Its vip spring 2012 final presentation
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ITS-VIP SPRING 2012 final presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ITS-VIP SPRING 2012 final presentation. DATA MINING GROUP PHP?HTML INTERFACE Mide Ajayi Nakul Dureja Data Miners Rakesh Kumar David Fleischhauer. Ratings Data. Worked on collecting how many questions per question type were given a particular rating.

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Its vip spring 2012 final presentation

ITS-VIP SPRING 2012final presentation



Mide Ajayi

Nakul Dureja

Data Miners


David Fleischhauer

Ratings data
Ratings Data

  • Worked on collecting how many questions per question type were given a particular rating.

  • Decided to use the Spring/Fall 2011 user data, but able to expand it further back in time.

  • Implemented using MATLAB with a MySQL interface.

  • All the data manipulation was done in MATLAB.

  • Output the final data values to a .csv file that was then graphed using Excel.

How is this useful
How is this useful?

  • Ratings are used to show how much a student believes a particular question is helpful.

  • ie. Too hard, too easy, testing too much/too little content

  • I looked at the general trend at which types of questions a student finds the most helpful in reviewing the material.

  • Useful for question makers in deciding what types of questions students best/worst respond to.

  • Useful for instructors and assessing students performance

Score vs duration by question
Score vs. Duration By question

  • Trend goes downward, presumably due to difficulty

  • Each dot is an individual question

  • Poor way to analyze the data as it is not independent of question difficulty

Score vs duration by duration
Score vs. duration By duration

  • Each dot is a unique duration

  • Less dependent on question difficulty and other variables since different questions are averaged together

  • Shows a more reasonable trend, but still downward

Score vs duration combining individual trends
Score vs. duration Combining individual trends

  • For each question, the duration was averaged for each unique score (left)

  • These trends are almost entirely upward as they are per question, eliminating dependency on difficulty and other factors

  • When the graph on the left is “smushed” together, the graph on the right is the result

Score vs duration filtered by question type
Score vs. Duration Filtered by Question Type

Multiple Choice Matching



Master data table
Master Data Table

  • Created MinedDataV1, a table containing data in a more readily accessible form

  • Fields: qID, Avg. Score, Avg. Duration, Avg. Rating, Number of answers, Number of ratings, number and percentage of answers that were 0 or 100

  • Refreshable by anyone from several modifiable fields

Php html interface
PHP?HTML Interface


    • Creating a web based interface

      • Featuring different ways represent data collected from the ITS server:

        • Statistically

        • Graphically


    • To provide any statistical data that maybe useful or required by other teams to fulfill their objectives.

    • To create an interface for the instructor to view class statistics.

Its stats http itsdev5 vip gatech edu itsstats php

  • The homepage

  • Links to all the other pages.

  • Provides a brief description about every page.

  • Link to update the MinedDataV1 table dynamically.

Expected future work
Expected Future Work

  • Convert the MATLAB script to PHP to allow for a dynamic updating of the graphs.

  • Include the ability to change the years in the website.

  • Provide a system of incentives for rating question.

  • Making the data available dynamically.

  • More relevant pages added to the website.

Questions http itsdev5 vip gatech edu view question php

  • Displays information about a particular question id chosen by the user:

    • Question Text

    • Question Type (MC,M,S)

    • Statistical Data (Averages, Durations, Ratings etc.)

    • Tags

  • Possible utilities:

    • To individually view any question by question id.

    • To view the statistical data about any particular question.

    • To see the tags related to that question.

Averages http itsdev5 vip gatech edu averages php

  • Displays information about a particular question id entered by the user

    • Average Score

    • Average Duration

    • Average Rating

  • Graphs the actual data of each question

    • Scores Vs. Duration

    • Score Vs. Ratings

  • Possible utilities:

    • To view statistical data about each question.

    • To view the Score Vs. Duration and Score Vs. Rating graphs

      • Graphs data from the actual question data (not averages).

Tables http itsdev5 vip gatech edu tables php

  • Displays the tables from the ITS database.

  • The number of entries can be restricted by the user.

  • Links to tables1.php

    • User can order the table by any column in either ascending or descending order.

  • Possible utilities:

    • To view any table from the database in an easy manner.

    • To view the tables ordered by a certain parameter, especially useful while viewing statistical tables.

      • Ex: to obtain the top 10 questions with the least score/rating.

Concepts http itsdev5 vip gatech edu viewquestions php

  • Displays all the questions with a particular tag provided by the user.

  • Will be replaced by “Concepts” (clustered tags).

  • User chooses from all the tags available

  • Link to

    • Displays statistical information about all the question for a particular tag.

    • Graphs:

      • Average Score Vs Average Duration

      • Average Ratings Vs Average Duration

  • Possible utilities:

    • To view all the questions with a tag and their statistics.

    • To obtain the graphs of the data.

Graphing http itsdev5 vip gatech edu graphing php

  • Graphs the data from the MinedDataV1 table using Jpgraph library.

  • User selects the variable to be plotted on:

    • X-axis

    • Y-axis

    • Types of Graph

      • Scatter

      • Line Plot

      • Spline

  • Possible Utilities:

    • To graph any data from the statistics.