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ACERA Meeting, April 6, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Archives and Records Administration Electronic Records Archives (ERA) Chuck Piercy Meg Phillips Paul Wester. ACERA Meeting, April 6, 2011. Topics. ERA Development Progress FY 2011 Accomplishments to Date Future Milestones Problems and corrective actions

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Presentation Transcript
Acera meeting april 6 2011

National Archives and Records AdministrationElectronic Records Archives (ERA)Chuck PiercyMeg PhillipsPaul Wester

ACERA Meeting, April 6, 2011


  • ERA Development Progress

    • FY 2011 Accomplishments to Date

    • Future Milestones

  • Problems and corrective actions

  • What ERA will be at end of FY 2011

    • What’s in

    • What’s out

  • Federal Agency Rollout and Ingesting Electronic Records

  • ERA’s funding status

Era development progress fy 2011 accomplishments to date
ERA Development Progress:FY 2011 Accomplishments to Date

  • Base Increment 3 received Authorization to Operate on 2/25/11

  • Base Increment 5 (page 5 of Addendum)

    Release 5.0.1 Bulk Import Tool part 1 - Design complete, in coding

    Release 5.1.1, 5.2.1 (Streamline forms and processes for scheduling, accessioning and ingesting electronic records into ERA; Bulk Import Part 2) – High Level Design completed

    Release 5.3.1, 5.4.1 Preservation – Abstract completed , in High Level Design

  • EOP - Release 2.1.12 (Additional datatypes (Merlin, Presidential Diary System) and export manifest) deployed 1/23/11

  • EOP (page 5-6 of Addendum)

    Release 2.1.13 (Additional searching for Records Management System, email, MAVRICS) plus software upgrade – Coding completed, in testing

    Release 2.1.14 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Support – Abstract completed, in High Level Design

Era development progress fy 2011 accomplishments to date1
ERA Development Progress:FY 2011 Accomplishments to Date

  • OPA General Availability received Authorization to Operate on 12/15/10

  • OPA (Page 6 of the Addendum)

    Release 5.1.1 (Social Networking, Image Zoom) Coding completed

    Release 5.2.1 (tagging, user registration, search engine tuning) Coding initiated

    Release 5.3.1 (Download, narrow searches) Abstract initiated

  • Classified Instance (Page 6 of the Addendum)

    SCIF modifications Design Completed

    Abstract completed

  • Census (Page 6 of the Addendum)

    High level design completed

Era development progress future milestones
ERA Development Progress:Future Milestones

Era development progress major milestones
ERA Development Progress:Major Milestones

Era at the end of development
ERA at the End of Development

  • What’s in ERA (end of FY11):

    • Online Public Access to records and info about records

    • Public use copies of presidential records (and redaction)

    • Federal agency forms and workflow - improvements

    • Unclassified storage (Federal, Presidential, Congressional)

    • Classified storage

    • Census (restricted) storage

    • First format migration tool

  • What’s out:

    • Additional e-records processing, data file validation tools

    • Capability for users to send search results via email to an external address

    • Internal workflow for records management process

    • Architectural enhancements

    • Integrated online account management for agencies

    • Additional preservation migration tools

Rollout to federal agencies
Rollout to Federal Agencies

  • Benefits to Agencies

  • Perform records management transactions with NARA.

  • Transfer permanently valuable electronic records to NARA.

  • Rollout Plan and Activities

  • Pilots Agencies

  • CIO Act Agencies

  • Other Federal Agencies

  • Mandatory Use

  • Implementation Activities

  • Agency identification, initial meeting, action plans

  • Follow-up and training

  • Evaluation

  • Communications Activities

  • Email and web

  • Federal Records Council (FRC) and BRIDG

  • Joint CIO Council and FRC meetings

Current action plan
Current Action Plan

  • Focus on increasing volume of electronic records under management by ERA

  • Aggressively engage Federal agencies in transferring permanent electronic records into ERA

  • Focus development on core requirements that ensure records can be transferred into ERA and made available on-line to the American people

  • End development by September 30, 2011

Includes: 488TB of 2010 Census

See slide 15 more information

Acera meeting april 6 2011

Roll Out to Federal Agencies:

Phase 1 Plan

August 2011

Department of Veterans Affairs

US Agency for International Development

National Science Foundation

September 2011

Department of Defense

Office of Personnel Management

October 2011

Department of Homeland Security

General Services Administration

November 2011

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Department of the Air Force

Department of Agriculture

Anytime starting March 2011 because involved in pilot roll out in 2010

Department of the Navy

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Department of Education

Social Security Administration

Small agencies added aggressively starting in July 2011

March 2011

√ Department of Health and Human Services

√ Department of State

√ Department of Justice

April 2011

Environmental Protection Agency

Small Business Administration

Department of Transportation

May 2011

Department of the Army

Department of Commerce

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

June 2011

Department of the Treasury

Department of Interior

Housing and Urban Development

July 2011

Executive Office of the President

Department of Energy

Department of Labor

Ingesting e records plan and progress to date
Ingesting E-Records: Plan and Progress To Date

  • At least 10 TB per quarter through FY2011

    • Met 1st Quarter Goal: 10.1 TB

    • Met 2nd Quarter Goal: 10.9 TB

      • Federal EOP: 5.0TB

      • NASA Video: 3.0 TB

      • Congressional – House Videos 2.0

      • Legacy migration and small amounts from National Science Foundation, Justice Department and National Geospatial Agency

Era s funding status
ERA’s Funding Status FY 2011 (in Megabytes)

  • To complete the development phase of the project in FY 2011, NARA needs approval of the Expenditure Plan and release of remaining FY 2011 funds

  • Total appropriated to the ERA program FY 2002 thru FY 2011 (FY 2011 estimate is $72 million): $463.06 million

  • The breakdown of the appropriations is as follows: