A primer for promotion 2012 2013
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A Primer for Promotion 2012-2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Primer for Promotion 2012-2013. Jess W Everett Chair, All-University Senate Promotion Committee everett@rowan.edu (Adapted from presentation of Barbara Bole Williams). Promotion MOA. Read it! www.rowan.edu/president/senate/. Promotion - proficiency in. Teaching Effectiveness

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A primer for promotion 2012 2013

A Primer for Promotion2012-2013

Jess W Everett

Chair, All-University Senate Promotion Committee


(Adapted from presentation of Barbara Bole Williams)

Promotion moa
Promotion MOA

  • Read it!

  • www.rowan.edu/president/senate/

Promotion proficiency in
Promotion - proficiency in

  • Teaching Effectiveness

  • Scholarly and Creative Activity

  • Contribution to University Community

  • Contribution to the Wider and Professional Community

  • Defined in MOA Appendix A

Your application
Your application

  • Describes your experiences as a teacher, scholar, & professional

  • Makes compelling argument for what you do

  • Clearly shows how you met benchmarks


  • Complete promotion application

    • MOA Appendix 5

  • Write letter to Department chair

  • Sign intention to apply form (Office of Provost)

  • Candidates for full professor Only

    • Provide names of 2 external evaluators to Department & Dean

      • CV for each evaluator


  • Develop portfolio organized according to promotion checklist

    • Portfolio contents

      • MOA 5.2

    • Checklist

      • MOA Appendix E

    • Submit seven (7) copies

      • MOA 5.34411

Department responsibilities
Department Responsibilities

  • Department Purpose Statement

  • Promotion Standards Balance (Weight)

    • Teaching Effectiveness

    • Scholarship and Creative Activity

    • Contribution to University Community

    • Contribution to Wider & Professional Community

  • Schedule for evaluation

  • Review standards and procedures periodically

    • Approved by College Deans and Provost

Department responsibilities1
Department Responsibilities

  • Faculty evaluation methods developed within department

    • Teaching Assessment

      • MOA 5.3131; 4.1123 and 4.1124

  • New faculty orientation

  • Assist Promotion folder preparation

  • Optional faculty development & individual professional development plan

  • Plan & schedule for professional development activities

Department responsibilities2
Department Responsibilities

  • Department Promotion Committee schedules interview with applicant to review portfolio

  • DPC evaluate portfolio and vote

    • Point system optional

  • DPC decides FAVORABLE

    • DPC inform applicant and forward written report to College Promotion Committee (CPC)

      • Candidate  7 copies of portfolio (with departmental report) delivered to chair of College Promotion Committee

      • Candidate  Supplementary materials (optional) – 1 copy

Department responsibilities3
Department Responsibilities


    • Written explanation provided, including how candidate does not meet the criteria

    • At request of candidate, meeting scheduled to discuss

    • Applicant can withdraw application or ask to have materials forwarded to CPC

    • See 5.3442 in MOA for details

College promotion committee
College Promotion Committee

  • Composition and election of CPC

    • Senate Promotion Committee runs elections for most CPC s

  • Role of CPC

    • Review DPC recommendation and evaluate applicant’s qualification

    • Conduct interview with applicant

    • Vote on applicant’s request for promotion

    • Forward recommendation

      • College Dean

      • University Senate Promotion Committee (USPC)

College dean
College Dean

  • Review DPC & CPC recommendations, rationales and Applicant portfolio

  • Meet with applicant

  • Forward recommendation to candidate, DPC & CPC

    • If Negative, applicant may

      • Withdraw from further consideration, or

      • Appeal negative recommendation by advancing application to Provost

    • Positive recommendation

      • Automatic advance to Provost

University senate promotion committee
University Senate Promotion Committee

  • Members from each College

  • Chair elected by Senate

  • Conduct and supervise election of College Committees

  • Receive, retain and review all applicants who received negative recommendations or mixed votes and/or who request a review

    • Determine whether procedures were followed by previous committees

    • Certify to provost that procedures followed

    • Forward portfolios to Provost


  • Provost and President is “largely procedural”, but can (and do) conduct substantive reviews

  • Provost review portfolios and make recommendations to President

  • Copies of recommendations provided to the candidate.

    • If not recommended , candidate may

      • withdraw

      • request materials forwarded to President for further consideration

  • President considers Provost recommendation and informs candidate of his/her decision

    • Candidates or chairs of any promotion committee can request meeting

Board of trustees
Board of Trustees

  • Recommendations considered by BOT at June meeting

  • Promotion takes effect following September

Tips for departments
Tips for Departments

  • Guidance in early years to support Candidate’s development

  • Thorough, honest, direct review to Candidate

  • Give Candidate things to think about, reflect upon, and grow from (things Candidate can write about)

  • Suggestion improvements & give constructive criticism

  • Peer observations,

    • use department criteria (not just 1-pg summary)

Sample criteria for peer observation
Sample Criteria for Peer Observation

  • Good organization of subject matter

  • Appropriate pacing

  • Adherence to departmental syllabi & policies

  • Effective communication

  • Knowledge and enthusiasm for subject matter & teaching

  • Positive attitudes toward students

  • Fairness in examinations and grading

  • Flexibility in approaches to teaching

  • Appropriate student learning outcomes

Criteria for promotion
Criteria for Promotion

  • University-wide Criteria: Defined by the collective bargaining agreement and summarized at both the Provost’s and Senate’s websites:

