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Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health

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Ministry of Health

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  1. Ministry of Health HPG Technial Meeting on TWGs Performance HPG Secretariat Hà Nội, 28/11/2013

  2. HISTORY • 2009: HPG/TWG has been mentioned • 2009: Guidance note on TWGs establishment • 2010: TORs of some TWGs prepared • 2011: 3 TWGs have organized kick off meetings and approved the TOR • 2012: 3 TWGs have organized kick off meetings and approved the TOR • 2013: 2 new TWGs on Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment will be established

  3. Guidance note for the creation of Technical Working Groups of the Health Partnership Group

  4. Purpose and areas of focus for TWGs • Strengthen MOH technical stewardship and capacity, including in the areas of • planning and management; • Improve information collection and sharing; • Facilitate and coordinate relevant technical and analytical work; • Provide opportunities for learning and discussion • Build evidence for strategic and technical choices • Seek technical and financial support • Help improve aid effectiveness.

  5. TWG membership and chair • Membership of TWG is open to all interested stakeholders whose work is directly or indirectly relevant to the area of focus. • TWG should be chaired by MOH official (Director or Deputy Director level) from the main department responsible for the area of focus of TWG. • A development partner should be identified to provide ongoing support to MOH chair, acting as a secretariat where necessary, including to help mobilize relevant stakeholders, report to HPG, guide technical discussions, etc.

  6. Criteria and process of TWG formation The TWG may be established in two ways: • A new TWG may arise from a joint interest of MOH representatives and other interested stakeholders. Proposals will be made to the Minister of Health, including the proposed leading department and members, and a comprehensive TOR. The HPG Secretariat will assist the Minister in reviewing TORs and advising the concerned leading Department on possible revisions, before submission to the Minister of Health for approval. Once it becomes a TWG, the group must give the progress report/give brief presentations if required...etc • Alternatively, if the Minister of Health or Vice-Minister considers it necessary to establish a TWG, the concerned Head of the Leading Department will make a proposal to potential stakeholders and otherwise follow the same procedure as above.

  7. Roles of the HPG Secretariat 1) Reviewing and advising on TORs where necessary, to ensure they fit well within the objectives of the HPG; 2) Submission of the TWG to the Minister of Health for approval; 3) Synthesizing information from TWG regularly and sharing with the HPG. 4) Ensure appropriate coordination across TWGs

  8. Generic outline for the TOR of TWG 1. Introduction/Background 2. Purpose/objectives 3. Areas of focus and activities 4. Working arrangements 5. Linkages

  9. Key achievements of TWGs establishment

  10. TWGs established in 2011 • TWG on Health Environment Management (HEM) - Administration of Health Environment Management • TWG on Human Resources for Health (HRH)-Dept of Manpower and Organization (take lead) + Administration of Science and Technology and Training (ASTT) • TWG on Local Health Systems (LHS)- Administration of Medical Service Management

  11. TWGs established in 2012 • TWG on Health Planning and Financing (HPF), including 2 sub-groups: • Health Planning and Financing- Dept of Planning and Financing • Health Insurance – Dept of Health Insurance • TWG on Health Information System (HIS) including 2 sub-groups • Health Management Information System (HMIS)- Dept of Planning and Financing • Information Technology (IT)- Administration of Information Technology TWG on Medical Equipment - Dept of Equip. Management

  12. TWGs will be established in 2013 • TWG on Pharmaceutical - Administration of Pharmaceutical management • Improving Aid Coordination and Aid Effectiveness - Department of International Cooperation • Hospital Quality Management - Administration of Medical Service Management

  13. TWG activities from Jan 2011 to November 2013

  14. Strengths of TWGs performance • Strong support and commitment of MoH leadership; • Strong consensus from DPs in providing technical and financial support for TWGs; • HPG as an important policy dialogue forum for TWGs to raise voice and to attract interests from DPs and other stakeholders. • HPG developed Guideline for TWG establishment and provided supports during process of establishment

  15. Good practices • Reproductive Health • Health Financing • Human Resourse

  16. Obstacles of TWGs performance • Slow process of TWG working effectively • Limited need of sharing information with the DPs through TWG meetings • Some departments/MOH is not pay attention to establishment or activities of TWGs • TWGs did not have quarterly meeting plans as noted in the TOR • TWG meetings have not involved relevant departments/ministries/provincial partners/ VNGOs, who have been working in same technical areas • Lack of or poor coordination with relevant implementing agencies to apply for the funds from the interested donors; • Lack of technical capacity and resources to functioning TWGs efficiently; • Unclear plan and direction of TWGs

  17. Recommendations

  18. What should be done to improve the performance of TWGs • Institutional settings: more formal formation of the TWG: decision of the formation by Minister/Vice Minister • Clear reporting mechanism between HPG and TWGs • Clear annual plan and direction: TWGs should prepare an Action Plan at the beginning of the year and the annual progress report by the end of the year and share with the health sector and DPs • At least one annual TWGs meeting per year.

  19. What should be done to improve the performance of TWGs • Updated information of TWGs should be shared among HPG members quarterly • TWGs should take the initiative in making quarter meeting plans, preparing meeting contents, looking for relevant interested partners to improve the quality of TWG meetings • Improve the participation of relevant partners from other ministries and provincial partners to get and share information. • TWGs are encouraged to propose significant issues for discussion at HPG meetings and are requested to provide progress report to the HPG Secretariat for distribution at HPG meetings. • HPG meeting should spend appropriate room for TWGs to raise their issues and concerns to DPs and other stakeholder

  20. Thank you for your attention