equity initiatives struggles of the latino student n.
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Equity Initiatives: Struggles of the Latino Student PowerPoint Presentation
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Equity Initiatives: Struggles of the Latino Student

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Equity Initiatives: Struggles of the Latino Student - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Equity Initiatives: Struggles of the Latino Student. Teachers Teaching Teachers January 15, 2010. On your note card, please record answers to this question & statement: Who or what motivated you to attend this session? Write down 3 words on how your students would describe you.

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equity initiatives struggles of the latino student

Equity Initiatives: Struggles of the Latino Student

Teachers Teaching Teachers

January 15, 2010

questions for personal reflection

On your note card, please record answers to this question & statement:

  • Who or what motivated you to

attend this session?

  • Write down 3 words on how your

students would describe you.

Questions for Personal Reflection

“They don’t think they can make it. Their family didn’t finish school so they don’t think they will either.”


“People say they don’t know what it is. One girl took her Mexican flag and someone told her they were going to burn it someday.”

what is equity initiatives

A Steering Committee formed in September, 2009, to identify district goals which could be implemented in the classroom; these goals focused on enhancing the present academic and future successes of our Latino population.

What is Equity Initiatives?
hopes and dreams call to action

The Steering Committee created a listing of “Hopes and Dreams” that might be implemented one day.

Take a moment to look them over with us on the following slides.

hopes and dreams of ei

Have a paid translator for written school documents

  • Improve graduation rates
  • Make education a top priority – of students
  • Improve relationships/communication with parents – Listen to them
  • Create effective ways to educate bilingual students
hopes and dreams

Become more culturally responsive

  • Students feel ownership in school
  • Students acculturation continues to grow
  • Encourage community groups/members to get involved as role models (similar to Big Brother and Big Sister)

Access to resources (i.e. make students aware of academic resource centers, opportunities

  • Have our group be a good liaison to share knowledge w/colleagues
  • Student led initiatives

We continue to grow in our abilities to effectively identify barriers (i.e. surveys, etc.)

  • EQUITY= All disenfranchised students; consider other races and learning profiles
  • We need administrative support
  • We need to see the data – fail/success
  • Volunteers from the community for Parent-Teacher conferences

Get parents to attend Parent-Teacher conferences

  • Parents need to know expectations of classroom performance
  • Understanding the difference between social and academic language difficulties/challenges
  • Paid community liaison

Early identification of students’ needs

  • Reach out to the community culturally to draw families into academic importance
  • College opportunities for Latinos – communicate!
  • Systemized way for academically successful students to help less successful students – have a resource room for Latino students

Students who are disenfranchised would see school as a safe haven, a place to excel

  • Address racial/cultural issues
  • Staff needs to continue to deepen our understandings of working with the Latino community.

Families need to know that it is okay to interact with the teacher. – We need to increase our “marketing” of this information to the Latino community.\

  • Need to get information about what is being done out to staff about Conexiones (Latino Parent Open House).
vital statistics data per 2009 district report card

Central North

# of Students Enrolled 1266 1442

Percentage Hispanic and

multi-racial 15% 20.2%

Graduation Rate of

Latino students 97.1% 52.7%

Low Income 9% 11.2%

Mobility Rate 4% 17.5%

Vital Statistics ( Data per 2009 District Report Card)

PSAE REPORT CARD FINDINGS FOR JUNIOR CLASS ~Economically Disadvantaged (Free Lunch Program)

1. Academic Warning 3. Meets Standard

2. Below Standard 4. Exceeds Standards


Latino Juniors Enrollment

Class # Students % Students

Total 52

Prep English 12 23.1%

Reg English 29 55.8%

Hon English 7 13.5%

ESL 3 5.8%

vital statistics

Of the 29 Latino students in Regular English during their junior year, roughly 11 students (38%) did not adequately pass Junior English.

Only 18 students received a C or higher in the class.

Similar trends were seen in the freshmen and sophomore English classes.

Vital Statistics
students with d or f in english

Class Percent

Freshmen: 25%

Sophomore 29%

Juniors 38%

Seniors 5%

Students with D or F in English
equity initiatives meet lsu

November 19th, the Equity Initiatives

Steering Committee met with the

Latinos Stand Up Club to obtain their

overall impression of themselves as

Latino students within Grayslake

North community.

Equity Initiatives Meet LSU
modifications or accommodations on assignments and tests

Accommodations to Response

• Write answers directly in test booklet• Dictate answers• Respond in home language

  • Accommodations to Timing/Scheduling

• Allow extra assessment time• Provide breaks during testing• Administer in several sessions

  • Accommodations to Setting

• Administer in small groups• Administer individually• Administer in separate room

Modifications or accommodations on assignments and tests
accommodation websites

Some ideas for assisting minority students with essential course content, access these websites:



Accommodation Websites

your professionalism,

  • your viewpoints and
  • your time

…with us today!!