spanish speaking countries and nationalities n.
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Spanish-speaking Countries and Nationalities PowerPoint Presentation
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Spanish-speaking Countries and Nationalities

Spanish-speaking Countries and Nationalities

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Spanish-speaking Countries and Nationalities

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  1. Spanish-speaking Countries and Nationalities

  2. Sudamerica

  3. Venezuela Colombia Ecuador Perú Bolivia Paraguay Chile Uruguay La Argentina La América del Sur

  4. Puerto Rico Cuba La República Dominicana Las Antillas España

  5. Venezuela Capital: Caracas Nationality: venezolano/venezolana

  6. Capital – Caracas • People from Venezuela are called “venezolanos” • Our relationship with Venezuela is mostly negative due to President Chavez’s actions and beliefs against the U.S. He has also hosted several terrorist organizations as they want to invest in Venezuela’s oil market.

  7. Venezuela has the most beauty titles (Miss Universe, Miss World, etc) in the world.. • South America usually places at least 2-3 models in the top 5 of the Miss Universe contest (or whatever the heck that thing is) every year.

  8. Miss Universe (From Venezuela) 2008 2009

  9. Colombia Capital: Bogotá Nationality: colombiano/colombiana

  10. Geography • Between Panama and Venezuela • Around twice the size of Texas • Natural resources – petroleum, natural gas, coal, emeralds.. • Famous/well-known Colombians – Sofia Vergara (actress – Modern Family), Shakira, Juanes (singer), Juan Pablo Angel (Chicago Bulls), Andres Escobar – ESPN 30 for 30 – would be an interesting project…. 

  11. Capital – Bogota • People from Colombia are called “colombianos” • We all know that Colombia is the world’s leading producer of coca, which is the plant used to make cocaine. • What you may not know- the overwhelming majority of these drugs end up in the US – supply and demand – we demand it, they supply it… So who’s really the bad guy?

  12. Ecuador Capital: Quito Nacionalidad: ecuatoriano/ecuatoriana

  13. Capital – Quito • People from Ecuador are called “ecuatorianos” • Ecuador is the 2nd smallest country in South America. • Minimum wage is about $148 per month (yeah, think you got it bad!) • The term Ecuador means equator in Spanish. In fact, the country has been named after equator, which passes through it.

  14. Perú Capital: Lima Nationality: peruano/peruana

  15. Capital – Lima (pronounced “leema” not Lyma like lima beans). • People from Peru are called “peruanos”. • Snow capped mountains, sand dunes, and jungles are all available in Peru. • Important geographic notations – Amazon and the Andes. • While Spanish is considered to be the “primary” language, the indigenous language Quechua is given importance in the government as well.

  16. Peru was the homeland of the Inca Empire until 1533 when it was taken over by Spanish conquistadores. • The children’s literature character Paddington Bear originated in Peru.

  17. Chile Capital: Santiago Nationality: chileno/chilena

  18. Chile has their own September 11th – 1973, in which many people were killed, injured or simply “disappeared.” • The United States did play a role in this… and not necessarily on the good side • On Sept. 11, 1973, a U.S.-helped to take over power from the democratically elected socialist Allende and installed the dictator Pinochet, who ruled the country with an iron fist for the next 17 years. • Under Pinochet, thousands were imprisoned, tortured, murdered and "disappeared" in an attempt to crush all political opposition

  19. Capital – Santiago • People from Chile are called “chilenos” • Chile is an interesting country in terms of terrain, having lakes, islands, mountains and deserts. • The Atacama Desert located in Chile is said to be the driest in the world. • Famous person born in Chile is Nicole Polizzi

  20. Bolivia Capital: La Paz, Sucre Nationality: boliviano / boliviana

  21. Capital – La Paz (administrative) and Sucre • People from Bolivia are called “bolivianos” • Bolivia is the poorest country in South America – but don’t hold that against them! Some of the poorest nations in the world are also the most beautiful  • Over 60% of the population is indigenous in heritage- from a variety of tribes. • Bolivia has no beaches because it is completely landlocked  but it does have lakes!

  22. Famous people from Bolivia • Simon Bolivar – discoverer/conquistador • Roberto Suarez Gomez – most powerful drug trafficker in Bolivian history. He was the inspiration for the movie “Scarface” (say hello to my little friend ) • His fortune was estimated at 400 million!!!! • Jaime Escalante – teacher movie Stand and Deliver based on “have to have ganas”

  23. Paraguay Capital: Asunción Nationality: paraguayo/paraguaya

  24. Interesting fact – “Paraguay achieved its independence from Spain in 1811. In the disastrous War of the Triple Alliance (1865-70) - between Paraguay and Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay - Paraguay lost two-thirds of all adult males and much of its territory”… • Capital – Asuncion • People from Paraguay are called “paraguayos”

  25. The majority of Paraguayans speak Guarani as well as Spanish. • Guarani and Spanish are both official languages.

  26. Argentina Capital: Buenos Aires Nationality: argentino/argentina

  27. Geography: • Near Chile and Uruguay • About 3/10 the size of the United States • Climate is similar to ours – they do experience snow, especially the further south you go. • Natural resources – copper, iron, uranium. • Capital – Buenos Aires • People from Argentina are called “argentinos”

  28. Argentina is the largest Spanish-speaking country in South America. • It is the 2nd largest country in South America – 1st largest is Brasil, where Portugues is the native language. • Existing President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, is the first woman President to be selected in Argentina. • Argentina is also the home of the Tango (a very dramatic Latin dance). • It is said that, Argentine women go through the maximum number of plastic surgeries in the world, per person. Argentina is perhaps the world's most looks-conscious country in the world, and more than 30% of its women undergo some form of eating disarray.

  29. Race/Ethnicity • Argentina is made up of mostly White citizens of Spanish and Italian descent. • Many people in Argentina (and surrounding countries) have light hair and eyes due to their European heritage. • What does this mean? You don’t know what language someone speaks simply by looking at their skin.  • Famous or well-known “argentinos” – Che Guevara (political revolutionary), Evita Peron (singer/actress married to president), Lionel Messi (soccer player)

  30. Uruguay Capital: Montevideo Nationality: uruguayo/uruguaya

  31. Capital: Montevideo • People from Uruguay are called “uruguayos”. • About 3.3 million people live in this country. • Most are of European descent, much like Argentina. • Uruguay has a high literacy rate (98%) and a large middle class (translation – pretty nice place to live).

  32. Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean América Central, el Caribeño y México

  33. Cuba Capital: La Habana Nacionalidad: cubano/cubana