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Earn Money on Video Games

Make money by playing video games.

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Earn Money on Video Games

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  1. Earn Money on Video Games Emily Jousha

  2. Make Money Playing video games can be relaxing and fun, not to mention challenging, but people who spend lots of time gaming are often criticized for wasting time with pursuits that are purely for entertainment. There are different ways that you can earn online money playing video games: • video game blogs • video game writer • YouTube videos

  3. Become a Video Game Blogger If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to begin to earn money online playing video games, making money with blogging is the answer. Most people now use the Web to search for game information and news, creating opportunities for video game players who want to write and can use basic blogging resources such as WordPress.

  4. Become a Game Guide Writer If you love to play video games, you know how frustrating it can be when you reach a point in the game when you’re unable to continue because you can’t figure out what to do or can’t complete the right sequence of movements to advance.

  5. Publish YouTube Videos and Monetize Them Game guides aren't the only places people can find knowledge they need to get through rough sections of video games. Most gamers would like to see live on the computer videos and demos, and come to YouTube to find them. You can make money online by making videos of the action on the screen while playing games, uploading the videos to YouTube, and monetizing them.

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