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Eminem Recovery Download

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Eminem Recovery Download

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Eminem Recovery Download

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Everyone knows that in today’s music industry, Eminem is one of the most popular and successful rapper known. Recently, he launched his newest album the Eminem Recovery download and it topped the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 741,000 copies on the first week alone. Maintaining the number one spot on the second week of release, it also entered top spot on the Billboard’s R&B/HipHop albums and Rap Chart. In other countries like Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, the Eminem Recovery download also debuted and maintained the top spot for the next consecutive 6 weeks. Yet despite the impressive numbers, Eminem’s Recovery album still got it shares of negative reviews from music critics.

  • After 7 weeks of being on the top spot, it became Eminem’s 6th album to have made it to number one. This made Eminem the first one to have four albums entering number one on its first week with sales of 700,000 copies. The latest number of copies sold as of September 12 has reached 2.5 million copies in the US alone. Questions are raised on what made the album so successful? Recovery album is a totally different album from the previous one “Relapse” that the artist himself felt a need to give it its own name and identity. Several differences were taken into account of—absence of skits, the attitude and the songs. What Eminem did was a total revision of the two previous albums.
  • The reason why Eminem Recovery download touches people that listens to it because of Eminem’s honesty and sincerity in dealing with issues in his life. This is quite difficult for anyone to do. Being hooked on drugs caused his frustrations to be poured out on several parts of his songs. Eminem talked about he felt jealous of other artists that were successful in their own way. The feeling of insecurity over his abilities is profound being too hard on himself. Vulnerable as he was, his music reflected his raw emotions. There were many discrepancies and inconsistencies in the overall album but no one really cares that much. Overall, Eminem Recovery download is considered successful even if his singing is not really great. Yet it showed a more confident, assertive and mature artist in him. Because of this, there has been an outpour of downloads for the Eminem Recovery album in the Internet today. Almost all music fans want to get hold of their own copy. After searching for sites that are legal and safe you have to create an account in just a couple of steps. They only need your name and a valid email address, registration is free. You will be then asked to answer surveys the moment you logged in to your account. Referring friends and families can also be done. Then you can download your Eminem Recovery album for free.