welcome newbury park track field parents and students n.
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WELCOME Newbury Park Track & Field Parents and Students PowerPoint Presentation
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WELCOME Newbury Park Track & Field Parents and Students

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WELCOME Newbury Park Track & Field Parents and Students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WELCOME Newbury Park Track & Field Parents and Students. Panther Track & Field Staff. Larry Berlin, Athletic Director Returning Coaches: Head Girls Coach, Jenny Kenyon (Hurdles) 2 nd Season at NPHS Other coaching experiences: DePaul University, UCSB, Sprint Coach for Baseball athletes

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panther track field staff
Panther Track & Field Staff
  • Larry Berlin, Athletic Director
  • Returning Coaches:
    • Head Girls Coach, Jenny Kenyon (Hurdles)
      • 2nd Season at NPHS
      • Other coaching experiences: DePaul University, UCSB, Sprint Coach for Baseball athletes
      • Competed in Heptathlon at Oregon
    • Head Boys Coach, Stephen Svoboda (LJ/TJ)
      • 10th Season
      • NPHS Science Teacher
panther track field staff1
Panther Track & Field Staff
  • Coach Marty Maciel (Distance)
    • Nationally Ranked HS & College Wrestler
    • Over 30 years of coaching experience
    • NPHS P.E. Chairman
    • Looks at the athlete at a whole
  • Coach Ryan Hurley (Throws)
    • 9th Season
    • Took first thrower in school history to 2010 State Meet in the shot put
    • NPHS Graduate
  • Coach Shirley Byrne (Running Events)
    • 2nd Season at NPHS
    • Background coaching youth XC and Track
new panther track field staff
New Panther Track & Field Staff
  • Coach Janelle Kulik (Sprints/HJ)
    • UCLA Graduate, BS in Psycho Biology
    • El Camino HS, pole vaulter, sprinter
    • Experience: Calabasas HS, El Camino, CPT
    • Plans to attend Med. School in future
  • Coach Mark Wieczorek (Mid-Distance)
    • Multi Sport Athlete in HS: Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Track, XC
    • MidAmerican Nazarene Univ., BA in Biology
    • Oregon Track Club Elite/ NIKE Member
    • 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials Competitor
    • U.S. Indoor 800m: ‘09 Runner up, ‘10 5th, “11 ?
new panther track field staff1
New Panther Track & Field Staff
  • Coach Brad Barlow (Pole Vault)
    • Arizona State Scholarship Athlete
    • 1980 Olympic Team Qualifier
    • Personal Best 16’6”
    • LAUSD Teacher
  • Coach Matt Scherer (200/400, Relays)
    • University of Oregon Graduate
    • 9 Time All-American: 400m, 4x100m, 4x400m
    • Oregon School Records: 400m, 4x100m, 4x400m, 300m
    • Indoor American/World Record Holder in DMR
    • Personal Bests: 1:46.11 (800m), 45.19 (400m)
    • Currently a Professional Rabbit, and working for Runnerspace.com
2011 season priorities
2011 Season Priorities
  • Coaches!!!
  • Pole Vaulting Program (mats, coaches)
  • Focus on Individual Improvement but remain Team Oriented
  • Create a positive, family-oriented environment so athletes can flourish.
important family business
Important “Family Business”
  • Track & Field is the most diverse sport with very diverse individuals
  • 400+ Athletes, Coaches, Parents = High possibility of miscommunication/conflict
  • Athletes: Don’t have to be best friends with everyone, but must respect/get along with everyone.
  • Parents: encourage athletes to go outside “comfort zone”
expectations in dealings with everyday conflicts
Expectations in Dealings with “Everyday” Conflicts
  • Presume Good Will (do not be easily offended)
  • If something occurs in which you are offended/upset or feel unsafe:
    • Address issue calmly, promptly and with the individual first.
    • If not resolved, speak with coaches for further action.
    • If issue is resolved, let it go and move on. Do not hold grudges.
bullying harassment policies
Bullying/Harassment Policies

Bullying is repeated and systematic harassment and attacks to have power over another person. Harassment is any physical, verbal, nonverbal, or written

NPHS and the coaching staff have a “No Tolerance” Policy when it comes to making another athlete feel unsafe or attacked.