    • www.rowan.edu/provost/aft/

    • www.rowan.edu/president/senate/

  • Departmental Criteria: Each Department approves promotion criteria, interpreting common university criteria in own department

  • Due dates: See MOA

Contents of a folder see promotion moa
Contents of a Folder (see Promotion MOA)

  • Complete Checklist with page numbers

  • Departmental info

    • Terminal degree

    • Departmental interpretation and weighting of evaluation criteria

    • Role of Dept Chair

  • RU personnel resume (basic vita)

  • Candidate’s self-assessment of professional performance

  • Plans for future professional growth

  • Student evaluations and peer observations, and candidate’s responses

Contents of a folder see promotion moa1
Contents of a Folder (see Promotion MOA)

  • Assessment of teaching effectiveness

  • Evaluation letter from approved External Evaluator

    • Full Professor only!

  • Departmental evaluation of Prof Performance

    • Committee recommendation

    • Numerical vote

    • Names & signatures of committee members and chair

  • Copy of recent evaluation of Dept Committee, University Senate Committee, Dean, Provost and President

  • Supplemental folder (optional)

Frequent concerns
Frequent Concerns

  • Sloppiness, lack of organization, missing page numbers

    • Show pride in work

  • Poor Candidate reflection

  • Poor Candidate response to student evaluations and peer observations

    • Provide thorough self-reflection &explanations

  • Missing signatures and/or dates

  • Missing copies of evaluations from previous review cycles

    • Include recent reviews at back of current folder and others in Supplemental Folder

Double check folder

  • MOA checklist

    • Initialed by DPC Chair

  • Consecutive page numbers

  • Self-appraisal signed and dated by Candidate

  • Student evals signed and dated by Administrator or DPC Chair

  • Peer observations signed and dated by Observer and Candidate

  • Dept Eval signed and dated by all DPC members and Candidate

Tips for candidates
Tips for Candidates

  • Print Double-Sided

  • Check and double-check file organization

  • Have proof-reader check spelling and grammar

  • Paginate all pages sequentially for easy reference

  • If inserting pages at the last minute, use letters with numbers (14, 14A, 15, etc)

  • Use tabs to divide sections of folder

  • Make sure all pages of Original Folder are copied

Tips for candidates cont
Tips for Candidates (cont.)

  • Carefully read MOA and checklist

  • Know your Departm guidelines

  • Make a strong case

    • prove deserving of financial commitment from university

    • show pride in work

  • Keep and include all evaluations and letters from DPC, USPC, Dean, Provost, and President

  • Keep and include student evaluations and peer observations

Tips for candidates cont1
Tips for Candidates (cont.)


  • Thorough self-reflection, explanation, and documentation of work and growth in all 4 areas

  • If planning to use your T&R folder also for Promotion in the year you apply for tenure (Year 5), state such in your T&R folder and follow the guidelines for each of the four areas in the Promotion Memorandum of Agreement

    • T&R and Promotion are two separate processes, but you may use the same application folder (beginning AY 2009-10)


Modification from t r to promotion keyed to checklist
Modification from T&R to Promotion Keyed to Checklist

  • Same information, different organization

  • Table of Contents will differ

  • Be sure to follow the respective Checklists

  • Update information between T&R folio due date and Promotion folio due date

Tips for candidates cont2
Tips for Candidates (cont.)

  • Consider providing a 2-5 page “executive summary” of highlights of accomplishments (esp since most recent previous review) at front of folder

  • Do not leave anything open for questioning by multiple reviewers outside your Department

    • Respond to any and all issues raised in review letters from most recent previous review cycle

  • Clearly indicate dates of accomplishments

  • Do not double count

Tips for candidates cont3
Tips for Candidates (cont.)

  • Clearly describe accomplishments

    • Authorship

      • List authors / principle investigators in order of article or proposal

    • Journal articles, chapters or books

      • What was your role?

      • How good is the Journal or Publisher?

      • Why is it a good article, chapter or book?

    • Conference articles

      • In the proceedings?

      • Acceptance based on abstract or paper?

    • Grants

      • Include: Principle Investigators, Title, Funding Agency, $ amount, Years & Status

        • Status – Pending, Declined, Funded

Tips for candidates cont4
Tips for Candidates (cont.)

  • Include blank student evaluation form in folder

    • include questions that students responded to so student feedback can be interpreted by reviewers outside your Department

  • Explain the scoring of the student evaluations

    • Range (0-4 ? 1-5?)

    • Value (5=poor? 5=excellent?)

  • Create table summarizing student evals with dates and classes by semester

Tips for candidates cont5
Tips for Candidates (cont.)

  • Put supporting material in Supplemental File

    • Table of Contents

    • Tabs

    • Page numbers

  • Include any evaluations not in the Promotion folder in Supplemental File

Where to go for help
Where to go for help

  • Department Promotion Committee members

  • Faculty Center

  • Director: Deb Martin

  • martind@rowan.edu

  • 3rd Floor James Hall

    • Mentoring

    • Sample documents

    • Organization

    • Teaching tips

Where to go for help cont
Where to go for help (cont.)

  • Senate website

    • Faculty Promotion MOA &tips available for download

    • www.rowan.edu/president/senate/

  • Check website for Promotion tips and documents

    • Provost website - http://www.rowan.edu/provost/aft/

  • Chair of Senate Promotion Cmte:

    • Jess Everett (everett@rowan.edu)