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City of Ember Chapters 1-11

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City of Ember Chapters 1-11 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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City of Ember Chapters 1-11. Review Game READY….GOOD LUCK!. Who kept the instructions for leaving the City of Ember? a) The oldest person in Ember b) The commissioners c) The mayor d) The chief builder. What happened on assignment day?

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city of ember chapters 1 11

City of Ember Chapters 1-11

Review Game



Who kept the instructions for leaving the City of Ember?

a) The oldest person in Emberb) The commissionersc) The mayord) The chief builder


What happened on assignment day?

a) Students picked a job from a small cloth sack.b) The mayor of Ember assigned jobs to the students based on their skills.c) Students were allowed to pick job assignments based on their talents.


Which of the following jobs was considered to be bad?

a) greenhouse helperb) shoe shinerc) messengerd) pipeworks laborer


What job did Granny have?a) Granny worked in the greenhouses planting vegetables.b) Granny was the mayor’s secretaryc) Granny unraveled sweaters and picked apart clothes so people could use them to make new clothes.


How did Lina’s mother die?a) Giving birth to Poppy.b) choking on creamed corn.c) she and Lina’s father died in a airplane crash.


How was Doon to find his way around the Pipeworks?a) Doon used a compass.b) Signs were painted throughout the Pipeworks.c) All workers were supplied with a map.


Doon's father made his living by _____________ .a) delivering vegetablesb) guarding the mayorc) repairing the generatord) selling small parts


What hobby does Doon have?a) studying insectsb) collecting bottle capsc) drawing pictures of people


Lina thought the instructions were ______.a) directions for building the cityb) a recipe from the first people in Emberc) directions for saving the cityd) someone's homework


As a child Granny visited the storerooms in Ember with her classmates. The supplies looked like they would never run out. Granny loved one fruit. It was _____________.a) applesb) pearsc) peachesd) pineapple


After trying to decode the message Lina found an important word. What was it?a) Harken Squareb) Gathering Hallc) Pipeworksd) Library


What did Lina and Doon see on the other side of the locked door?a) They saw a tunnel leading out of Ember.b) They saw a supply closet full of needed materials for Ember.c) They were unable to get inside.


While Granny was sick Lina and Poppy ______.a) played hide-and-seekb) drew picturesc) read storiesd) played with dolls


Which of the following is the correct definition for ‘flank’:

a) The right or left side of a military formation

b) To move furtively; sneak; lie in wait; hang about; creep around


An antonym for ‘vague’ is:

  • Fuzzy
  • Hazy
  • Definite
  • unfashionable

2- c

3- a

4- d

5- b

6- c

7- a

8- c

9- d

10- a


12- d

13- c

14- c

15- b

15- a

16- c