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teens/social media. Allie, Johanna, Katherine, Ruth & Veronica. Teens & Social Media. We are not advocating taking social media away from teenagers. For one thing, it wouldn't be good for them. For another, it wouldn't work.

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teens social media

teens/social media

Allie, Johanna, Katherine, Ruth & Veronica

teens social media1
Teens & Social Media

We are not advocating taking social media away from teenagers. For one thing, it wouldn't be good for them. For another, it wouldn't work.

  • 3 out of 4 American teenagers have a profile on a social networking site
    • Facebook: over 100 million people under 24
    • Twitter: almost a quarter of a million users under 24
teens social media2
Teens & Social Media
  • Socialmedia
  • Social media can be a very good thing for teenagers!
    • Useful networking skills
    • Opportunity to experiment with their identities in relative safety
    • Form connections with like-minded individuals all over the world
    • Gain familiarity with people and cultures outside their own narrow social spheres
    • Chance to express their creativity and receive feedback and encouragement from their peers
popular social networking sites





Privacy / Security

Trolling / CyberBullying

Hashtag Functionality

Popular Social Networking sites:

Used For/With

Connecting w/people you know

Connecting creatively w/people you don't know

Connecting globally w/people you may or may not know.

  • Alternate/Additional method of communication with peers
    • message friends, post photos, links, and videos, and play games
    • schedule events
    • connect with institutions and brands
  • Building Identity:
    • concerned with appearance
    • experimenting with "image"
  • Communication:
    • reinforce existing social networks
    • not for meeting new people
privacy security
Privacy & Security
  • Social media allows for public representation of yourself that has the potential to be irrevocable and widely circulated
  • Safety:
    • Facebook has different privacy setting for users under 18
    • start a discussion with your teen
  • Facebook makes this complicated: should be re-visited as settings change (and child ages)
facebook privacy settings
Facebook Privacy Settings

Using a personal account or sharing in a small group, Allie (and crew) will guide you through setting and modifying Privacy Settings. If you do not have your own Facebook account, you can use the dummy account we set up:


PW: iloveunicorns


  • Consumption & Commentary: YouTube enables teens to watch, share and comment on a variety of types of content (but especially music) and connect with other people who enjoy the same content.
  • Content Creation: vlogs, fan videos, funny videos of cats, webisodes, homework assignments, recordings of live concerts filmed on someone's cameraphone: all can be put on YouTube for others to see.
trolling cyberbullies
  • Trolling: maintaining a negative attitude in an online space; posting (and re-posting) rude, offensive or cynical comments without cause; purposefully antagonising other users with the intent of driving a user from a particular online space. Teens need not only to be educated about how to deal with being trolled but also to be taught not to troll!
  • CyberBullying: "willful and repeated harm inflicted" through the use of various electronic devices including but not limited to: computers, cell phones and online communities (Patchin and Hinduja 2007).
  • Twitter is a "micro-blogging" platform: users "tweet" messages of 140 characters or less to their followers
  • Tweet text, pictures, videos and links
  • Follow celebrities, news sources, or friends from real life
  • Words or phrases preceded by # are referred to on Twitter "hash-tags".
  • Usernames on Twitter are preceded by the @ symbol, and you will see any public use of your @username.
twitter continued
Twitter, continued.
  • Concerns about privacy and cyberbullying also apply
  • If you receive abusive @messages, it is possible to block other users but you cannot prevent them from tweeting about you
  • "Lock" your twitter: tweets are set to public by default, locking limits tweets to approved followers