examples of bullying harassment
Examples of Bullying/Harassment
  • Physical
    • Hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing, or physical threats
    • Obscene Gestures
    • Damaging others’ things
  • Verbal
    • Taunting, Name-calling
    • Malicious teasing
    • Gender/Racial-specific comments
  • Other
    • Spreading Rumors
    • Manipulating social relationships
    • Promoting social exclusion
    • intimidation
student athlete agreement
Student-Athlete Agreement
  • NPHS Track & Field Student-Athletes agree to:
  • Train and compete to the best of my ability.
  • Be on time and prepared for practice meets and team meetings.
  • Be seated for roll call at 2:30pm at the track unless excused by coaches before.
  • Wear proper running shoes and attire. (T-Shirts on, no “Vans” or “street clothes”, sweatshirts and pants for cooler weather)
  • Attend all League Meets and stay until the completion of the meet and post-meet team meeting.
  • Finish the tasks given by coaches and volunteers.
  • Be an encouragement to teammates.
  • Be respectful of teammates, coaches and meet officials.
  • Maintain a level of professionalism during practice. (Language and behavior)
  • Communicate honestly with coaches regarding any detail that may affect my training (i.e. injuries, classes, appointments…)
  • Represent Newbury Park High School with pride and dignity on and off the track.
  • Uphold all NPHS, Marmonte League and CIF rules.
  • ***copies can be found at www.nphsathletics.com
team practices workouts
Team Practices/Workouts
  • Be Seated at roll call position for attendance at 2:30pm everyday.
  • Team Meetings will be Monday & Wednesday following Roll Call.
  • Workouts Finish at 4:30pm.
  • Please do not make appointments between 2:30 and 4:30pm
what to bring to practices workouts
What to bring to Practices/Workouts
  • Water!
    • Competitive athletes need ¾ gallon of water daily.
    • Bring water bottles to avoid waiting in line at the drinking fountain.
  • Sweatpants for warm-up (especially for explosive events)
  • Post- Workout Nutrition
    • Bring protein bar, choc. Milk or PB sandwich to replenish muscles as soon as possible after a workout.
tardiness or absence
Tardiness or Absence
  • Call Attendance Office if absent.
  • Email Event Coach and Kenyon at nphstrack@gmail.com if absent or will be late due to an appointment, teacher meeting, etc...
    • Coaches contact information will be on the Website.
  • Absences are TRUANTS if not called in.
  • Tardy/Truancy Policy
    • 2 Truancies per week = athlete will not compete in meet
    • 3 Tardies = suspension from practice (students will be required to be at practice to help coaches)
    • 4-5 Tardies= Saturday Meet coaching assistants
    • 6 Tardies= drop/failed from class
injuries and illness
Injuries and Illness
  • Injury Guidelines:
    • Communicate ANY suspected injury to coach.
    • Athletes are still required to come to practice on time to observe/help coaches.
    • Get an accurate note/prescription from doctor.
    • NPHS Trainer available for evaluation.
  • Illness Guidelines:
    • If not at school call Attendance Office.
    • If an athlete comes to school but leaves before practice, a parent must call Attendance Office or it will be marked as a truant.
    • If able to be at practice, observe/help coaches.
the competition schedule
The Competition Schedule

Posted on the team webpage: www.nphsathletics.com

League Meets:

  • Wednesdays/Thursdays (SVHS meet changed to Wed.)
  • All Frosh/Soph, JV, and Varsity complete at league meets.
  • Report to buses around 1:00pm for any away meets.
  • Student-Athletes may need to leave class early.
  • Student-Athletes need to communicate with teachers ahead of time about any missed classes.

Invitational Meets:

  • All Day Saturdays
  • Practice opportunities
  • Student-Athlete responsibility to communicate with coaching staff about conflicts.
  • Please turn in “Saturday Meet Form” found on website
  • Some meets are for select athletes only
competition day
Competition Day
  • NO student is to drive themselves EVER!
  • Athletes will be transported in district bus or vans.
  • Competition uniforms are to be worn on buses and during meets. (No street clothes)
  • CIF Rules: No jewelry, hats, sweatbands, etc.
  • Compete in ALL assigned events.
    • Never pull out of any event w/o Coach approval
  • Student-Athletes in all event areas are required to stay at meet until the conclusion of the post-meet team meeting following the 4x400m relay.
    • Extenuating circumstances:
      • Communicate with event coach
      • Leave only with parents
      • Fill out a Deviation form and have coaches sign it prior to meet!
  • What to bring:
    • Homework to do.
    • Warm Clothing/blankets
    • Healthy snacks, Water, Sports drinks
credits letters and awards
Credits, Letters and Awards
  • To get class credit - MUST finish season.
  • Letters are awarded at Awards Presentation
    • A total of 10 points is required to “Letter” in Track & Field. (First place=5pts, Second place=3pts, Third place= 1pt)
    • Points are awarded at League Meets only.
  • To get awards, certificates, trophies, athletes MUST attend Awards Presentation.
  • Awards given:
    • High Point Scorer (MVP)
    • Most Improved
    • Most Inspirational
important last details
Important Last Details
  • Complete a Physical Exam by Friday, Feb. 25th or will not practice/compete
  • Bus Fees can be paid on-line
  • Proper running shoes, spikes (3/16”) are recommended
  • Sign up to Volunteer with Matt Cox
  • Uniform & Donations Forms, talk to Tina Grumney
  • Win a League Championship! 