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Gateway Charter Academy PEIMS. SY 2013-2014. “Mission IS Possible”. What is PEIMS?.

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Gateway charter academy peims
Gateway Charter Academy PEIMS

SY 2013-2014

“Mission IS Possible”

What is peims
What is PEIMS?

  • The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) encompasses all data requested and received by TEA about public education, including student demographic and academic performance, personnel, financial, and organizational information.

Major peims report submissions
Major PEIMS Report Submissions

1. Snapshot Report– initial report-October 25

2. Fall Submission – enrollment, schedule, courses, special program, student demo, staff & staff demo, graduate, withdrawn

3. Midyear Submission – Finance Only

4. Summer Report- ending enrollment, discipline, attendance, special program, grades, withdrawn, courses taken, dual courses, online courses, staff & students

How is peims data used
How is PEIMS data used?

  • Data collected through PEIMS is used by several TEA programs to create reports including the following:

  • TEA Standard Reports – geographic, student, staff

  • AEIS - Academic Excellence Indicator System Accountability System

  • Accountability System - Rating

  • Snapshot - provides an overview of public education in Texas for a particular school year

  • Pocket Edition- reports a variety of state-level statistics on topics such as: Students; TAKS Performance & Participation; Graduates & College Admissions; Attendance, Completion, & Dropouts; Accountability Ratings; Personnel; and Finances.

  • TEA Data Resources and Research - provides a treasure trove of information for researchers, parents and the public at large to mine and learn about the workings of 1,200 districts and charters, as well as TEA

Special mission
“Special Mission”

  • Gradebook – JR3

  • Returning Teachers – same username/password

  • New Teachers – will be given username/default password

  • * Team Leaders will orient new teachers in the team on how to use gradebook.

  • Check Attendance DAILY

  • - Elementary- Homeroom ONLY

  • - MS/HS – EVERY Class/Subject

  • Take note:

  • 3 Tardy = 1 absent

  • Be aware of student/s in ISS and OSS

Guidelines in taking attendance
Guidelines in Taking Attendance

  • When should attendance be taken?

    • The official attendance time is 10:30 AM daily. If student is in the class at the official time he/she is counted present, if he/she is not, he is counted absent. Please don’t forget to record absences/tardy in your gradebooks. Be consistent.

Gateway charter academy peims

  • If a student is participating in a board approved activity and is under the supervision of a professional staff member.

  • If a student is away from school participating in a mentorship event under the Distinguished Achievement Program.

  • If a Medicaid eligible student is absent for up to one day for participating in the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Program of the Texas Department of Human Services.

  • If a student misses school for the observance of a religious holy days. One day of travel to and one day of travel from the observance is also excused.

  • If a student spent 120 minutes at school, went home due to sickness.

  • When a student has a documented appointment with a health care professional and is temporarily absent during the school day for that appointment

  • Gateway charter academy peims

    • How is Tardy recorded in the attendance accounting system? absent if he/she is not in his classroom at the official attendance taking time? (Mark absent but considered excused absent)

      • In PEIMS (Public Education Information Management System) tardy is not reported, it is a local policy. However, 3 tardy = 1 absent, thus, it is added to the acquired absences when determining if a student will be promoted or credit will be awarded. Teachers must keep records of tardy slips.

      • HS students can only acquire 9 absences/semester. Excessive absences will cause credit to be forfeited. Teachers be consistent in taking attendance in each subject.

    Gateway charter academy peims

  • How is attendance recorded when the student is in ISS (In School Suspension)?

    • He/She is present.

  • Can a student make up an absence/s?

    • No, there is no mechanism for making up an absence/s for the state funding purposes.

  • Gateway charter academy peims

    • What if a student has been absent for 3 or more consecutive days?

      • Homeroom teachers need to call parent/guardian if student has been absent for 3 or more consecutive days to check if student is sick or attending another school. Document calls. If student has been attending another school please notify the office immediately.

  • What do I need to do if an absent student came back the following day?

    • Ask for a doctor’s note or letter from parent/guardian. They are given 3 days to submit documentation. After 3 days absent is considered unexcused.

  • Attendance submission
    Attendance Submission days?

    • Attendance is being reported to TEA every 6 weeks.

      - Correct attendance record

      - Enrollment Reconciliation Form ( to balance actual student in classroom and database)

      - Special Ed Population, Bilingual/ESL, TAG, CTE, PRS, online courses, dual course etc.

    Be reminded special agents
    Be Reminded, Special Agents! days?

    • - Check Attendance daily

    • - Submit Excuse letters, dr’s note, parent correspondence to main offices

    • - Enter grades daily – parents has account to check your gradebook

    • - document, document, document

    GRADEBOOK days?

    • The Gradebook is a legal document and must be kept as a part of the school’s yearly records. The teacher has a contractual obligation to keep clear and accurate records on each student.

    • Website:

    • Username: first name initial and last name

    • Password: returning teachers – the same/ new teachers will be issued later

    Gradebook functions
    Gradebook days? Functions:

    • Shows student’s attendance record

    • Shows an orderly and systematic posting of grades, which is the basis of the teacher’s evaluation for the report card.

    • Reflects teacher’s class preparation

    Weighted g rading system
    Weighted days?Grading System

    • Classwork = 50%

    • Homework = 10%

    • Test = 40%

    Grade calculations
    Grade Calculations days?

    • Quarterly Grades – based on category weights mentioned

    • Semester Grades – based on assigned term weights

    • - S1 = 40% of Q1 + 40% of Q2 + 20% of S1 Exam

    • - S2 = 40% 0f Q3 + 40% of Q4 + 20% of S2 Exam

    • Year-End Grades – applicable to Elementary and Middle School only

    • - Y1 = 50% S1 Grade + 50% S2 Grade

    Gateway charter academy peims

    Gateway charter academy peims

    Gateway charter academy peims

    Special Agent: report card submission to Admin.

    OmegaLee S. Ramos PEIMS District Coordinator


    C1 - (214) 375 -2039 ext. 5664

    C2 – (214) 325- 7731