6 Fact/Nonfact

Obj. 1 Understanding of Culturally Diverse Texts

Obj. 2 Understanding of Literary Elements

Obj. 3 Demonstrate ability to analyze and critically evaluate culturally diverse written texts and visual representations

Changes in Reading Objectives
changes in math objectives
Obj. 1 Number Concepts

Obj. 2 Algebraic/Math Relationships

Obj. 3 Geometric Properties

Obj. 4 Measurement

Obj. 5 Probability and Statistics

Obj. 6 Addition

Obj. 7 Subtraction

Obj. 8 Multiplication

Obj. 9 Division

Obj. 10 Estimation

Obj. 11 Using Solution Strategies

Obj. 12 Mathematical Representation

Obj. 13 Reasonableness

Obj. 1 Describe functional relationships

Obj. 2 Understand properties and attributes of functions

Obj. 3 Understand linear functions

Obj. 4 Formulate and use linear equations and inequalities

Obj. 5 Understand quadratic and other nonlinear functions

Obj. 6 Understand geometric relationships and spatial reasoning

Obj. 7 Understand two- and three- dimensional representations of geometric relationships and shapes

Obj. 8 Understanding concepts and uses of measurement and similarity

Obj. 9 Understand percents, proportional relationships, probability, and statistics in application

Obj. 10 Understand mathematical processes and tools used in problem solving

Changes in Math Objectives
changes in writing objectives
Obj. 1 – 4 Writing Sample – prompt specific

Obj. 5 Sentence Construction

Obj. 6 English Usage

Obj. 7 Capitalization, Punctuation and Spelling

Obj. 4 Produce an effective composition for a specific purpose

Obj. 5 Produce writing that demonstrates a command of the conventions of spelling, capitalization, punctuations, grammar, usage, and sentence structure

Obj. 6 Demonstrate the ability to revise and proofread to improve clarity and effectiveness

Changes in Writing Objectives
2002 SAISD Early Indicator Report: District Grade Level Performance in Science and Social Studies– Grade 8
limitations of current models
Limitations of Current Models
  • The English/Language Arts test will contain revisions of the old EOC model
  • The exit level math test will include Algebra I and Geometry – we have no statewide data on performance on geometry outside of previous objective level data at 8th grade and exit level
  • We have tested Biology, but not Chemistry and Physics ( and there is a new emphasis on “integrated science”)
  • We have tested exit level US History, but not with the inclusion of grade 8 content