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Turkcell Management Sec II

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Turkcell Management Sec II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NYSE (2000) Symbol TKC // Istanbul Stock Exchange - TCELL ADRs / ADSs traded on the NYSE- Turkcel's # for its ADSs is 900111204.

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turkcell management sec ii

NYSE (2000) Symbol TKC // Istanbul Stock Exchange - TCELL

ADRs / ADSs traded on the NYSE- Turkcel's# for its ADSs is 900111204.

American Depositary Receipt- (ADRs) are receipts for the shares of a foreign corpheld by a U.S. depositary bank. American depository share (ADS) = certificates representing portions of foreign shares held by the bank, usually by a branch in the country of issue.

Governance Compliance

Turkcell Board is composed of 7 members elected by the Annual General Meeting for max terms of three yrs.

General Assembly Mtgs-

held during April. Turkcell's fiscal year is the 12-month calendar yr Jan - Dec.

Turkcell Management Sec II

turkcell shares
Turkcell Shares
  • Disclosure Policy
    • IAW the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (SPK) and its US counterpart, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Turkcell continues its implementation of Corporate Governance Principles. The company’s “Disclosure Policy” regarding public announcements as prepared IAW domestic and international capital markets regulations.
  • Dividend Policy
    • The Board may decide whether or with the amount of dividend if any not to recommend a distribution of profits together and the shareholders, through the general assembly, may accept or reject such proposal.
  • Financial Rights
    • Board members receive no special rights or privileges & receive no compensation for their board service.
    • Nor are they eligible for credits or other special favors such as surety-ships .
turkcell board
Turkcell Board
  • Board of Directors & Independent Members
    • As of Apr 05, no independent members sit on Turkcell’s Board of Directors.
    • Information is presented in the “Investor Relations” section of Turkcell’s website.
  • Board responsibilities:
    • Building the vision of the Company, local & international business strategies & determining short- and long-term goals;
    • Approving the Company's annual budget & business plans;
    • Monitoring & controlling the strategic & financial performance of the Company
  • Participation of Stakeholders in Mgmt
    • Currently, there is no provision for the participation of the stakeholders in management.
    • However, info is shared with our business partners & stakeholders.
board makeup
Board Makeup
  • Turkcell’s board is comprised of members from their business partners, such as holding companies & those from the inner working of company.
  • Experience backgrounds range from those that have just joined the organization to those that were there at the inception. This shows the company is dedicated to joining tried and true methods & external / multi- functional competencies.
  • There is an intentional strong influence of representation gained from the international telecom sector, financial& consumer services industries.
  • Specifically, there is an exceptionally strong experience base represented from the Nordic based telecom partnerships.
turkcell managers
Turkcell Managers
  • Personal Development of Managers :

Mandatory training tracks provide continuous improvements to customer value & Turcell’s brand placement & market share enhancement.

    • Development Program for Leadership and Mgmt (LiderYöneticiYetifltirme Program)
    • Coaching / Mentorship
    • Assessment Center
    • Human Resources Training

The DIYET program puts corrective and improvement activities, creativity, effectiveness and teamwork into practice.

turkcell human resources
Turkcell Human Resources
  • Turkcelltouts highly-skilled & highly-motivated team of employees.
  • States continuous investment in human resource development as a top priority for the company.
  • Mgmt’sgoal is- promote a leading, trustworthy, success-oriented, productive, respectful and customer-driven corporate culture.
  • Continuous investments to ensure that the employees work in an environment that is flexible, responsive, democratic and supportive of change.
founding shareholders
Founding Shareholders
  • Turkcell's founding shareholders are Sonera Holding, formerly known as Telecom Finland Ltd. & currently owned by TeliaSonera, Çukurova Group and MV Holding.
  • Çukurova Group is one of Turkey 's leading conglomerates, active in insurance, media, trade, industrial services, communications, IT & tourism.
  • TeliaSonera was formed in Dec 02 with the merger of Sonera Corporation, a Finnish telecom provider, and Telia, a telecom operator in Scandinavia. It is a major GSM operator in Scandinavia .
  • Combining the expertise of Sonera in building GSM networks and Çukurova's local mkt knowledge & experience in marketing / distribution.
dominant shareholders
Dominant Shareholders

Shareholder Number of shares Share (%)

TurkcellHolding A.Ş. 752,066,074,110 51.00

ÇukurovaInvestmentsN.V. 43,230,288,153 2.93

ÇukurovaHoldingA.Ş. 109,195,314,495 7.40

YapıveKrediBankasıA.Ş. 42,807,402,352 2.90

shareholder structure
Shareholder Structure
  • Turkcellshares are listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange & on the NYSE as ADS. Currently 2 ADS = 5 tradable shares.
  • Shareholder Value of Stake (TRY) % Share
  • Turkcell Holding A.Ş. 1,122,000,000.238 51.00%
  • ÇukurovaHolding A.Ş. 995.509,429 0.05%
  • SoneraHolding B.V. 287,632,179.557 13.07%
  • MV Holding A.Ş. 51,021,712.590 2.32%
  • Other 137.199,575 0.01%